Sunday, 26 May 2013

Full Disclosure is Difficult but essential .... ESA50


Just spoke to someone about esa50 completions. 

And the thing people do is

.. breathes.. 

Disclose what they create as public image through coping mechs. 

The form and test doesnt want that. 

It wants what YOU are , not an image you create.

 Its a difficult one to see, but yes by hell ive seen people fail because full disclosure wasnt done. 

.Breathes again... 

Thats why sometimes emotion needs to be removed by someone else in assist mode to complete the form .... 

its a messy system to say the least and those on it know it is. 

I think that the design of it all is completely there to strip peoples rights and dignity away.

Thats no light thing to say. But its how i feel about it right now. This might mean NOTHING to some who read this.

And page 5 is where all the reasons they shouldnt call you in , with page 17 also available if any questions were inappropriate or werent explained correctly within the limited options they give. 

Some wont be called in BECAUSE of the ESA50, if it is done correctly , and in truth they shouldnt be called in. 

Else its this: 

Heres a Thing about Bowels...and forms..and well, read..

For those that dont like Bowel related stuff the pic below represents , in part the PAIN of a bowel disorder. 

 I was helping someone with their ESA50. they have a violent bowel release problem amongst other things.

 And pains too. 
I too suffer with a bowel problem. Different than theirs, but kindred solidarity and understanding between us exists regarding these matters. 

I asked them to wait whilst i dealt with my urgent *please dont argue* bowel signal .

 We laughed cos he just said before i got there 
"whilst you are here keep the loo clear" 
And it was unclear as to whether I had the right to usurp clear passage to the toilet, but I certainly did, I had no choice.

The loo often calls out to people. Sometimes we imagine it even has a personality and magnetism of its own.... 
"Come on you know you wanna!" 

Oh what larks us invisibly ill people have.

 I wish the government NONE of my problems. 

But I want all the forms shit and stress from their systems denying incomes to be bottled and force fed to every last on of them .

 I want them to know that their health and priviledge is but a blip. 
and they could instantly fall foul of many mental or physical issues , 
seen or unseen. 
How quick would they change their attitudes then. 

Post script: IDS is a kept Man. I wish upon him withdrawal of all his priviledged benefits.

Friday, 24 May 2013

I.T inclusion? Widespread? Myth. Reality.

How the hell do i help the guy that sms'd me re needing computer cos its too fucking difficult without?

 Theres the netbook i could give, but their connection then becomes an issue.

I HATE positions like this.

 I've been admirably helped myself yet cant do it in return unless they already have a net connection .

 If had spare lappy could enable it ubuntu trouble free and fast, but then the connection issue causes me a pain in the arse cos its all ZERO money all round.

I know what people need but CANT do it.

And yet they ask.

There'll be many of you in same position as this.

 Its awful.

I suspect the request is due to Govt drive towards everything on line. I wrote about this on my blog a while back. Welcome to realisation. This will happen more.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Its ESA50 time......

Say Kids? What Time is it? OOOH ESA50 time!

I wish I could send them a picture similar to above. In fact, I might.
(for Visually Impared the picture is a comparison between healthy and non healthy colon) 

Theres pain in my bowels regularly, very regularly.

AND I HAVE TO explain that to complete unknown strangers.

How i walk when it hurts , when i lose control, how infections occur, complications, limitations etc.

Cross relations antibiotics with other tablets, risks and threats to further heath, knock on issues etc etc.

. IT'S complete bowelux in the head. (see the pun?)

The NON bowel thing is also having to be explained. The thing is ...... Just writing down *the thing* DOes not guarantee understanding.

I've said this MANY MANY times. The WCA is NOT a medical assessment. If so the disclosure of detail you must jump through and disclose would NOT be necessary. Stating the disease or ill would be sufficient.


(for Visually Impared, its a picture of Play School from childrens television)

Its play school drs and nurses. And its , yet again, doing my head in. (which , by the way I have to also explain Depression. To a supposed medical service)

Yep its ESA50 syndrome time again where my levels of stress are elevated, and im angry,

And if that happens sometimes its MUSIC time:

Monday, 20 May 2013

Housing Conundrums - very difficult area.

I enjoyed a chat with Frances on this, and commented as this: 

If you build housing for social benefit without right to buy, this will boost areas, local economies, employment, and national benefits ensue. This is ideologically impossible if you believe assets for profits is the only valid model. Both can exist. As Frances points out the least damaging is a social housing expansion. The damage is even LESS if RTB is removed. 
The equalisation of entry into home occupancy would be improved, as social homes would be available. 
The remaining issue would be the concept of housing as an appreciating asset for disposal later at a vast profit. This has been the main housing and economic problem. Housing bubbles burst, mortgage markets fail, all sorts of cascades hit. This is what needs looking at in a brand new manner. 
Hard to discount constructed reductions in house prices, but this , i agree would be slowed by a major investment in social housing. 
I hope this makes sense. 

Heres Frances Coppola on the subject and what we were talking about:

And now 

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Age Restricted Properties in 2013 causing problems without justification

I'm Collating Situations here where age restrictions are getting in the way of Housing need.

Hi Jules,

I've had problems with two 1 bed flats being age restricted so far.  The company that runs the bidding site has removed the restriction because of my disability, but it has been the actual Housing Associations who have denied me permission to continue with the bids.

In the first instance, the most suitable, I was informed that the HA were advertising on behalf of a management company, and it was these that were being strict on the 55 and over rule.  This flat is now up for bids for a 4th time and has been empty for a couple of months from what I understand.  It's ridiculous.

The second flat was not ideal, but it was my own HA's property and they denied me permission to bid on it.

My wife and I are finding that many of the properties we're allowed to bid on are simply not suitable for us or have an age restriction, and these problems have made us reluctant to bid on them.

I am going to speak to my newly elected County Councillor, Azhar Ali, on Monday, as well as the leader of Pendle Borough Council, Joe Cooney, with regards to this.  Unfortunately my local MP, Andrew Stephenson, believes completely in the Bedroom Tax and has been of very little assistance.  I am, however, hoping to speak to him on these age restrictions - I'll let you know if he responds.

If I can provide any further help, please let me know.

Best wishes,



Hi Jules,

OK. I’m currently living in a bungalow in Hertsmere, in SW Hertfordshire. They’re designated for >60s and disabled people, which is fine, but they’re extremely small and it’s impossible to use a wheelchair inside.

I have recently decided to move home to Scotland. As I have a progressive condition and I’m not that far off needing to use a wheelchair indoors, I applied for sheltered housing. The designation was “Over 60, or younger where the person could benefit from sheltered housing”. When I got the letter back with my points etc, I phoned up to enquire about how it would all work. That was when I was told that if anyone over 60 applied for a property (disabled or not), I wouldn’t get it.

As I said on Twitter – clearly if you’re under 60, you’re not allowed to be disabled!