Friday, 25 December 2015

Poem called "I get you" by me.

If you finding it hard... I get you
If youve lost someone, and thinking of them... I get you
If youd rather it all went away... I get you
If you want to hide... I get you
If youre ill and people mock... I get you
If you cant find your socks... I get you
If you are hyper and pretending its all fine... I get you
If youre walking a fine line... I get you
If you are skint... I get you
If youre trapped... I get you
If you... wel you know... all of it.... I get you


Wednesday, 9 December 2015

From a while ago, Transcribed to blog…..

Who The Hell Am I According ToYou
by Jules

And No,

But how would YOU know?

Is it look you pick on?

Our sound you hear on?

Or combination of both.

For both? if Both,

will be a bit confused

cos look and sound are separate, even disparate

For who am i if only two, are you desperate to know?

if only two bits you combine?

The Look

The Sound

You forgot my Mind.

I AM not A tree.

If you come see me
Im not a tree
that grows symetrically.
I get hurt
I get Ill, i am still
Not a tree,
So if you see, im not a tree and not ordered or not
even epitomy of beauty,
then think the mess, the dress, the clothes
And think who knows
What the hell ive been though, and do.

So do i wish i was a tree?
I really wouldnt, a tree is a tree
and i am me.

Poem. .Jules. As per date below.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Something thought id never say…

you know grab rails etc etc all smack of oh shit im shit? no, they arent. Its all about independence and safety IF needed.
I asked for grab rail in shower when it was fitted, cos closing eyes, water all over, slippy… and me being a tired person , who needs glasses, and does get dizzy.

Not always do i need it. tonight a ten minute shower, it saved me going over bashing my nut and all sorts.

So no matter WHO you are. Never doubt assistance devices, cos you might hurt yourself one day without them.

Does that make any sense?


So I wrote a poem ..

Can you see, my past is history
It lives within
it repeats itself from others non educated
So the present cannot arrive?
The struggle of the knowing
even internally glowing
is smashed by ambience of surround
It has a sound
And it abounds
And that is my punishment should ever exist
Those people
those facilitators of belief
Do they ever speak
to those carrying MY grief?
And my existence set in history
even in the now.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

A poem about my dog

As for my Dog
a Poem needed,
I walk him
feed him
need him
is it any wonder
it is no longer
every day i check he's breathing

Monday, 30 November 2015

Thinking Can Be Spooky

A different type of blog, I think, based on the thought that thinking can be spooky 
Dont ask me to define spooky though. I wont , that up to you. 

Giving self space to think sometimes is good 
other times its disgusting, or disgustingly delicious. 

Regardless how described its disturbing if it isnt a norm you usually do. 
(Disturbing in widest terms, stay with me on this) 

This is something that I thought before I wrote THIS POST. Thing is the me time i intended when i blogged previously about me time wasnt actually happening because the difficult NO's werent said. 

Two have over the weekend and I feel the disturbance in the force, if that can be used as a description. 

However, it is gonna be slightly different , and … see ? 

THATS THE POINT I SEE CIRCULAR LOOP > thoughts can go round and round and round. Probably this post makes zero sense, did i intend it to? Or Not? Then I think on that too.
Thinking is spooky, sometimes.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

The one where you fill a form in for someone

One of the helpys earlier was form filling, as often is. for someone  

They shake.

Pen is impossible. 

She Is sister of someone i know, her brother doesnt help her much.

So the basic . i filled form in exactly as she wanted . she only needed a scribe.

Oh She'll get it posted. I was the scribe remember,wasnt asked for that, no more than scribe. Was In to do least as was asked. i wont intrude/insult Thats skill in itself.

I might never see that person again either. thats how it goes. But i might , she's sister of someone i know, so who knows.

All the helpys stay in head untill head is too full, and some fall out.

I write about this one wondering why brother didnt do it?

We also sorted this out in a pub thats quite close to strangeways . quietly.

Some helps i do dont want neighbours seeing strangers visit, so they get to Other places. Its about embarrassment sometimes. And remaining question is why couldnt the brother do it?

