Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Request to Brief MP's - NEXT STAGE of #Wowpetition

If you have any concerns about, Know anyone affected by, or have been affected yourself WITH ANY aspects of "Welfare Reform"

Including : 
Bed tax 
Benefit migration/ changes/ reductions / sanctions or removal.
Changes to care provisions , without the money to mitigate
Service changes, Changes to applications, uncomfortability with current entitlement system 
Problems with assessments, delays to responses to forms, and generally any issue with current changes 
including Etc Etc as the above is not exclusive. 

ALSO cuts to LEGAL AID to actually challenge belligerently obstinate decisions that seem so wrong , all of this is part of the debate , in my opinion.

Before the next bit :
This isnt a mass email of one type request BECAUSE CUT AND PASTE is not nearly as effective as individual, personal briefings
..... so ... 

You need to brief your MP of what has affected you , your friends, relatives, colleagues -YOUR story, your feelings.
This is whether you are sick / disabled or not. Its your chance to EVIDENCE your feelings/ any impacts and consequences of what is happening right now. 

Remember. Insults and rude approach  will be binned by them. 

And you need to state that regardless of their (your MP) opinion on e-petition known as #Wowpetition, you request, as a constituent of theirs, REPRESENTATION without predjudice or reason against representing you at the debate to share your situation and ask what can be done about this. 

This needs Many Many peoples participation.
REMINDER:Copy and paste will not do. 
Remember you have the right to representation.
Feel free to also send these briefings THAT YOU CREATE to all and any media you wish, if you do that, list the media you have sent it to , informing your MP that this is what you have done. 
Let us know you've done this, and if you feel able, please share with us, as back up. 

You can find your MP via


Please use the share buttons below too, you can email it to people, share on Facebook, Twitter... and if you have a Blogger Blog you can hit the Blog This button and it'll Blog it to your blog.

in the Main Chamber, House of Commons

Friday, 27 December 2013

Very Constant Ommisions from Media

The Media. What Can I say?

Omits to mention 11 million sick and disabled (approximately) PEOPLE - REAL PEOPLE... who may not have been able to attend the Sales.
Who have had consumerism rammed down their throats.
Even led on guilt trips for "not participating enough".

Let me expand.

Do you know what living on ESA is like?

Do you? Payment to payment?

Hardly a lifestyle choice (at a quarter or less of AVERAGE wage < this figure for illustration that its a lot less than average wage, and
Struggles with bills, food, heating, all of it.Fact fiends COULD calculate it if they wish)
Oh and we ARE actually ill, contrary to spiel from Behavioralist premises spouted as truth from the right wing.

You may not like what I say next.

The sick are ignored, despised and shunted to the fringe in this country by the mainstream, yet we are people.

Can I be any more clear that this time of year, against it being a "christian celebration" it is total antithesis of what was supposed to be a GOOD societal control and care message "of its time"

Im not religious.
But the religious Celebrate this time. And what? Provide solutions? No.
Ask each other "ooh what did you get? aww NIIICE" Consuming, not caring for people.

I did explore whether christianity was for me once or twice. I found contradiction, control, and disdain.
I found condemnation of homosexuality.
I found Professing and No Practice for otherwise admirable principles.
I also found there is no God.
For that image of benevolence is unfulfillable. Surely by accepting the god, and surrendering you will be endowed with outgoing ............

Yeah I can rant on.

But I was originally talking re media.

Obsessed with wellness and riches, and aquisition.

AND People under this Christian Government (see several ministers statements of faith) , and Monarchical "god given right to rule" nation...

Can you see this Religion thing is of any benefit to YOU?

Can you see the media bent towards ignoring need?

If so, this blog has made you think.

Statement of GRRRRRRRR

Just seen Three blogs almost IDENTICAL to stuff i wrote a while back. Do not steal my stuff. Even if its weak or badly written. Dont steal... Cross post and credit, or link it, but dont steal it. STEALING it is with no reference to origin. Cross post and credit, or link it, but dont steal it. Alternately, if you like it USE the share buttons.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Coffee? In Prose? Youre kidding right? Nope ..

Coffee coffee where for art thou coffee . Mine eyes do burn like raging fire and need thee to calm. Coffee thou art needed forthwith.
Coffee I seek thee still. Thy passage to mug be frought nay hampered by a lamentably slow machine.
Coffee shall I thence compare thee to a snail? You must progress, and quickly.

Yeah crap prose, but still. 

