Thursday, 26 February 2015

Why are Southern Journos rumbling around Horden Looking Stunned?

Channel Four News has a report about Horden, Co. Durham a former mining village on the North East Coast. Heres the truth about the area from Amanda... who is actually from that area. Did they produce such truth as this in their reports? 

This reflects on Housing, Local Economy, Blame style rhetoric, and destruction of an area with no replacement. Virtually ignored by central govt and media. Only now the housing issue of a pound a house has reared, are the media really attempting something. 
Amand writes: 

I'm originally from Peterlee, a New Town that was built alongside Horden (at the cost of Horden, according to many older residents) a place that has also suffered since the 80s. The closure of the pits probably seems like ancient history to younger people but here, and places like here, the effects still rumble on. Like a domino rally you knock one piece down and through the generations the pieces just keep falling. 

The mines were the heart of the communities, the money the men earned at the pit kept the local grocery shops afloat, bakers, pubs, family run DIY shops. Now we have takeaways, betting shops and not much more. The local economy was built on coal, you can't replace that with heroin and still have a proud, bustling, close community.

Some of my family worked at Easington Colliery, my Father In Law was an auto-bagger (coal man - to you southerners) for the NCB. My Dad, older brother and some other uncles worked at Horden pit. When I was a baby and my Dad just 29 he was severely injured in a mining collapse, the pit roof caved in and his legs were crushed by a pit prop. He spent the first few years of my life on crutches and was left permanently disabled. These men were grafters. Hard back-breaking, dangerous work yet according to Tories, the media, these very same areas are supposed to be full of lazy inter generational benefits 'scroungers.' How did communities of people who worked harder than these pampered people could ever imagine turn overnight into lazy sods, happy to sit back for the princely sum of £57 a week?

Well they didn't.

Homes in Horden and the rest of Easington District sit empty while 11,000 people languish on waiting lists to be housed. London journos scratch their heads and wonder why. London politicians talk about our bad attitudes to 'hard work'. Iain Duncan Smith tells us 'work will set us free'. How do you reliably pay your rent on a zero hour contact, Mr Smith?  How do you pay £14 a week bedroom tax out of £57 a week? When our Shipyards at Hartlepool closed down they weren't replaced with anything. When our pits were closed they weren't replaced with anything. But it doesn't end there, it was never going to. 

The money the men earned kept the local small businesses afloat, when that money went so did everything else. New Labour thought the problem could be solved by opening loads of call centres (our accents are 'friendly' and 'trustworthy' according to customer research) but they were never going to last when it's cheaper to base them abroad. 

The housing problems in Horden and the surrounding areas are a direct result of the lack of jobs. The lack of decent jobs are a direct result of losing all of our industries. Successive governments have done nothing to replace them but they still blame us. Men who'd spent their lives underground, men with hands like shovels were sent on Job Centre mandated training courses, typing, answering phones and middle class southerners couldn't understand why it dented their pride 

I don't have the answers to all these problems, but I don't get paid 65K a year plus expenses TO have the answers, do I?  But I do know this, you don't rip the heart out of places, you don't take away the jobs that the entire area relied on, replace it with NOTHING then call us lazy. You don't insult the people who did the most dangerous, exhausting jobs and call them scroungers. You don't say people who risked their lives every damn day just have a bad work ethic.

Infrastructure note: I asked Amanda about infrastructure. She answered:  Peterlee (pop 30,000) Peterlee & Horden are joined together & Horden has railway running through it but no station. Easy commuting distance to Durham, Sunderland, Newcastle, Darlington, Middlesbrough etc IF we had station.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Tanni Grey Thompsons Phone Issue - My thoughts.

You buy a phone on a contract with a provider?

Sounds simple?

That should mean your contract is with the provider. Regardless of OS on the phone, any server provision etc.

The Sale Of Goods 1893 comes under Misrepresentation Act 1967 says goods sold must be fit for purpose.

If your contract is let down by the ancilliary parts that fall under the umbrella of main contract... if failure is evident and unresolvable  by your reasonable efforts to follow instructions to remedy, then at the point you feel unreasonable duress lies on you, then that is a failure of your contract.

The issue then becomes do provider instruct the sub providerto resolve or instruct you to approach. They can do latter, but that depends on whether you feel implied frustration or distress from your reasonable presentation of the issue at hand.

If you do, you should insist that the holder of agreement with you namely the contract solves the issue within a reasonable time.

If this isnt forthcoming you can summarily terminate said contract for blamed reasons. Including any felt/implied /unwritten arrivals you get at in thought.

This written without predjudice, obviously.