I wasnt ASKED for any other assistance. were they embarrassed? or was that helpy a hole they needed filling. I think the latter

Saturday, 21 November 2015

The War On Terror, 50's Detective short story style.

Memoires: A short story of Our Hero.

It was a bad week. And i remember …

My mind that night was running wild "its dark im sure that noise was indian jeshi, creeping round corner. i was threatened i crept from office, shot him. i was right"
' i stood in the dock the following wednesday, I was shaking, but knew the truth, i knew the judge was on my side`"
"the judge confirmed, Jeshi was overheard talking about strange subject in the pool hall, "

"stuff we couldnt understand, my shooting was upheld as just, homeland was protecrted once more"

"Later in my life , i found Jeshi was innocent, but at the time it was right. How was i to know he was promotingn peace not threat"

Thursday, 19 November 2015

The Force MAY exist …

Me doing something earlier upset dog with one word no, involving MY FOOD . 

i used the force, his teeth were not able to do a thing, his head was made heavy and he layed down. . words. a hand gesture and standing just that close to him. reason? he wanted my food, he forgot the rules ..

NO WORD was spoken.

Am I Dog Vader?

Friday, 13 November 2015

Responsible rebuild of credit needed?

I use this , for emergencies, and for consumer rights if buying something.

Credit Card.

The one i could get, to rebuild credit ratings was Visa , Vanquis Bank

You can manage account by SMS too, or online/paper.

Currently you can apply and could get £25 credited to account if you visit

and please enter code CR06E in promotional field.

Be responsible with it, do remember its not wise to use credit card for bills unless you can pay it back. its more of a cashflow, especially if you are repairing your credit score. They arent Long term borrowing tools, or intentedfor financing exosting debt, thats the responsibility bit.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Some people … some people eh?

Earlier by the market i went to walk by a bloke with a malmute sort of dog .

He shouts out dont bring your dog near here. his dog goes a bit ballistic, no reprimand from the bloke sat holding dogs lead only, no attempt at all to bring dog closer to him to make it easier for me to pass with mine, mine being completely utterly calm.

Then later, i return another way and he's sitting on a bench, same dog . and says "I thought youd learnt first time dotn bring your dog by here"

Me? "im entitled to walk by"

Him follows with a stream of abuse ….

You shouldnt have a fucking dog even though its only a fucking mutt" Amongst other shouty shite. Still not concerned at all about his dog that was going a bit mad on the lead he was holding .

As i turn corner, an older man behind me calls to me, and said "what the hell is his problem ? jesus, you okay? " Both of us incredulous at the fella and his dog (both of their) behaviours.

The fella with the dog crossed road to market and was screaming and shouting with some other youths that hed crossed to meet , which i could see as that was opposite the corner.

My dog? calm through the lot of it.

Im wondering actually if HE should have a dog, to be honest.

some people eh?

Monday, 9 November 2015

Im helping 4 people currently where i'll need 200 estimated

Without telling you personal details

4 people im helping , i'll need bus fare for, and letters and phone calls and other ancilliary costs.
One is ongoing housing issue, two are dwp, the other is a private landlord issue .
This is part of my helpy world i do.

The only problem i have is that i dont have that money

This isnt all of the helpy world, just a bit. Is 50 quid per heled person too much ? to do this 4 i need 200, where i cant spend it myself because im already behind with payments in my life i must make .

Can you hit DONATE BUTTON with what you can afford right now?

Friday, 6 November 2015

Change of focus.

When two worlds collide…

With my Internet, energy bills, phone, and other personal stuff, Im gonna find busfares/travelling and justifying some of the costs of helping people difficult.
I will help as much as i can, but ive got personal stuff, and thats at quite a cost, so the helping etc will need to be less, but....

Online not a problem.

Phone calls, letters, busses , meet ups etc will all be affected.

With the personal side i need to do, i'll be short on disposable for helping by about £150 a month. probably for at least three yrs.