No I didnt say Tribbles, I said TRIBULATIONS.

When I.T. does wierd stuffs.

Why so many times is the gateway handshake so problematic to get wifi. Rhetorical. But it DOES play silly buggers a lot.
So I reboot through recovery mode, then reboot to full graphics then it works NOT YET. GRRRRRRR.
Then Thought mmmm chrome might be issue. So went open opera, But there was a cross network request which wouldn't continue, so what the fuck.
And so opera too. You failed me on lappy. Great. Tried Safari try next.
And lo. Safari worked. So wtf was wrong with the bt wifi log in journey ? Broken?
And THEN No. pages werent loading right- or at all. Bastard.
And THEN they were. Wtf. 
Nothing learnt to fly in todays episode of Fucking Up IT

Amazing. Log into wifi through safari, and used chrome for ALL THE THINGS. And THAT WORKED curious shenanigans.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Depression. When a window occurs ...

You know depression? You think? Heres some personal, almost RELIEF laden comments about the latest dawning of a decent window.

A window is when the clouds lift, a little. ...

I tidied up *a little bit* now cant find my scissors. TYPISCH!
*mainlines* next cup of coffee . Anyone link me how to inject straight to brain?

Tidying up in bits WORKS . Must - Keep- going - with - that. *scribbles target list on a pad*
Its a byproduct of illness that leads to mess or disorder. And it does get oppressive. And so I like when I can do at least some of it.
Im inherently not a "scruffy sod" but sometimes cant help it Because of *reasons*
I will keep going unless I dive again in the head. Thats a nasty HOLE.
Theres some I know on twitter who I know in real life who will say its quite tidy here, although not perfect, *usually*
But Im coming out of a real lowness and it was getting NOT so tidy as id like or profess to. Thats bad when that happens.
Best make "best use" of the *Give a shit" window huh?

Stay safe , all my best , Jules .

Friday, 13 December 2013


Via Sue Marsh
The government always said that Harrington had been OK with the IB rollout, but the article proves it's not true. Astonishing, the mainstream media didn't pick up on the story, so we must make our own media (as usual) " 


And the LATEST Spartacus report is also hosted on that blog,
and can be read here : >

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Major Success - Historic. #wowpetition

You may have noticed me talking a lot about sick and disabled people and their wishes regarding this petition.

I too am one of those people, of which I have spoken often harrowingly, but certainly prolifically of late.

Bringing the #wowpetition to Parliament, to this point even,  and having in principle decision to a debate is good news for EVERYBODY, not just sick and disabled people.

Its a democratic call, and the doubters thought it wouldnt get this far. I'm glad that it has.

It is, as far as I am aware the first time anything "like this" LED by sick and disabled people has got this far in Parliamentary Business.
(Please if I am wrong check this out, I do stand to be corrected if I am wrong on this. I am referencing a comment made by John McDonell MP, he is the reference to that understanding I have of this)

This , posted by the Back Bench Business Committee, was one of the BEST tweets I honestly have EVER SEEN.

This posted up approx 4.40pm 10th December 2013 

I'm so happy, we all should be. 
Well done EVERYONE . 

John McDonnell MP's tweet thought above based upon 

Friday, 6 December 2013

Interesting Conversation re e-petition 47554 re DWP rules 29 and 35 WCA/ESA

This is for recognition of rules 29 and 35 and to give GP the lead position not atos 9,744

@Jules_Clarke Can't disagree with the sentiment behind this, but regulations 29 & 35 ONLY apply to ESA. They have no beating on PIP at all.

@libra1963 Well 29 and 35 under GP jurisdiction is certainly desirable.

@Jules_Clarke certainly worth highlighting 29 & 35 which are meant to operate as safety nets for people who don't score enough WCA points.

@libra1963 That I think is the aim of that petition and I personally think is important

@Jules_Clarke it is, and the intent is great - DWP decision makers pay little or no attention to regs 29/35. Just won't assist PIP claimants

@libra1963 It WILL assist ESA claimants who claim PIP as the ESA wont be a harmful process at start

@libra1963 And surely "no interview required" will cascade.

@Jules_Clarke As worded, your petition gives the impression PIP claimants can be helped by regs 29/35. Unfortunately, the can't.

@libra1963 Thats the anamoly that must be faced as PIP will be Both an In and OUT of work benefit as was DLA. So you are PARTIALLY correct


Thanks to AP. (news source) 
I put this here. 
I wish I was as quick to collect the inspirational quotes. But all these matter , from a man who had an EXTRAORDINARY life and influence on thousands . . . 