The case Im thinking of involves a record holding paralympian and Member Of The House of Lords, Tanni Grey Thompson.

O2 politly referred to Blackberry, and the wall Blackberry threw was insurmountable for Tanni.
So in good faith Tanni held the contract, and tried to resolve on deemed reasonable instruction.
On enacting the instruction it became unreasonable in practice. And there lies the reversion back to provider for resolution.

I'd hope that O2 can solve this problem within a reasonable time, which in my opinion reasonable time has expired, due to customer Contact/ instruction to customer/ customer action /solution barrier which lays reasonable time as imposible if resting with the customer to solve.

The liability under my premise laid out is for O2 to replace phone and solve issue within lets say about 48hrs, which under the circs would be a reasonable aquiescence by the customer.

Without any predjudice. My thoughts rest here.

Obviously a 48 yr old act will have later, subsequent amendments notably in 79 and 82.
And theres other more specific references Helen (@complainingcow ) has highlighted many times on twitter)

Not Suitable for Work ( the post i mean)

Glossary of Terms

Relating to Pain

Gut pains Light: YOU BUGGER
Gut pains Intense: YOU CUNT
Gut pains Intense + : *say anything you fucking like*

Repeat for Shoulder, knee, back, ankle, foot The list isnt conclusive. and can be adapted for almost universal use.

Relating to  Painkillers

They shall be known as Paindullers by longterm users.

When waiting for The Time to take ...
If theres:
Ache: Hurry up
Stabby: FFS aaarg
Excruciating: Fuck it Fuck it Fuck it

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Where Eamon asks a relevant question about sentencing in UK F v M

According to Wikipedia, the UK prison population in 2014 is 81,905 men and 3,956 women (I have not checked the source of their statistics, but that sounds about right. The number of men in prison has increased massively over the last thirty years since I studied criminology, but the number of women in prison appears to be roughly the same order).
To answer the question whether too many wome go to jail, there are two issues:
1) Are women treated differently to men for the same offences and
2) Are custodial sentances in general used too frequently.
In terms of the first of these questions, one has to compare like for like crimes and those depend on the severity of the crimes.
To take an extreme example, if someone commits murder, there is a 95% chance that they will be caught, prosecuted, convicted and sentanced to the mandatory sentance of life in prison irrespective of their gender.
I have not studied the criminology research, but certainly there are more men in jail because they are much more likely to commit violent crimes and crimes against property. I believe most women are jailed because they are recidivists or repeat offenders of minor theft, fraud and drugs offences.
To find a comparitive offence, one must look at low value fraud or theft.
To decide whether woman are treated equally to men, the questions are:
1) Are they more or less likely to be caught and prosecuted: I do not know if the police are more likely to caution women or whether the CPS are less likely to prosecute women for a crime compared to men commiting an equivalent crime.
2) If they are prosecuted, are they more likely to be convicted (Alexandra suggests that they are and suggests that this is possibly because judges feel that women 'should know better' and because judges are mostly men) The judges I know are women, but they might actually be harder on women for similar reasons. However the proportion of women convicted could also be due to the CPS only prosecuting offences against women where they are certain of the result because the risk of a woman reoffending after only a caution is less.
3) If they are found guilty, are they more likely to be given a custodial sentance: again, I have not looked at the research which must have been done, but in sentancing judges take into account the stability of the offender's life, the amount of support a person have and the effect on their family life and on their family - particularly if they are a primary carer. Hence, most of the women who are sent to jail are not there because they have carried out violent crimes, but because they are repeat offenders (and often if they are guilty of minor thefts, this is usually because of drug problems).
Obviously, there is likely to be acasemic research on all of these questions and I would not like to take a view one way or another without looking at it.
The second question of whether too many people are sent to jail, I would argue that the answer is yes. All of the political parties in an effort to appear tough on crime have criminalised more behavour, put pressure on judges to give more severe sentances and brought in minimum sentances for some offences. The increase in the number of people in prison is a scandal. The number of people who are aging and kept in jail, have drug problems, have mental health problems and are former members of the armed forces not given adequate support all provide reasons for concern.
The issue of mental health problems and issues with drugs covers most of the women in prison; these would have much better out comes if given treatment and support rather than incarceration.
Finally the idea that people should be jailed for non-payment of licence fees is absurd. The licence fee is collected for a non-state body even though it's collection has statutory force. (I believe non-payment does not even count as a criminal offence.)
-----Eamon emailed the blog and got included. Because its a very relevant subject 

Because It's Visible.. Thoughts.

When i had chair then crutches I saw SO much.