Dont think i'm impolite if i say "i cant afford it"
Tthis already has happened twice since the personal thing cropped up.

Theres a donate button up top right margin can help .

Can you help me carry on helping people? This isnt an easy ask .

Thank you .

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Is DWP to be placed in Foodbanks empty PR? a question /comment.

Lets look at a charity. with a building. its workers, its responsibiities. 

And Look at if You or I could waltz up and say i wanna work in your building , with your clients, with our rules, you must let me. 

What would they say? Yeah probably that of which you are thinking. 

Yet DWP POSSIBLY going into foodbanks (charities/their buildings) doesnt raise this sort of question in your mind? 

Power, space, furniture, risk etc ? 
How the hell does anyone see this working ? Co-operation? sheesh. What about them as harranging enough, and being sort of safe spaces away from what CAUSED the visit in the first place? 

I dont see this as a good thing. Independent advisors non DWP connected , by arrangement, possibly.
 Enforced WE are DOING this sort of stuff. I would see as very problematic indeed.

Struggling charities though may decide to say OKAY , should there be cost contribution from DWP. 

But I do think its a very very shaky idea, and i say that using KIND words. You probably know what i really mean by that. 

Thursday, 22 October 2015

The Workie Advert


Re Workie ad .
i emailed my mp on that as follows :

Im a bit annoyed, as im sure many are with the advertising of workplace pensions at a cost of £8.5 million pounds.
And the animated monstrosity character beggars belief, directed at adults on a very serious matter, and its a joke?
And the name of the character, "Workie" .
This purports to be the Government of the country, and this latest farcical action is one of many many actions where their arrogance, or even dare I say vanity, becomes entirely nonsensical.

I wouldnt know what to suggest apart from expression of scorn, at a minimum. But One thing for sure, many see it as   a ludicrus wasteful act, from the teflon minister who can do no wrong in their own eyes. (in others eyes he shouldve left that role years ago)

Saturday, 17 October 2015

New Order Music Complete

So I dont HAVE to keep looking for it! Or you either. 

New Order, Music Complete .

My art.. 

I was wondering about views on Uniformity...

I was wondering about views on uniformity,

Do we all like coffee? No. The same Uniform coffee, if we do? No.

If we are tired? Is their one Uniform explanation? No

And then i was thinking , so what if there was Uniform, simplistic system for dealing with needs and rights of people, when the answers to Do We All, are often NO?

A sort of Occam's Razor Fits All type thing? Which sort of wouldnt work.

And then that threw Universal Credit into my mind. What a shambles.

One solution doesnt always fit all. You can tend to uniformity, but really need to build in  as much as is needed.. and my head stopped...

And then I ran out of thinking for blogging this.

But then , i saw this from the blogger at, a mental health blogger, it wasnt blogged though, it was thrown to the wind that is social media.

This basically is what I was thinking of … they wrote..

"Whenever a simple solution like a one-size-fits-all pay structure or uniform benefits system is proposed or imposed, the people who lose out are those whose individual circumstances were previously taken into account (AND SERIOUSLY ARENT ANYMORE) ; so, those for whom a sink-or-swim model fits - those in power, those for whom society already works - don't. And, since the latter are making the decisions, they think it makes things more fair.

Those who see reasons as excuses, circumstances as weakness, individuals as messy, will favour straightforward simplicity. Well, they would.

Making adjustments to enable people to participate more fully in society may seem more complex, but it's what makes us human. "

Mightnt make much sense to some, but ..

Do you see?

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Are There Answers for the Local MP ? Housing in PRS - Eastbourne. Nichola's story

Having myself a serious interesting in matters housing, and noting the current government not wishing to improve very much the Private Rental Sector, or increase the level of social, decent homes in this country, well, not visibly. Note recent policy decisions. Thats not what this piece is about though. 

Im talking here to Nichola, livng in Eastbourne , who has been speaking to me for a while over her own housing issues there. 

Shelter are aware, and the local news service (of bbc) too. 
This piece is distinctly apart from either of those organisations. 