"During my lifetime I have dedicated myself to this struggle of the African people. I have fought against white domination, and I have fought against black domination. I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an ideal which I hope to live for and to achieve. But if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die." — statement to the court during the Rivonia trial, April, 20, 1964.
"I do not, however, deny that I planned sabotage. I did not plan it in a spirit of recklessness nor because I have any love of violence. I planned it as a result of a calm and sober assessment of the political situation that had arisen after many years of tyranny, exploitation, and oppression of my people by whites." — statement to the court during the Rivonia trial, April, 20, 1964.
"I stand here before you not as a prophet but as a humble servant of you, the people. Your tireless and heroic sacrifices have made it possible for me to be here today. I therefore place the remaining years of my life in your hands." — addressing a crowd after his release from prison on Feb. 11, 1990.
"Let it never be said by future generations that indifference, cynicism or selfishness made us fail to live up to the ideals of humanism which the Nobel Peace Prize encapsulates." — on receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, Dec. 10, 1993.
"The time for the healing of the wounds has come. The moment to bridge the chasms that divide us has come. The time to build is upon us ... We enter into a covenant that we shall build a society in which all South Africans, both black and white, will be able to walk tall, without any fear in their hearts, assured of their inalienable right to human dignity - a rainbow nation at peace with itself and the world." — at inauguration.
"I have walked that long road to freedom. I have tried not to falter; I have made missteps along the way. But I have discovered the secret that after climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb." — from his autobiography "Long Walk to Freedom."
"This is a war. It has killed more people than has been the case in all previous wars and in all previous natural disasters ... We must not continue to be debating, to be arguing, when people are dying." — Mandela on AIDS.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Keep Going ...


With #Wowpetition passing 100k signatures.....

Time to brief your MP regardless of their attitude (previously) to your emails.

This briefing should be along the lines of WHY you signed WOWpetition,
And a call for their conscience to out based on the fact that 100k+ people who COULD sign did so.

And call them to attend any debate arising, more importantly telling them that it IS supported case wise by several MPs already and they are calling for Main Chamber debate. And there is calls in the Lords ALREADY for Cumulative debate.

So will you ask them to support a main chamber debate on issues raised by Wow petition.

The reason this is important is that many have noted that all aspects of reform have been discussed in isolation and it makes sense to join these up with a debate on the whole picture, NOT just Bedroom Tax/ Housing benefit, or individual aspects, but the whole picture.

You can contact your MP via

I emailed MY mp this way > BUT do it YOUR WAY. Cut and paste isnt personal. YOUR email is.

When or if you email your MP please be sure to tell them any communications issues you have and prefered method of reply.

Regardless of how theyve treated you YOU are a constituent and have the right to be heard. Email yr MP YOUR wishes.

And if you dont want to email? and can attend a surgery they hold? please, do that too.

YOU signed for a reason , your MP needs to know that. PERSONAL REASON you have. SIMPLE - And that YOU want their support as a constituent .



Is Cameron A Liar?

As an intro to this : Did You LIE Mr Cameron, And If YOU DID you will have your final day. You are not fit to govern this nation. 
This via Paul, credit to blog at the foot of this. 

