Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Regarding Death of Michael Brendan O'Sullivan

Full disclosure of Coroner’s preventable death report, narrative & DWP reply. (19 pages, in one combined PDF document)

Link > 

Source of info Refuted, that states no updates to its site after 1st aug 2015 

Posted as unsure of "Refuted" site future from their update statement. 

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Things change in life...

Imagine if you were disabled, but werent always that way.

What would change apart from ability physically to do things?

You now start to see, erhaps its not all physical.

Do you?

Oh what about this from someone i speak to a lot?

"  Its funny, I think I was much more likely to ask for help before I became disabled. Now I'm scared of being "needy".

This is a light blog to make you see the mental health thats so underestimated in WCA matters so much more.

And who fuels this needy feR? THE MEDIA AND GOVERNMENT.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Who Would You rather run the country?

Its a simple question really,

Cameron or Corbyn, as the ground stands at the minute.

One has a laissez faire careless couldn't give a shit attitude and attends rugby and preens about rugby, and , well talks abuot , yes , the rugby....
The other spends at least 7 hrs that same day HELPING PEOPLE in his constituency, even though he COULDVE gone to the rugby.

This is Two leaders.

I know which one I'd choose even from THAT alone.

Heres the pics of the two same day contrasting tweets

Now .... can you see? 

Friday, 18 September 2015

A little Blog about that word "Awkward"

Just took dog out, saw a guy called Tim i see often,

Has MS and a power chair and often stops outside mine.

He calls that think time.

Afetr a quick Hi how are you ..

He said. Your dog's called Biggles, thats those books isnt it. YES, Yes it is, precicely because of those books. Hes read them all, as have I when I was a child.

Then I asked him is it to rest the battery you stop here.
He told me his goes Far enough almost 24 hr use and lasts two days.
He also said he remembered when i had the self propelling chair, and then the crutches, and said shake my hand you can walk. So I did. He was then telling me at the moment he's remission, but a few years ago he lost use of his legs, and his voice embarrasses him now.

Other things were spoken about.

I think the key repeated question I keep asking is...
Now If you dont speak to people that you see as different to you how will you know these things? Thats a question to YOU the one feeling guilty reading this.

At one time I didnt understand what I do understand these days, but if I can I will always now learn - it doesnt end. .

I DIDNT know Tim was EMBARASED by his speech, I hadnt even noticed..
Ohers would notice, I suppose he was trying to tell me that people take the piss? I think where that was heading.


Thts all I'm gonna say on that.

Neither of us were that often banged out word "Awkward"

TESCO STATEMENT on Living Wage Position

As suspected they support National Living Wage, how could they not, it's a legal requirement.

It is clear from statement that they havent thought on the Living Wage Foundation's figure for Living Wage , which was abstracted by National Living Wage twatfukery by Tories... They Hijacked and watered down a social idea that then made it of less worth than the original, you can look all that up.

Tesco statement :

Hi Jules. I understand you've requested information on our position regarding the living wage. I'm happy to provide this for you.

At Tesco we know it is important to reward colleagues well, and that's why we pay one of the highest hourly rates in retail. But we firmly believe in offering colleagues a total reward package and our benefits include a 10% colleague discount, shares scheme and pension, which we know they really value. That said, in line with our approach of offering sector-leading pay and a generous benefit package to all colleagues, we are supportive of the introduction of the National Living Wage.

I hope you find this helpful. :) Regards - Joel.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

I asked for stories around ESA/WCA . Latest

I will tell you real stories...

So Dr Shakedown (anonymous through content)

What is your reality story?

Their reply. .....

I had problems with ESA JSA transtion after an appeal
It took my Mp about 10 weeks to sort it out. They made 9 mistakes in my case including wrong NI Number and mispayments
Late payments, Computer faliures, Utter chaos and farce.
The climax came a week after an #IDS statement about no one should have any problems from ESA to JSA!
With that I prepared legal action against the DWP
I recieved the letter from Mark Hoban and took it to my Jobcentre and presented it to the advisor.
Peace finally reigned and they gave me a special payment and an apology and my local JCP was kept under watch from a high level.
I had direct contact with Jason Feeney at the DWP who was the operations manager.