So I knew of multiple aspects of Nichola's experiences, as shared with me on social media freely. 

And so I asked what the story really is..

The narrative now follows: 

So Nichola, i note you have a medical condition that is worsened by your housing experiences, do you mind letting readers know what that is please? 

"I have adenomyosis a very painful hormonal condition worsened by stress and severe migraines"

Can I share that? (yes)

So overall please describe your feelings on housing in the area you live ..

"I feel that Eastbourne Borough Council and the MP Caroline Ansell should be doing (a lot) more to help people who are homeless in Eastbourne it is meant to be a seaside town that has much wealth more should be done"

And your own experience is complicated, may i share the story in your own words? (answer yes)

Heres Nichola's experiences, in her words

"My partner and I needed a home so Brighton Housing Trust found us (a home) out of the Friday ads in Eastbourne.
They assured me that the landlord was lovely and so Eastbourne Borough Council paid the deposit for us and we moved in.

Day one the plumbing and electrics did not work the landlord was not interested. 

It went on from there every day there was a problem. 

The landlord who we met and paid cash up front to then decided she was no longer the landlord and her family member took over. He was even worse one excuse after the other why repairs could not be done. 

We then went to the Environmental Health at Eastbourne Borough Council in the hope that they would identify the problems and move us as by this time there was a bad infestation of beetles in the kitchen.

They got into all our food and bedding. 

The Environmental Health told the landlord to get pest control but nothing stopped the infestation as in the ceiling ,above the ceiling tiles ,there are lots of holes and no insulation so insects have nested there."

Readers please now note those ceiling tiles should be checked as safe, suitable, and removed if unsafe. That is a standard habitability and safety issue. And the infestation issue is a health issue that remains.

Nichola continues ..

"Time and time again we asked the council to get the landlord to do repairs but the landlord refused. 

On one occasion the landlord turned up and pushed me at the door saying that I am mental and it is all in my head. 

This was not the case we have pictures of the defects and problems in the flat. " 


"The Council took the landlords side in everything and not once considered how we are being affected by the situation. The flat is uninhabitable the bbc and shelter have seen the state of the property."

Have you anything else to share?

"(yes) I approached the new mp for Eastbourne regarding the housing shortage MP Ansell had absolutely no interest whatsoever about it. 

Now there are over 5000 homeless applications being looked at, a lack of knowledge of the housing department and a definate lack of social housing in the area. 

Too many families relying on foodbank to survive while living in a room in a hotel or in a shop doorway. 

I spoke to a couple in the doorway of Boots the Chemist a couple of weeks ago and they said they are there because the council would not help them to sort out problems in their flat as their landlord wouldnt do repairs so they were evicted"

I thanked Nichola for that, and now ask the question…if you ran a council, or were an MP or a private landlord , could you STAND a story like this against your reputation?

This is real. It exists.

Update : friday 16th october : Nichola and partner are being evicted too, for complaining to the private landlord about the catalogue of errors.

I leave this with you. - Jules

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Briefing Your MP? many ways to do it…

Your MP should get you answers from any MP or Minister you ask them to. Or access relevant info, or alternative sourc for answer. 
Now please read this, in part on why it matters.. 

Philip Hammond has sent two really stunted denials, one about a UN Investigation, subduing his response to , possibly, stating a standard annual report of GOVT engagement with UN, changing investigation to a standard report… I will pursue that more in due course., Hammond has sent a few obfuscations, and IDS speaks nonsense , but because I ask, my MP knows IDS, and the others are talking shite as my questions go via him. Thats how you get your MP aware of your issues, you ask them to find answer from relative minister or MP. That way you are briefing your MP and the attitude of the Minister or MP. See how that works? 
Briefly an insight here on why the communicating is important, IT CAN brief your MP by searching an answer as well as any direct briefing you give.

Saturday, 3 October 2015


With help

Heres about Linkis

Linkis hides original links so they can't be saved or shared without spreading their spam.

Linkis puts banners + pop-ups over the page, frustrating on mobile devices, interferes with screen readers for blind people.