Dear Mr Cameron,
As Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, you have a number of duties as a public servant: duties to the people who you serve.
One such duty is that you ought to demonstrate in every aspect of your life, both public and private, the highest standards of honesty and integrity. This would show the people of the UK, and indeed, the World, that you are honourable, trustworthy and beyond reproach in every way.
A few days ago, you stated in the House of Commons that ‘Disabled people are exempt’ from the Housing Benefit cut, popularly known as Bedroom Tax. [I will not use the term 'spare room subsidy' as that is not a popular acronym apart from amongst members of your Coalition government]
If I may make this perfectly clear:
Prime Minister’s Question Time. 27 November 2013
Andy MacDonald: Mr Speaker. The disability benefits consortium of over 50 charities have signed a letter to the Secretary of State for the DWP calling for immediate action to exempt disabled people from the bedroom tax. Why on earth does he and his government refuse to listen?
David Cameron: “Obviously, what we’ve done is to exempt disabled people who need an extra room.”
I expect that you will have plenty of advisors telling you that what you said was and remains untrue? You will no doubt be advised to suggest that it was perhaps a ‘slip of the tongue’ and that you had meant to say ‘some disabled… ‘?
However, perhaps you could be credited with more intelligence than to have made an unintentional mistake? A Prime Minister must be fully aware of the facts in any matter on which he speaks: in such a position, there can be no excuse for anything less.
If, on the other hand, you were simply stating what you believe to be the truth, then it would seem that your researchers, advisors or perhaps Ministers, have provided you with incorrect facts. In that case, they ought to be dealt with appropriately, as I and doubtless many millions of others, would consider providing incorrect information to the Prime Minister to be a very grave and serious matter indeed.
However hard I try, Mr Cameron, I cannot believe there is any justification for what you said. Your assertation that disabled people are exempted from the Bedroom Tax is, as I tend to think you know, completely untrue.
That is an incontrovertable fact.
There have been many blatant, intentional attempts to deceive Parliament and the Public by other Ministers in your government by misuse of statistics regarding the discriminatory and punitive nature of the Housing Benefit cut and other reforms of Social Security. These reforms have a devastating effect on the most vulnerable people in our society: the very same people you promised to protect in your 2010 manifesto.
If, Mr Cameron, your statement on exemptions is truthful, I would like to be advised of that by yourself at your earliest convenience.
However, one fact that I doubt you have ever heard of is this one:
Judicial Review proceedings issued in the High Court on 24 September 2013:
R(Rutherford and Todd) v SSWP (CO/13841/2013)
Mr Cameron, if you told the truth, then you were obviously unaware that as my family is notexempt on disability grounds [we are just one of the families in this position], we have been forced to seek an exemption from the Bedroom Tax by the above means: for ourselves and by association, on behalf of all other families who have a disabled child requiring overnight care.
Curious, isn’t it Mr Cameron?
You state one thing as fact, yet I can clearly, truthfully and confidently assert that what you said is factually untrue.
I shouldn’t have to be doing this. I shouldn’t have to be stating that the British Prime Minister has made a grossly misleading and untrue statement in Parliament.
However, Mr Cameron, you leave me no choice. No choice but to state openly and honestly that you have, for some reason I am not privy to, attempted to mislead the House of Commons, Members of Parliament and the people you are meant to serve.
If you are able to utilise such a misleading statement on this issue, that raises the question of what you may have intentionally misled us about on other occasions?
If any Prime Minister is found to have misrepresented the truth on one occasion, that is one occasion too many and leaves the personal integrity of that person open to question at all times.
By this one statement, Mr Cameron, you have lost whatever integrity you may have possessed before making this assertation.
I am just one man, disabled myself and trying my best to care for a young man with profound, complex and multiple disabilities.
In truth, I expect help from the your Government.
We have asked for exemption from the Bedroom Tax yet the Secretary of State DWP and Treasury Solicitors steadfastly refuse to grant the addition of three simple words into the Housing Benefit regulations.
“… or a child”
For that reason, as I pointed out already, my family and I have been forced by your badly designed, badly thought through, badly advised and discriminatory policy to issue proceedings against the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions.
Should any kinship-carer in this country have to do such a thing, Mr Cameron?
Would you, had your life been different have not fought equally as hard for a disabled family member’s rights?
I believe you would.
Mr Cameron, I cannot attempt to gloss over any more what you did.
You lied.
Disabled people are not exempt from the Bedroom Tax.


Sunday, 1 December 2013

Disability Hate Crime.

Should we allow attitudes to remain such as found in this well written Guardian piece? How do we educate people away from this? And alter the way that society treats vunerable people?
Please comment below as much as you wish, as this is 2013 and a disgusting way for society to behave without doing positive steps for removal of such vile acts...

This from the GUARDIAN regarding HATE CRIMES

The names of Albert Adams, Stephen Hoskin and Sean Miles may not be immediately familiar, but their common fate is that they suffered years of harassment because of difference and disability. For them, as in the horrific case of Bijan Ebrahimi, whose murderer, Lee James, was sentenced last week, a false allegation of paedophilia or sexual violence had become a dangerous and ultimately murderous part of their bullying.
In 2011, Katharine Quarmby published Scapegoat: Why we are failing disabled people, the first large-scale investigation into the growing number of violent deaths of disabled people in Britain. In case after case, victims had also been wrongly accused of sexual crimes. Quarmby is now a founder member of the Disability Hate Crime Network, which last week wrote to Dominic Grieve, the attorney general, urging him to review the sentences handed down to James and his associate, Steven Norley. The network argues that Ebrahimi's murder should be viewed as a hate crime that requires longer sentences.