Thursday, 17 September 2015

I asked for stories around ESA/WCA . Latest

I will tell you real stories...

So Dr Shakedown (anonymous through content)

What is your reality story?

Their reply. .....

I had problems with ESA JSA transtion after an appeal
It took my Mp about 10 weeks to sort it out. They made 9 mistakes in my case including wrong NI Number and mispayments
Late payments, Computer faliures, Utter chaos and farce.
The climax came a week after an #IDS statement about no one should have any problems from ESA to JSA!
With that I prepared legal action against the DWP
I recieved the letter from Mark Hoban and took it to my Jobcentre and presented it to the advisor.
Peace finally reigned and they gave me a special payment and an apology and my local JCP was kept under watch from a high level.
I had direct contact with Jason Feeney at the DWP who was the operations manager.


  1. Yep it's a true story it is mine..

  2. It was DWP (2 lovely ladies) that told me I was not fit for work and that I had to claim ESA (chronic lung problem) so why must I be continuously assessed. I started with my lung problems, ESA assessments, letters not being received (not sent more like), money stopped....etc etc have left me with MH problems too. I don't leave my house. I can't use the phone and the letterbox going literally has me in a cold sweat and brown envelopes get ignored until I feel strong enough to look at them. I am a shell of my former self and its down to them!