Linkis tweets automated spam from the accounts of anyone who unwittingly signs up for it.

Linkis includes tracking of every link tweeted and clicked.
Can i confirm its an extreme privacy denier and data miner?

Its extreme malware

Heres one link that talks about removal > Removal of linkis

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Regarding Death of Michael Brendan O'Sullivan

Full disclosure of Coroner’s preventable death report, narrative & DWP reply. (19 pages, in one combined PDF document)

Link > 

Source of info Refuted, that states no updates to its site after 1st aug 2015 

Posted as unsure of "Refuted" site future from their update statement. 

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Things change in life...

Imagine if you were disabled, but werent always that way.

What would change apart from ability physically to do things?

You now start to see, erhaps its not all physical.

Do you?

Oh what about this from someone i speak to a lot?

"  Its funny, I think I was much more likely to ask for help before I became disabled. Now I'm scared of being "needy".

This is a light blog to make you see the mental health thats so underestimated in WCA matters so much more.

And who fuels this needy feR? THE MEDIA AND GOVERNMENT.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Who Would You rather run the country?

Its a simple question really,

Cameron or Corbyn, as the ground stands at the minute.

One has a laissez faire careless couldn't give a shit attitude and attends rugby and preens about rugby, and , well talks abuot , yes , the rugby....
The other spends at least 7 hrs that same day HELPING PEOPLE in his constituency, even though he COULDVE gone to the rugby.

This is Two leaders.

I know which one I'd choose even from THAT alone.

Heres the pics of the two same day contrasting tweets

Now .... can you see? 

Friday, 18 September 2015

A little Blog about that word "Awkward"

Just took dog out, saw a guy called Tim i see often,

Has MS and a power chair and often stops outside mine.

He calls that think time.

Afetr a quick Hi how are you ..

He said. Your dog's called Biggles, thats those books isnt it. YES, Yes it is, precicely because of those books. Hes read them all, as have I when I was a child.

Then I asked him is it to rest the battery you stop here.
He told me his goes Far enough almost 24 hr use and lasts two days.
He also said he remembered when i had the self propelling chair, and then the crutches, and said shake my hand you can walk. So I did. He was then telling me at the moment he's remission, but a few years ago he lost use of his legs, and his voice embarrasses him now.

Other things were spoken about.

I think the key repeated question I keep asking is...
Now If you dont speak to people that you see as different to you how will you know these things? Thats a question to YOU the one feeling guilty reading this.

At one time I didnt understand what I do understand these days, but if I can I will always now learn - it doesnt end. .

I DIDNT know Tim was EMBARASED by his speech, I hadnt even noticed..
Ohers would notice, I suppose he was trying to tell me that people take the piss? I think where that was heading.


Thts all I'm gonna say on that.

Neither of us were that often banged out word "Awkward"

TESCO STATEMENT on Living Wage Position

As suspected they support National Living Wage, how could they not, it's a legal requirement.

It is clear from statement that they havent thought on the Living Wage Foundation's figure for Living Wage , which was abstracted by National Living Wage twatfukery by Tories... They Hijacked and watered down a social idea that then made it of less worth than the original, you can look all that up.

Tesco statement :

Hi Jules. I understand you've requested information on our position regarding the living wage. I'm happy to provide this for you.

At Tesco we know it is important to reward colleagues well, and that's why we pay one of the highest hourly rates in retail. But we firmly believe in offering colleagues a total reward package and our benefits include a 10% colleague discount, shares scheme and pension, which we know they really value. That said, in line with our approach of offering sector-leading pay and a generous benefit package to all colleagues, we are supportive of the introduction of the National Living Wage.

I hope you find this helpful. :) Regards - Joel.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

I asked for stories around ESA/WCA . Latest

I will tell you real stories...

So Dr Shakedown (anonymous through content)

What is your reality story?

Their reply. .....

