Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Paramount Wishes

A thing of thought here:
I see a lot of on-line Missing Person pleas. I only really share the ones by the police, and theres reasons. The person may not wish to be found. Example.
I shall call her Hanna, it isnt her name though. Her B/f died, so she left the area she was in without a word to anyone, because she needed time , in her own way, to deal with it. Many calls to find her were put out, by people she didnt want to speak to. `So it , i think , CAN be wrong , to assume someone MUST BE FOUND, whoever asks.
Ive simplified, and sanitised this example. "Hanna" was safe, she was being in the company of people she trusted, quite a way away from home, with people she'd met through the b/f's extended contacts, which He'd nurtured and included her with.
I think the most sensible thing is do respond to Police "Shouts" . Even parents shouts (i say this very carefully , too) could *Could* be problematic sometimes. A very difficult area to address.
Of course with ANY thought, theres other thoughts people have, and this is my thought on that. This is a touch upon "Paramount Wishes" as a concept

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Dog Training... and the interruptions

I just did a "Respect my authoritaaay" thing on the dog walk ...
They said Awww hello baby at the dog, moving towards us and then said can i say hello..and continued to move towards as im trying to keep her walking , as the say hello to Everyone cant continue, IMHO... so i said No Shes tryin te walk.. I was keeping moving.. and they said some profanity or other calling me for the no.. so i said Shes trying to walk, respect my decision. Surely thats a given isnt it? whats with some people, eh?
Shes 18 weeks old, and needs to not be interrupted constantly whilst walking else the walks wont be walks.
I know shes cute, i appreciate people saying so. But theres a thing , ive just described bugs the shit out of me. I'll let her say hello , WHEN APPROPRIATE of course i do. But the Assumption from people ... thats the thing.
I dont think im wrong on this .
Its not a RAGE... more of an annoyed frown, and an astonishment people think they can "just do" .. especially when its interfering with the dog's training , repetition breeds bad habits and i dont want the say hello to everyone thing automatically to remain, develop and become a painful behavioural trait. Is that fair?

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Dogs Live in The Now? But with expectations, and set patterns of the past. ...

Had interesting thoughts on the dogs living in the now theory and that inside that there are the "repetitive now" and "expectations of now" set as patterns that then become norms.

So thats essentially a three way, the living in now can be utilised with changed patterns and expectations. which is why you can fix dogs at any age, mostly, and the teach old dogs new tricks is mythical.

Its why ive previously "fixed" dogs, sort of a replaced norms? Bad / errant for good. And Missing ones placed. Missing norms? oh yes. There can be. The controlled walk, determined is one example.

So a bad behaviour? You cant just ....See the thing there? You cant just REMOVE a thing, it has to be replaced with ANOTHER thing , whatever that thing is. THEN it works best.

Like oh "Dont do that" ... leads to Then what do i do then?
Which essentially is layered into a thing i call jobs. Complicated? No.
"drop it, leave it" may break this rule, although it can be a job IN ITSELF to drop it/ leave it and be told "Good" , or to Move away on instruction of drop/leave... that too, A Job.
Difficult? sometimes. Possible? most times. However , theres a thing here to state...
THE MAIN JOB , with all its sub jobs is to LISTEN/do.

The pay-off for these jobs? The Wage? - That brings its rewards of affection in the right proportions. After the jobs are done.

Its OUR job too, to give the dog Jobs. As the live in the now thing means any void will be filled with invention, which is often the unwanted behaviours, like excessive barking, destructiveness, extreme attention seeking , even resentment/ and bites.

A laying down and behaving for a couple of hours IS a job .  For example.

See? or is it clear as mud?

"Dont lay at my feet" replacement Job could be .... "lay over there" as long as its a Pattern, that then becomes expectation, which becomes a norm of the now. See?

The key is singing the same song over and over. They love that.