Friday, 25 December 2015

Poem called "I get you" by me.

If you finding it hard... I get you
If youve lost someone, and thinking of them... I get you
If youd rather it all went away... I get you
If you want to hide... I get you
If youre ill and people mock... I get you
If you cant find your socks... I get you
If you are hyper and pretending its all fine... I get you
If youre walking a fine line... I get you
If you are skint... I get you
If youre trapped... I get you
If you... wel you know... all of it.... I get you


Wednesday, 9 December 2015

From a while ago, Transcribed to blog…..

Who The Hell Am I According ToYou
by Jules

And No,

But how would YOU know?

Is it look you pick on?

Our sound you hear on?

Or combination of both.

For both? if Both,

will be a bit confused

cos look and sound are separate, even disparate

For who am i if only two, are you desperate to know?

if only two bits you combine?

The Look

The Sound

You forgot my Mind.

I AM not A tree.

If you come see me
Im not a tree
that grows symetrically.
I get hurt
I get Ill, i am still
Not a tree,
So if you see, im not a tree and not ordered or not
even epitomy of beauty,
then think the mess, the dress, the clothes
And think who knows
What the hell ive been though, and do.

So do i wish i was a tree?
I really wouldnt, a tree is a tree
and i am me.

Poem. .Jules. As per date below.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Something thought id never say…

you know grab rails etc etc all smack of oh shit im shit? no, they arent. Its all about independence and safety IF needed.
I asked for grab rail in shower when it was fitted, cos closing eyes, water all over, slippy… and me being a tired person , who needs glasses, and does get dizzy.

Not always do i need it. tonight a ten minute shower, it saved me going over bashing my nut and all sorts.

So no matter WHO you are. Never doubt assistance devices, cos you might hurt yourself one day without them.

Does that make any sense?


So I wrote a poem ..

Can you see, my past is history
It lives within
it repeats itself from others non educated
So the present cannot arrive?
The struggle of the knowing
even internally glowing
is smashed by ambience of surround
It has a sound
And it abounds
And that is my punishment should ever exist
Those people
those facilitators of belief
Do they ever speak
to those carrying MY grief?
And my existence set in history
even in the now.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

A poem about my dog

As for my Dog
a Poem needed,
I walk him
feed him
need him
is it any wonder
it is no longer
every day i check he's breathing