Saturday, 5 August 2017

Dog Training... and the interruptions

I just did a "Respect my authoritaaay" thing on the dog walk ...
They said Awww hello baby at the dog, moving towards us and then said can i say hello..and continued to move towards as im trying to keep her walking , as the say hello to Everyone cant continue, IMHO... so i said No Shes tryin te walk.. I was keeping moving.. and they said some profanity or other calling me for the no.. so i said Shes trying to walk, respect my decision. Surely thats a given isnt it? whats with some people, eh?
Shes 18 weeks old, and needs to not be interrupted constantly whilst walking else the walks wont be walks.
I know shes cute, i appreciate people saying so. But theres a thing , ive just described bugs the shit out of me. I'll let her say hello , WHEN APPROPRIATE of course i do. But the Assumption from people ... thats the thing.
I dont think im wrong on this .
Its not a RAGE... more of an annoyed frown, and an astonishment people think they can "just do" .. especially when its interfering with the dog's training , repetition breeds bad habits and i dont want the say hello to everyone thing automatically to remain, develop and become a painful behavioural trait. Is that fair?

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