Saturday, 6 November 2010

Augmented Fashion

I was looking at some fatigue style clothing the other day wondering if the look would work, and I didnt need this Goggles thing for phones, I didnt need wikipedia, or anything technical at all.

There I was WONDERING what it may/may not make me look like i.e. twat / cool /hot / fashionista etc AND A REAL ARMY GUY walked past- in fatigues outfit. REAL TIME augmentation.

Apart from thinking Cor he's Hot,  - the Fatigues Look Worked on Him.

Then I KNEW. That look is Cool.

Then I thought  All I was trying to do was to emulate something, and the guy who walked by - I could NEVER emulate him and the idea of buying the outfit vanished from consideration.

Thank You Augmentation. I will send you a Christmas card.


  1. Clarification: yes, I'm a bloke (sort of but shouldnt have been). Yes I said the guy was Hot. MAKTUB honeys, maktub

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