Sunday, 14 November 2010

The day before.....

Today I'm grazing on food bits and bobs, and having a late big meal last thing.
I hate the day before a Nil-by-mouth procedure. To eat ANYTHING tomorrow would mean getting up at five am to do so.
Medical explanation, of sorts:

Camera Swallowing isnt a listed sport or social housing issue, so I havent really trained for it.
Oh and they will also be snipping bits from inside to see indeed if i'm made of sugar and spice or slugs and snails (i.e. to see if bits are good or bad) and filming my innerds to boot. 

I would expect to feel slightly nauseous before during and after, but they do give you something to eat after the local anaesthetic in your throat is confirmed as worn off - if you can face eating anything after having a snakelike tube rummaging around inside you.
That is all.

I thank you.


  1. So last cup of coffee coming up, then watch remainder of a programme. Effectively the nil by mouth will start after the coffee, might get a jug of water for the night by bedside, but certainly after wake up, nothing.

  2. The day is here. And so far Its been shit. Blog later for you all will be done.

  3. Todays blog I.E. THE DAY is being built from scraps and odds and ends I can pull from twitter. forgive me if it takes a while.