I had problems with ESA JSA transtion after an appeal
It took my Mp about 10 weeks to sort it out. They made 9 mistakes in my case including wrong NI Number and mispayments
Late payments, Computer faliures, Utter chaos and farce.
The climax came a week after an #IDS statement about no one should have any problems from ESA to JSA!
With that I prepared legal action against the DWP
I recieved the letter from Mark Hoban and took it to my Jobcentre and presented it to the advisor.
Peace finally reigned and they gave me a special payment and an apology and my local JCP was kept under watch from a high level.
I had direct contact with Jason Feeney at the DWP who was the operations manager.

Monday, 14 September 2015

When you ask for help, sometimes this....

Can I remind people if you ask for help from anyone, if they ask you for FULL info, give it. Just been embarrassed on a help where they didnt give full info. And at crux an action couldnt be completed when that info surfaced, i couldnt counter it cos i didnt know it because if i'd known it, i wouldve taken that from a different angle and problem woulda been gone. 

Instead I've walked from it in disgust at being put in that position. That is disrespect. plain and simple.

The problem is it WOULDNT have been issue if i'd known the info dont CARE what the info is as long as I have it, if i dont have it you mess up the help completely, in a lot of instances. Its called leaving a backdoor open, where someone can enter and mug me off and your problem remains un dealt with and no further forward. Can you see that?

This, your regular reminder that helpy people dont like being dumped upon. so dont.

Next Helpy, a sofa surfer who wants to stop sofa surfing. Who Has a job.... that one a little easier i think.


Friday, 11 September 2015

ESA REALITY : I asked Kell her ESA experience thoughts...

So tell me what your ESA reality is, Kell....

My experience with esa has been awful, gotten it 3 times, first 2 times had to go to appeal, once cos I got 0 points cos I had a little Make Up on, so had no other needs and could look after myself. 2nd time not enough points. Won on appeal twice, but the stress made me worse.

Now finally in support group and have pip, esa medical was worse than the PIP one!!

I'm lucky, my sister knows welfare rights and helps with stuff, I try,  but they send letter after letter with all different info.

Been having panic attacks this week cos of Hb etc cos daughter turned 18 and doesn't start course till end of September,  sis has sorted it, but still wobbly when the post man comes. It's like they wanna torture us.

(..Until I couldnt..) I used to do Cab debt advice for a living, but panic now with anything, wish I just had the me back from then!


So Ive blogged it. So you can see.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Do you ever think about self validity?

The media throw a lot at people. And so do people. Even ones that mean well, sometimes.

To use common parlance "That can make you feel shit"

The adverts, the lifestyles the whole darned kit and caboodle that makes questions rise in your head if you are a thinking type person . Or Ill, or... theres a list, but I personally dont know the full list.

So my thoughts went to as to whether:

Shall I comment on the Sun Newspaper? shall I dive to that? I dont think I will. let them squirm in their mire.

And followed with :

There's plenty doing that already. digging and exposing them. My stuff is mostly ignored, discounted or plagurised anyway.

Where validity is, in the dignity of knowing that without a platform, you do your best, I do, but the gap between doing and recognised is large When others seek themselves as The Ones, That becomes tiresome. But validity is in many forms.

A nod or a thankyou is all it takes to stop validity not being recognised in self. Without those all in this series of thoughts wouldnt exist.

And when those are missing it can be desolate, but you know they are there somewhere. Or hope they are.

Thats the hellish bit. keeping hold of the knowing validity is there "somewhere"

The man that was Eric Fromm said " To spare oneself from grief at all costs can only be achieved at the price of total detachment, which excludes the ability to experience happiness.
Now that is deep. but necessary to think sometimes.

A window into my mind? there isnt one. There are these words to ponder though.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Because ...