I had a good group of peeps about, funny though they dissipated away as my need lessened.

They are the sort who help when "really" needed but arent in your pockets when not. It does raise question of what is real need?. Thats a completely different subject.

I tend myself to be a bit solitary anyway.

One or two havent dissipated away but understand that post super exposure to help has left me with a residual need to BE myself and , probably "engage at my choice" rather than the previous "engage through need at at the behest and availability of others" 

Nearly all that helped irl even with phone calls or solidarity, ive helped situations for most of them in some big ways. Suppose its Their Investment really to help me if im buggered (visibly- they helped because they saw). Because if theres a sticky point for them, i'll find a route if there is one. I will hand them the hammer to use to solve stuff. I suppose the support I got in the intense period was a karma return. Maybe theydve not helped or supported if i hadnt had an impact. Often many people get left "in the cold" . They (those that helped me IRL) wont help financially. They'll help via understanding or little favours. Some people dont get even that. And because im Still affected by on costs from july last year, cascading effects on bills arrears and so on are still with me, meaning even less than before can i engage in social situations, even though recovering.

Leg foot and ankle still not fully recovered. My other illnesses still have impact on my life. This is a microcosm written because of what was VISIBLE.

I dont know whether the same commentary would be possible for my invisible long term stuff. So I wrote this. Because, its visible. 

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

You know you are sick/ disabled but people have CRAP understanding

Yeah was hoping for lots of input but didnt get it.

Heres the crux of this.

You're ill/ disabled/ cronically affected.. And expected to take part in society.

But people dont , even though say they do, quite understand how you feel. Or what you need. because they assume.

Instances are: Me. recovering from a bad injury, having to wobble, walking, sitting down on a wall yet being shouted out "he's pissed"

Another example is Tanni Grey Thompson where she was offered across the road WHEN SHE DIDNT WANT TO CROSS THE ROAD at all. And the person continued with no attribution to the persons feelings or desires to try and push across the road?

How much do people ignore the wishes of sick/ disabled people and assume they know better? . I thought I'd blog that with loads of input. as example to show that people dont think enough?

The blog is bland.

Theres no other examples because i asked a question 14 hrs before writing this and no input was given. My intent was this to be a crowdsourced experiences blog . no one wanted to tell me or others the struggles from their own point of view, Of They know they are sick/disabled and the lack of understanding they experienced in the last week .

Comments are open and this is a widely shared blog.

Monday, 16 February 2015

That thing

That thing, that thing, that th-iii-iing

A song right?

I have a few things. I need sorted.

But for fear from media of scrounger rhetoric am asking NO ONE

Gas bill, lappy repair, arrears on a few things. The media squashes me from asking people for help in case i'm vilified and attacked in whatever way that isnt comfortable to experience.

I help people .

But if IM not enabled, it reduces.

Sickness, on ESA is a really tough thing to deal with.

Just a thought there.

I blog about Wifi outages From 7.50pm sunday

Theres arent unusual.

The company Is BT.

I get good periods of service , coupled with abysmal.

These are NOTEs. so expect no grammar or sense.

7.50 dropped flash orange 3 mins
7.57 2 minutes
8.03 2 minutes
It cuts off on wanting a site.

9.47 not flashing but frozen on orange

recovered. 10.09 4 minutes dropped

on of on of even if blue connection is buggerred a lot

10.13 froze. So from 9.47 to 10.13 barely any connection whatsoever ( actually same from 7.50)

10.49 froze on hub orange no connection
11.13 another freeze hub
released a few minutes
11.20 another freeze
ALL this time i wanted to download a 209mb pdf.

12.18 for 5 minutes
1.16 am stayed unavailable 6 minutes

How is that enjoyment of a paid for service?

Yesterday was abysmal too but i made no notes.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Injury recovery- making more Progress.

As some of you know i had a very nasty breakage to ankle and parts of foot, and nerves damage etc.

This was July 6th PM 2014 - about 10.30pm .

The progress now is OUTSIDE without the one crutch that I moved to a few weeks back now.

So yesterday was first OUTING , a dog walk actually, without any device to assist whatsover.

It was wierd. I knew it would be. (ive had mobility imparing injuries before)

So perambulation then without support...

I did okay. Until a nervy stumble. so I sat on the wall that was near. The dog was completely unphased by this.

A passer by said to his companion "Leave him, he's pissed" - she'd probably said "is he alright ?" or something, i dont know , i couldnt hear that.

Pissed? NO. recovering from a gruesome injury, trying out first time without crutch. Unaccompanied. Yes.

Be careful how you see things because sometimes they are nothing like you would assume .

