Monday, 29 June 2015

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Trabasack have given a 5% discount to Virtual Gherkin which I can freely share to All

These products are for able and disabled alike.

Heres the products pictured :

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I particularly like the Mini, myself, as it will fit my laptop, and also provide a lap desk for it ANYWHERE .

Monday, 22 June 2015

Does the Right Thing include stuff like this Mr Cameron?

Heres how my brain interpreted HELPING someone IN MY FLAT, using MY STUFF
Sequential thoughts from AS IT HAPPENED.
(I tweeted the following)

IMac on cos someone wants do an application online for something. the lappy? no fooking way. Guest account the desktop but NOT lappy.

Theyll be here shortly to drink my coffee and use my puter. Grrrr.

Right theyre here, and my estimate is 15 min max.I poured coffee. Not guested desktop, i still want iTunes running b/grnd.

Got them site, said dont fukabout. As you do. Well, as *i* do , anyway.

*No* visitor , you arent here to chat, youre here to do the thing and fookoff

They from Ashton, Know for ages. Hence permission given. Theys on way to town. To funny enuf, get a puter. So i dont mind, sort of.

You are witnessing tweets on how difficult it can be for me to HAVE people IN THE FLAT, ON MY KIT.

But i'm "doing the right thing" innit. Oh ? thats not the Cameron Right Thing though is it, so im a shithed.

I dont have Open door to use my kit policy by the way. NO way. Not on your nellie will that happen.

THAT would be intollerable

Theyve added... Can i just do another thing. I said yes as you here. 1st thing went ok? .. yep no prob they said.

They nearly done now. I'll let them finish, a coffee and a fag. Then pissoff.


At least cos they wuz on puter, dog knows LEAVE alone if on puter. So good as gold.

They said " How did you have the music going while I did my stuff" ( they just gone BTW ) . *headdesk*

Also aparrently "they owe me a drink" or something

So contrary to my being MADE TO FEEL A SHITHED as i put it in my tweets , im actually NOT. And the Right Thing Rhetoric is piercing my brain as violently wrong rhetoric. It doesnt INCLUDE all the stuff such as above, and many many other things.
Sorry, This wasnt a rant. Its reality.

Peoples' reality is often far different that the Rhetoric spewed by out of touch privileged Wealthy Family Enabled Idealistic Sociopaths .

That is all for now.
I thank you.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

How i cook a chicken "Bosh" casserole

Simple slow cooker chicken casserole.

Really simple.

Heres what I do.

Any couple or 3 or 4 pieces of chicken (not wings)


Pearl Barley





Dried mixed herbs. I use asian mixed herbs but its totally dont matter which
Approx a pint of chicken stock

( Quantities are really up to you its that bloody easy also theres no NEED to pre brown or pre do anything in a pan whatsoever, thats just vanity  )

Re quantities : I just did a two piece one potato one carrot etc one

Chop onion&  garlic, dice the potatoes, Slice carrots -  Bung in
Bung in chicken
Bung in Pearl Barley and peas
Bung in the herbs

Add any thing you what to theres no rules. So you could add a handful of sliced chillis if you wanted. or whatever. could put tomato in.

Chicken stock.

Low for 8 hrs
Or high for 3/4 hrs

Serve in a bowl with some bread.


Im not the only one seeking the truth ....

TRUTH Seekers

Two blogs in the past 24 hours, have both raised the issue of the newly elected Tory Government and it’s Ministers continuing to Lie, to the Commons, the Upper House and the People!
Joe Haleswood enlightened us about Freud, Lying to the Lords about the bedroom tax, whilst Mike Sivier over at Vox Political informs us how the IT system at Downing St deleting emails allows staff and #Cameron to ‘forget’ what has been said/written. Further to this, relating to Mike’s fight for DWP to reveal the truth, a petition to HM Courts & Justice, demanding them to publish the statistics of how many people have died after their benefits were stopped, has at time of writing gained 149,594 signatures.

Friday, 12 June 2015

OH GOD. A reference? I was really...

... really thinking how i could blog this.

But I shall....

I got a reference, and it goes a little something like this....

The first person I ever interacted with onTwitter about disability issues was Jules. Initially what we seemed to share was an innate and extreme dislike of Atos.  After my first tweet, I waited for the sky to fall on my head (like Asterix) but it did not happen and this started a conversation which has now lasted for almost 4 years.  Not that we talk every day or even every week.  But he is part of my twitter world, as is Biggles, his dog, who is getting on now, the aromatic food he is cooking, which smells good through his tweets, and many other details in his life, some confided in the middle of the night, as Jules has insomnia due to his treatment.  Because Jules is disabled. He suffers from a chronic illness which prevents him from working and he has to claim ESA. His intense dislike of Atos and of the WCA stems from his own experiences. Like many disabled people, Jules used to have a satisfying job before becoming ill but he now has to rely on the meager amount of money the government begrudgingly gives him to live on. Jules also runs a blog, which he maintains intermittently, sometimes questioning its usefulness, which is a shame, not only because it is informative but also because Jules uses a unique, colourful and multi-layered language, when he is not speaking to me in French (at the same time). 
For somebody using Twitter as often as he does, he is almost shy, definitely modest, and he can certainly get very grumpy, but that is part of his charm. But Jules illustrates perfectly the contribution disabled people can make in society and how valuable this contribution is. Because Jules is very knowledgeable and has an instant grasp of housing issues, when his health allows, he tries to help people in sorting out their problems.  He sees himself more as a facilitator than a problem solver, as the final decision is never his, but he tries to give a different perspective to an issue, by considering all the options and taking a wider view in order to help people work through it until they reach a solution they are comfortable with. Although on one level, this can give him a lot of satisfaction, the reality is that the constant exposure to other people’s problems, and sometimes despair, takes its toll. And so does life on ESA, with the daily frustrations of having too little money to afford what most people take for granted. But helping people also costs money, for technology, transport etc. which is why on Jules’s blog there is a Donate button he is too timid to talk about. Very often, Jules has to stop being a ‘helpy’ because he has run out of money. This should not happen. Jules incarnates the best of the BIG SOCIETY, one that Cameron could only dream of, which is not driven by self-interest or self-gratification, but by a genuine sense of empathy and of shared humanity.

