Thursday, 27 November 2014

Support, who why when or what

A friend of mine gave me this mac with a birthday card that had

A picture of a guy on wearing a white raincoat with pictures of apples on .

 The tag phrase was "when andrew asked for an apple mac this wasnt what he expected"

The mac is old - ive had to do loads to keep it working, But because new kit is not an option on esa support group.. ive done it .That helped me immensely.

It would technically exceed what a lot can do.

 I also dont have on ESA ANY credit status, but i do have friends. They cant provide all I need from the shortfall.

The computer , however tough to run was a godsend (btw im not religious)

Now my friend that did that was awesome in that one action and has been awesome all the times weve had contact. I support him he backs me up . now ffs if you dont do that in life or find that.. speak to me Im not adverse to friendship......... unlike the selfish gits that deny people a life and say you must prove `NO LIFE before you get support (which in popular opinion is the DWP) . This govt sucks. find people wherever you are.

This govt dont give a damn about society. Notice they DROPPED the big society phrase cos they couldnt deliver, and they never defined what it was? I wont blag on but yeah. remember people matter.

And you know what? i find a co-joined will amongst ill and disabled ive not seen before. Regardless of the Platforms and Egotistical self promoting people .

Therein lies a thing. Who supports us apart from each other? Which party will counter all this UNDESERVING, AND CONDEMNATORY rhetoric? YOUR CHOICE BUT IT ISNT THE TORIES

There is a daily mirror thing crying out to sick and disabled to make their vote count. I wont share it here - look it up. 

Its not the mirror that should be shouting. its you, what you believe, who will support you. and no.... in telling you not who to vote for im telling you VOTE according to what your conscience says.  If you dont thats your choice too.

Well read this, dismiss it, embrace it, or whatever. My thoughts before you.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Parliament Square

Someone asked me what can and cant be done in Parliament Square... They said its a public space.

Hope this link clarifies (Ive sent them this )

Cloud Stored Factsheet (PDF)

Parliament Square

Blogged so If anyone asks again its there.

Monday, 17 November 2014

I talk a lot about fairness i think..

Ive blogged a lot about fairness, rhetoric and stuff like that - distortions exist all the time . Im pretty aware of injustice.

I hope regular readers see the fact that sometimes my blog is personal sometimes helpful info, comment, justice, reporting and sometimes guested examples that i will bring in.

Im not recognised as having a platform, thats not why I do this.

I probably have a pre primed readership that will agree with what i write? who knows.

I dont write in a phenomenally complex academic style, but complex sometimes, and yet i hope people see what I mean.

Enough of the diatribe.

I found a thing in the guardian . It says what Ive always thought so I wont write anything more than this article says .

It says that TORIES have consistently LIED about their opposition. 

And in the spirit of FAIRNESS that i subscribe to I share that article here

Click : The Tories Lied About Labour's Economic Record

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Do the DWP say cant deal with anyone but you?

Actually they try to.

But theres always rules and if you are stuck either representing someone or getting DWP to allow someone to represent you ....

heres their rules that you should draw to their attention if they are being obstinate.

Its a cloud stored link of a PDF ...

DWP Rules For Working With Third Parties on behalf of claimants

This question needs asking ...

 "Pretty strong and shocking stuff, and stuff that has apparently slipped under the radar of the UK’s free press, and also more unusually, slipped under the radar of the opposition Labour Party. If there was any bad news to bash the Government with, then you would have fully expected the UK’s main political opposition party to the Government, willing to do it. But no, not on this occasion."

Is the UK Under UN Investigation for Human Rights Abuses Against the Disabled? - Paul Dodenhoff - (2014-08-20)

Friday, 14 November 2014

When you send it Can they see your info?

When you communicate – does your audience actually get to see what you want them to?

Digital inclusion is a big thing. and so digital comms are growing exponentially in housing.
Heres a rub/ a hole/ a whatever you wish to call it..

The issue is your tenants may not have the kit to cope with the latest whizzbang graphics or special requirement software.

This may sound like a “no shit sherlock” statement.

BUT i came across a landlord that put out info on twitter that was called a Prezi.

Presentation. Of info.

But think of what that means deeper. A lot of people are getting tablets as their go to IT kit, and smartfones. And mainly Android.

Prezi requires the very latest flash player. Android doesnt support the flash required to view a prezi. Even some computers cant upgrade to it because people are running the kit , whatever kit , they can afford with older operating systems too.

Not all of them will be able to do huge workarounds to see a Prezi. Theres an Unofficial work around for android to view prezi . but lots wont want unofficial workarounds on their tablets or phones.

The Landlord concerned thanked me for the feedback and hope will take on board what I highlighted.

So think very carefully about denominators – who can see the info?

Monday, 3 November 2014

Tax leaflet or Targetted Anti Welfare Propoganda?

The announcement by CCHQ , HM Treasury amongst other govt departments that for the first time ever a leaflet was going with Tax Summaries for income tax payers seemed rather suspicious when :

Certain universal taxes duties and charges creating govt income from the UK population were not included .

It is based around Income Tax.

The summary of spending is only to be given to income tax payers receiving summaries.

When welfare is prevalent message "where do your taxes go - ooh look - welfare"

This reinforces previous rhetoric of "Looking after people costs too much money"

There are many media examples of this shameful rhetoric.

Theres a backflow from Welfare payments through VAT and other charges, which would if being fair, significantly reduce effect of welfare on income tax payers when considering net spending impact .

Its highly selective.

Oh MP expenses and Salaries come from tax revenue? Why is no percentage given for that? Is that because theres a HUGE payrise due?

The slant to this leaflet disturbs me as continuance of negative rhetoric, and also if:

Theres approximately 60 million in this country and only 24 million leaflets... does that make it seem like party propoganda based on distorted message and delivered by a nudge psychology method?

AND if it is Party Messaging shouldnt CCHQ pay for it and not as assumed so far the HMRC/ Treasury ?

These are questions.

Heres one glaring anamoly:

Ah but there is an election coming... 

Saturday, 1 November 2014

The Quiet Man Said.. By Mr "H "

The lazy man said "work makes you free"
The lying man said "in all honesty"
Immoral is moral
Necessary is spare
I believe

"Change your behaviour"said the man who wouldn't change
"You're ill-educated" said the man who knew nothing
Nothing of value that is
"You're  sinners" said the sinner
"Repent" said the unrepentant one
I believe

Removal is support
Lifestyle choice to be ill
It's in your head
The law is an ass said the ass

Death,destruction,misery and uncertainty
"I'm proud of that "

The quiet man said.


Mr H there thinking on circustances many can see.