Friday, 19 April 2013

SNAPSHOT Of Luxury on the Sick

Theres a *gala* i shoulda gone to but couldnt make it. Grrrr. I was invited. Couldnt make it.

Ive said many times before

" Withdrawal and isolation is a by product of being on one of the lowest welfare payments in europe.

People stop inviting you to stuff as you cant afford it yourself

OR Those that do invite you regularly get a no . Its a destructive cycle. "

Thats not what the media portray. And they create false images in others minds . Its not LUXURY on the sick at all.

Media preview

The Gala are now eating THIS CURRY.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

My view on Age Restrictions on Adapted Homes

Social Housing : 
My view on Age Restrictions on Adapted Homes
Ever feel "AAAAARGH"?

It seems lots of people I deal with/ speak to have adaptations issues and obtaining either the adaptations or an adapted home. 

*Regarding obtaining adapted home*: 

Lots of Places have adapted homes age limits. This is a common thing. 

However, i know of situations where the restrictive rules can be adapted , e.g in hard to let areas, or by appealing to housing management for special case, as most policies have the ability of exceptions by invoking the right to a home. 

THATS THE THING REALLY getting the recognition and visibility. 

The main way that age limits can get changed in individual cases is by housing officers/ managers proactively presenting the case of the housing applicant. 

This could also involve agreement of the housing occupiers within the age restricted area. 

In my view a presentation is of lifestyle not being disruptive or distressing to existing demographic. Also a proof that other places ARENT available any time soon.

There is no guarantee that age restrictions can be changed, but i'd suggest if needed get your councillors on board enhancing your visibility of search, and giving greater kudos to your occupancy intent. This may not make total sense. But is my thoughts on sometimes a very difficult situation. Because often there are few or zero adapted homes outside the age restricted properties. This is something that matters to me, as "vunerable" or "in need" is the same whatever the age, surely. 

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Suggested CV - Mine.

I could *could* work from home. No one believes my adaptability to running stuff with adequate info provided. With own decision, Making and moving stuff forward. I can do more than a lot, i can do huge stuff. Now if you wanna chat about how... i dont mind a chat here. I'm fed up of the system. Oh , i cant give you 24/7 I can give you 24 in 7 and the times i engage are probably 50x more than three weeks of shit that you currently employ . Sorry for the tirade. But hey this govt say we, and me, are scroungers. talk if you have a prop for me. If not ? Then I cant help you working for you in a senior role. Brief me. I'll engage. Oh remember i'm ill and it wont be "on stream" commitment. It will be total, in available windows. And hey, better than some of the full timers. And if i work at home, sheesh you overcome all the reasons for nor being at "place of" work which may weld me to necessary heath issues. And out of hours isnt a problem. cos you want 50 hrs? i'll give you 60. But dont tell me when, it will be as opportune as i can do, FLEXITIME with a promise of delivery. Can I say there may be a whole day missing. I will catch up. There may be hospital prep for 4 days. I will catch up. If you see my KNOWLEDGE and ability you will employ me. If i crash and hand over an awesome brief to you, then ive done my duty. If you see Ill Person with a chronic couple of things you probably wont employ me..

If you dont employ me ......... Destitution under the govt you prop up