Saturday, 26 November 2016

The one where I moan about bastard physics


Last night on doubleglazed , vented windows.

As advised in these temperatures: heating on. WTF. only living room and bedroom got the condensing.
Kitchen and bathroom never "Got it"

Urrrgh. Never had it since theyve been in 5-6yrs?

Pain in the proverbial I must be balancing the heating wrong or just being on a relatively exposed promontory site and "Its gonna happen" but it HASNT before, and the windows arent Broken.

 All rater perplexing, ....
were temperatures from 1 degree outside when went to bed suddenly switched waaaay lower? to minus 72? thatd do it, rapid temp change , but it wasnt, it was slow slide down in temp yesterday outside.

bastard physics

The balancing of flat? I did find ONE window vent closed, dont know when i closed it. That could be the culprit. We shall see.