Where I live theres lots of barriers not least misunderstanding people and those that say "you arent woman" I’m not one that often seeks help for myself. Imagine if you will a world where you live breathe eat and sleep as one person, but inside you are not that person. Would that be living a lie? Would the freedom to create an online identity reduce that slightly as you can express and present differently? Is that enough? Very difficult to explain. I was born male. I don’t FEEL male, I FEEL woman, and have for years and years. We get through various crisis scenarios, even a childhood where all femininity was denied me by an onerous and violent man. So as to arrive in Life as Man to a 48 yr old still lost, still not who they should really be. That’d be me. I have known for so long. And why haven’t I asked anyone help? There’d be many reasons for that. Turned down by NHS 3 times. I don’t fit their niche apparently. Thinking about it I can self medicate. But i cant afford it. Safely I can use 6-8mg daily of Progynova daily. ... And there’s electrolysis which seems like another mountain. Too many mountains in fact. Picture is me two weeks ago on-line DJing some music for a party with my pic showing as me I could do at the time

Friday, 28 August 2015

My view on Briefing MP of any rosette colour..

Born of "Im not gonna write to my MP, Not worth it......." FROM MANY PEOPLE...

Everybody could attempt via email to brief their MP, and try to garner support of their MP for resignation of That Minister, the stats , lies, and everything are stacked and available to construct your briefings. This by alerting what you know of That Minister may educate Your MP, as they may not Know what you do. See what I mean? Be factual, be insistent. see what you can do. The more that do this, the more aware the MPs will be. IMHO.

This, amongst other matters is important that you DO communicate .

"My MP is a Tory and..."

Let me say they like you to think that way. they foster that you cant talk to them. If enough people removed the "no point in writing" thought that actively pervades effectively giving unwritten remit to non written to MPs.... then , as I have seen Tory MPs on casework, and also quoting communications in the HoC... do not think its pointless.

You can also publically blog your communication to MP and if not responded to you can go to parliamentary standards committee for misconduct of representation. And some of you have press access.

"& receive nothing but plattudes & standard copy/pasted paragraphs? Please! Visit your MP & personally deliver your concerns, watch the blank face, the false smile & the automaton responses. Observe the absolute lack of concern face to face. Then tell me to keep emailing, writing & phoning these damned puppets."

In response to that sort of arguement I will always say:

 I know people where theyve got MPs like you describe, they write still, and also look for MPs who are championing the issue concerned with and write to them explaining the retiscence of their own MP.

In my belief you should combat the "it not worth it" because ONE communication in the right place at right time can make a huge impact.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

The One where my very new glasses broke ...

Heres a thing of what i can only call fucked up bullshit ..

I took my glasses monday to be repaired as the arm sheared off when putting them on. I got them in July these ones.
So I asked the fella look, theyre broken what can you do.
He asked me how it happened but Id already told him, so he asked do you take them off and put them on one handed again?, he already had been told that?
I told him all glasses i have had that is indeed the default way.

HE then said These ones weaken if taken off and on one handed.

In my own way i called his bullshit out. Yes it wasnt pleasant.

And i then smiled and said so you ARE going to repair them free of charge then?

Embarrassed he said yes.

Also that it would take a couple of days new frames, existing lenses swap. And that he'd ring me when done.

That being monday.

So Friday not having had said call i went in and asked where my glasses were...
The woman said oh Ive just done those.

I waved phone and said so when were you going to ring me then.

She said MONDAY.
So I said I'll have them now please, as the old ones arent suitable and an extra two/3 days wont be needed will it if they are ready done now...
And so i got them.

How much bullshit can you take? would you have been as calm at collection as me?
Who knows.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Briefing To My MP over "DWP LIES"

Hi Gerald. 

It might be youve seen this information, im not sure.

The DWP made fake claimant stories up supporting sanctions, and the photos were stock model images. 

How close to we have to be to dystopia for that to occur?

The story was broken by Welfare Weekly and hit some of the Main Stream papers. The Independent was a notable case in point as that was , and is at time of writing getting the most amount of hits on the story.

This is the original story from Welfare Weekly

This most despicable of Governmental Actions , in the past no doubt wouldve called for a Minister's resignation... in this instance Iain Duncan Smith .

Will you along with all you can muster, call for this Ministerial Resignation. 
That would be true opposition, and on behalf of the people. 

Many Thanks