Monday, 14 September 2015

When you ask for help, sometimes this....

Can I remind people if you ask for help from anyone, if they ask you for FULL info, give it. Just been embarrassed on a help where they didnt give full info. And at crux an action couldnt be completed when that info surfaced, i couldnt counter it cos i didnt know it because if i'd known it, i wouldve taken that from a different angle and problem woulda been gone. 

Instead I've walked from it in disgust at being put in that position. That is disrespect. plain and simple.

The problem is it WOULDNT have been issue if i'd known the info dont CARE what the info is as long as I have it, if i dont have it you mess up the help completely, in a lot of instances. Its called leaving a backdoor open, where someone can enter and mug me off and your problem remains un dealt with and no further forward. Can you see that?

This, your regular reminder that helpy people dont like being dumped upon. so dont.

Next Helpy, a sofa surfer who wants to stop sofa surfing. Who Has a job.... that one a little easier i think.


Friday, 11 September 2015

ESA REALITY : I asked Kell her ESA experience thoughts...

So tell me what your ESA reality is, Kell....

My experience with esa has been awful, gotten it 3 times, first 2 times had to go to appeal, once cos I got 0 points cos I had a little Make Up on, so had no other needs and could look after myself. 2nd time not enough points. Won on appeal twice, but the stress made me worse.

Now finally in support group and have pip, esa medical was worse than the PIP one!!

I'm lucky, my sister knows welfare rights and helps with stuff, I try,  but they send letter after letter with all different info.

Been having panic attacks this week cos of Hb etc cos daughter turned 18 and doesn't start course till end of September,  sis has sorted it, but still wobbly when the post man comes. It's like they wanna torture us.

(..Until I couldnt..) I used to do Cab debt advice for a living, but panic now with anything, wish I just had the me back from then!


So Ive blogged it. So you can see.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Do you ever think about self validity?

The media throw a lot at people. And so do people. Even ones that mean well, sometimes.

To use common parlance "That can make you feel shit"

The adverts, the lifestyles the whole darned kit and caboodle that makes questions rise in your head if you are a thinking type person . Or Ill, or... theres a list, but I personally dont know the full list.

So my thoughts went to as to whether:

Shall I comment on the Sun Newspaper? shall I dive to that? I dont think I will. let them squirm in their mire.

And followed with :

There's plenty doing that already. digging and exposing them. My stuff is mostly ignored, discounted or plagurised anyway.

Where validity is, in the dignity of knowing that without a platform, you do your best, I do, but the gap between doing and recognised is large When others seek themselves as The Ones, That becomes tiresome. But validity is in many forms.

A nod or a thankyou is all it takes to stop validity not being recognised in self. Without those all in this series of thoughts wouldnt exist.

And when those are missing it can be desolate, but you know they are there somewhere. Or hope they are.

Thats the hellish bit. keeping hold of the knowing validity is there "somewhere"

The man that was Eric Fromm said " To spare oneself from grief at all costs can only be achieved at the price of total detachment, which excludes the ability to experience happiness.
Now that is deep. but necessary to think sometimes.

A window into my mind? there isnt one. There are these words to ponder though.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Because ...

Where I live theres lots of barriers not least misunderstanding people and those that say "you arent woman" I’m not one that often seeks help for myself. Imagine if you will a world where you live breathe eat and sleep as one person, but inside you are not that person. Would that be living a lie? Would the freedom to create an online identity reduce that slightly as you can express and present differently? Is that enough? Very difficult to explain. I was born male. I don’t FEEL male, I FEEL woman, and have for years and years. We get through various crisis scenarios, even a childhood where all femininity was denied me by an onerous and violent man. So as to arrive in Life as Man to a 48 yr old still lost, still not who they should really be. That’d be me. I have known for so long. And why haven’t I asked anyone help? There’d be many reasons for that. Turned down by NHS 3 times. I don’t fit their niche apparently. Thinking about it I can self medicate. But i cant afford it. Safely I can use 6-8mg daily of Progynova daily. ... And there’s electrolysis which seems like another mountain. Too many mountains in fact. Picture is me two weeks ago on-line DJing some music for a party with my pic showing as me I could do at the time