And as he says: ‘A pound in Jules' life goes far further than you can imagine’  
(with love from Annie)

They asked me to blog it, embarrassed, i did.

Monday, 8 June 2015



I have exclusive offer not only on Mini but on Connect too.

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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

I talk a lot about IT inclusion ....Its really important more so than ever...

If you are struggling with getting a smartphone for cost, as I was as the Galaxy died, and i was then using an HTC Hero. 

I needed a phone that did more than the Hero, it being VERY old.The Galaxy phone before it stopped working, the hero was a liming interim.  I do have I.T experience, but i'm on ESA and was short of a workable phone. 

So I decided to try something and sourced a chinese off net phone. 

Dont baulk... ITS ENABLEMENT. 

I can do this particular blog because im aware that many people miss out on the even basic of internet access AND cant gain contracts or super technical expensive smartfones. And many see WALLS they cant climb to see the other side.

The one I got was below 50 quid... 

called Swees 5.0'' 3g on a kitkat android version . 

Dont worry if youve never looked at smartfones. The user friendliness is phenomenal on most these days.

Now i ask a lot of stuff of anything I have because VFM is really ingrained. I can say this evening that I'd recommend it as a very workable phone for a lot of people . 

You can get the one I have now tested and know its limits and capabilities, on ebay . 

As i Say for most people this phone would be adequately functional, and is an absolute bargain.

Im NOT being paid to do ANYTHING. I hope you could MAYBE get smartfone confidence for yourself or someone you know? Why not gift an excluded person this phone? Or venture yourself to it? 

Where you can get the phone I spoke of CLICK HERE

You'll need a sim, but theres many PAY as you go providers.

For tech or enabled people reading this, Ive tried to help you promote inclusion here.

For those looking for options I hope this helps.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

A Sad Cross Posting ....

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

An Unfond Farewell to Disability Activism

Almost five years ago I had to give up the career that I loved. It was a devastating and life changing time. It provoked a period of deep depression for the first time in my life, something which my illness and resulting significant impairments and disability had failed to do.

After picking myself up from this I observed that the government was threatening serious cuts to the very support which had enabled me to embark on my career in the first place. I hated the idea that current young disabled people would be denied the opportunities I had enjoyed and so I became more involved in disability activism. It gave me a sense of purpose and I felt I was doing something worthwhile which would help others.

This took off in a big way in January 2012 when I researched and wrote what became known as the Spartacus Report. While others helped and others were in charge of the superb campaign, I was the main author.
This report clearly showed for the first time, with the government's own data, that they were lying about both the need and disabled people's support for reform to DLA. This report was on the whole met with great support by disabled people, bringing many people together on social media. It was used to try to influence voting on the welfare reform act and eventually provoked much media interest after surprise government defeats in the House of Lords.

After a long period of recovery I continued campaigning on the issues I cared most about, ie the enabling benefits like DLA, DSA and social care. While I would have liked to campaign about everything my health no longer permitted it and my involvement has got less and less each year as my illness worsens.
I tried to prevent a cap on community social care being implemented in Worcestershire, was very involved in fighting the creation and evolution of PIP, particularly the 20 metre rule, and recently helped combat plans to water down DSA.
Among all this I helped and supported fellow disabled people and called out politicians whenever I caught them lying in the press, for instance about disability benefits being exempt from benefit uprating and freeze.

Today though all this comes to an abrupt end. I discover I am not wanted. Why? I am a "Sparty", and a "traitor".
Why again? Sue Marsh, who was the most prominent "member" of Spartacus decided in January to go and work for Maximus, the company taking over the controversial WCA "fit for work"assessments from the infamous ATOS.
Apparently this makes me a traitor too and makes all my previous work invalid, no matter that I have not worked with Sue for a couple of years (not that it should matter anyway).

How did I discover this? Just before the election, fed up of the infighting between disabled groups and people, I wrote a post calling for for union. Some decided to do just that and create a "union" or similar organisation. I eagerly wanted to help, health permitting, along with others who had been involved with various reports for Spartacus in the past.
Sadly things rapidly descended into conspiracy theories, with "Sparties" trying to take over and get their "leader" (huh?!) in power. Long discussions were also had over which disabled people should NOT be allowed to join. So much for unity.

What was said was nasty.
I no longer feel welcome and don't think I ever will again.
I fail to understand how anyone can have an issue with the work I have done (other than fundamental differences of opinion).
I fail to understand how work which was hailed as good at the time becomes bad simply because someone I worked with 3 years ago has done something they disapprove of.
I fail to understand how that makes me guilty and unwelcome.

I have been attacked in the past before. Ironically it has been for not doing more about ESA and the WCA and on the other for not caring about inclusion, when in fact most of my campaigning surrounds "enabling" support.
People have always jumped to conclusions and made assumptions.
So maybe I shouldn't be surprised.
Disability activism has always been made harder by "fellow" disabled people than by the people we are supposed to be "fighting".

So now I am stopping. I don't have the physical strength to put up with this.
I feel like I did when I lost my career all over again.
I thought I had found something which helped replace that but it has been snatched away from me. I didn't think I would feel this bad again.
And the sad thing is that some people reading this are probably rejoicing.
How will we ever unite when this is the case? I wish all you disability campaigners luck but I don't hold out much hope.

-------- Cross posted fron Spoonydoc