I unleased a short loud profanity on hearing this and then shortly carried on my walk, successfully.

Todays 2 dog walks both sans crutch were rather less eventful, apart from random twinges in foot and dull pain across my toes. But this is progress nonetheless. And im determined it shall continue.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

I like the phrase Sharing Made Easy.. it works , in my head and heart.

This is awkward.
I was asked to select some tunes from my library for someone.
THEN i remembered A lot of them are in my iTunes library. Oh yes. You can gift a playlist to someone else.

The rub?

IF you already own the tunes, to share the playlist you submit the playlist and MUST PAY TO SHARE. - for everytune.

So i selected a list, showed it on screen, screenshotted, sent and said Eat your heart out on you tube and others...

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Ever wondered what adverts do to your brain. ?

Well I just OBSERVED what one did to mine...

There was a Samsung  Galaxy note 4 advertisement on telly.

So I looked at my htc hero (which was a gift as previous phone bricked out on a software upgrade). Then thought WANT ONE. AND then cancelled any Want one, as cant afford one.

 So then I looked at my HP slate 7 HD tablet thinking. "hmm whys it not a phablet." Ah cos that was a gift. right. and fits its purpose.

Then i thought about my puter. Its not a new iMac, its an old iMac. PPC architecture too, on tiger. But it canes what i need to do, and that was a gift too.
 The spec is modest by all modern standards but i can fly on it.

And then.... see it cascaded...

 Looked at landline phone. its cordless. really basic no answerphone. Cheap. was all i could afford.

Thats what an ad can do to a brain.

BTW the ad i saw? On an OLD OLD Panasonic Quintrix CRT telly that only has one scart socket.


Its enuf ta drive ya nuts , innit.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015


My friend needs an electric wheelchair.

They said this but gave NO FUNDS ...

I have a paypal button on this blog.

I dont plea.

My mate needs this chair and he's helped many that will read this blog.

Wheelchair Services Wont give him what he needs for a validated Life.

Thats why he needs the chair. Do send money to the button on my blog so that i can help my friend. If you do he'll help you

Target (Was estimated originally at 3k. was revised to actual price.) 

I promise its all for him

The button says "help me help others" i cant be more honest than that


Steve decided a gofund me page was best >

You can help via here or via there. Thank you

UPDATE :  sat 7th feb Shortly before 1pm today the Go fund me reached target. My friend shall have his chair. Good news indeed.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

The One where I, Again, Say "But you dont look Ill" should be banned.

 (angry at disbelief)

Symptomatic diverticular disease. What do YOU know about it? This morning someone said: Lots have diverticular and it doesnt affect.

The key is SYMPTOMATIC. YEAH? I despair sometimes trying to explain to people why stuff.

Ive had TWO repairs to sigmoid, and close eps of peritinitus . Granted. Some are diverticular affected without any of this. I'm Not. People err towards But Thats not normally the case. NO IT ISNT. Thats why im ill and they aint. Wassocks.

 Also theres not just the bowel thing. One of the other things has a Blue Pill

My Blue Pill

Adverse effects

The most common side effects associated with tenofovir include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and asthenia. Less frequent side effects include hepatotoxicity, abdominal pain, and flatulence. Tenofovir has also been implicated in causing renal toxicity, particularly at elevated concentrations.

Tenofovir can cause acute renal failure, Fanconi syndrome, proteinuria, or tubular necrosis. These side effects are due to accumulation of the drug in proximal tubules. Tenofovir can interact with didanosine by increasing didanosine's concentration. It also decreases the concentration of atazanavir sulfate.

Its known as an HIV treatment, although im on it for a different reason. Its a bastard drug.

And yet the bus pass people know im on it and "evidence isnt enough to give you a bus pass"

How ill do you have to be? 
 Im pissed off with lack of belief. The but you dont look ill thing is rearing its head again.
 Asthenia. thats spoonie.

 And i get "why arent you out more?"

Reasons? 1) money 2) tiredness 3) may have gut ache 4) none of your business.

 The drive to normalise you by other people (if thats correct word use) without understanding can REALLY get to people with chronic illness.

 But I know. (my illnesses) Even if they dont.

 SO WHY is there such DISBELIEF of people telling the truth re illness? UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTH- reason is? > MEDIA AND GOVT RHETORIC

 When things tire you out so you have to be "efficient" with all engagement. THATS A BLOODY skill i wish i never had to learn to that degree. I didnt VOLUNTEER to be ill, its not a "Lifestyle Choice" .

No one chooses to be ill, it frustrates many people. Not least the ill person. You think YOURE pissed off? Think again o healthy ones.