Sunday, 28 July 2013

Imagine working at a Place where you're told "Throw your morals in the bin"

The title of this blog is a real (stated on radio, by ex Atos nurse) situation .

Not knowing if genuine/ fake... you make your own mind up .

Listen to the call into LBC this ex nurse for ATOS made.

And After you hear all that, tell me then that the warnings, complaints and campaigning many people have done is not FOR A REASON .

Then, You can click the WOW button bottom right of here, and sign WOW Petition


This is the transcript of the above link, in case you dont want to click and listen..

Transcript of Audio by Carole Ford 
 Account of Atos/DWP phone call to LBC 21/7/13 to Petrie Hosken

Nurse : Worst position I ever worked in - more like factory work. Had daily quotas
of 26 bundles of files - 18 files of clients to a bundle. I worked on my own on the computer. Results were quantified before started - results were what they predicted.
Nurse: Questioned why can't DWP employ its own nurses & doctors?
Doctors employed by Atos are 95% foreign doctors, who cannot get work in NHS. Others are retired/ semi retired GPs . All doctors are very well paid. Doctors are not allowed to examine patients .Shambolic.
Petrie: Are you surprised by number of Appeals?
Nurse : Not surprised. The result is told to you before you look at the files. Everything is predetermined
Petrie: Are you encouraged to turn clients away from the benefits system?
Nurse: Nurses did the file work - did not meet the patients. Told how many had to be turned down.
If not you had a kind of disciplinary. The doctors did not examine the patients. Nurses & doctors are workers with no regard to their clinical skills. You belong to Atos, who treat their staff horrendously.
Petrie: This is appalling. You have to have Targets?
Nurse: Absolutely
Petrie: You turn people away despite their health conditions?
Nurse : uh huh
Petrie How does it make you feel?
Nurse: Awful ( She left after 9 months working for Atos, having been a nurse for 30 years)
It is the most unsatisfying job. Joined to make a difference.
Petrie: So decent people leave - replaced by others who need a job & don't have your moral compass?
Nurse : I was told by Deputy Director at the Atos centre, who is a doctor " Sally if you want to work here you have to throw away your principles"
Nurse said she left Atos after 9 months, having been a nurse for 30 years

Friday, 5 July 2013

You shouldnt read this cos some illness is invisible , and youd think too much

Shall I describe which bit my guts currently hurting, or chance inaccuracy cos its transferrence? Yet though it hurts the source unknown.

I smile, i act an act worthy of a ballet swan yet without dramatics, an image of normalcy.

A scream of ouch would not penetrate the brains of people who are visual only, the thing is hidden.

And so I see, unseen is unheard, and so apt, when illness is a thing, and no one sees it. Such accuracy.

A dive, a ducking, or avoidance. from engagement or activity, what is that but questionable in those that are blind to see the ill?

invisible illness.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

WIthout Predjudice to Boycotts ...

DEEP THOUGHT: Boycotting M&S (or any other shop) wont change govt policy to the vunerable whether you can or cant boycott it. Work Programme will find opportunist outlets, and i'm sure people are queueing to participate for lower labour costs. That labour is often, or could be, or perception is, that sick people are put in WRAG group, and forced to work for benefits. THIS IS GOVT. What company under that offer would not take free labour? The system sets it as an option. The system that assesses people Fit To work, or unworthy of a wage is a magnet to the companies. That system is an assessment system called Work Capability Assessment , which is failing with huge appeals. BMA hate it want it ceased, claimants and entitled persons are being made destitute by it. There are DWP own figures on that about destitution. ( Work programme exists in WRAG and for JSA persons too, I'm not excluding the plight of JSA recipients, as some of them, too should have ESA) MY passion is the correct target, not the fringes. If i say Not everyone can boycott, no, not everyone can. But everyone can sign #WOWpetition even friends and family of those in the *melee* of the system. So A plea, from me. 

Get the right target in focus, dont dilute, dont fight, or be driven by side issues and indirects. The best way is to unite, and fight this USING their system (my view right now) This is why I support #WOWpetition, and why I hope you will sign it. Jules.

I mention AGAIN theres nothing wrong with boycotts . 

I also include here an ace blog which describes The conundrum of 

Ethics, buying power, and why we can't all shop by conscience.

My Synapses twitched to look upon Insomnia from this angle...

Thinking becomes profound on the lands called insomnia. 

It's terrain full of unexpected souvenirs.

Those souvenirs, unforseen as retained, return they oft do.

Without warning, they spike, and spin. And then gone as


Yet when gone their shadow lingers, less vivid than the spike,

and yet as disturbing, leaving only when you reach the stream

called sleep.