Wednesday, 3 June 2015

I talk a lot about IT inclusion ....Its really important more so than ever...

If you are struggling with getting a smartphone for cost, as I was as the Galaxy died, and i was then using an HTC Hero. 

I needed a phone that did more than the Hero, it being VERY old.The Galaxy phone before it stopped working, the hero was a liming interim.  I do have I.T experience, but i'm on ESA and was short of a workable phone. 

So I decided to try something and sourced a chinese off net phone. 

Dont baulk... ITS ENABLEMENT. 

I can do this particular blog because im aware that many people miss out on the even basic of internet access AND cant gain contracts or super technical expensive smartfones. And many see WALLS they cant climb to see the other side.

The one I got was below 50 quid... 

called Swees 5.0'' 3g on a kitkat android version . 

Dont worry if youve never looked at smartfones. The user friendliness is phenomenal on most these days.

Now i ask a lot of stuff of anything I have because VFM is really ingrained. I can say this evening that I'd recommend it as a very workable phone for a lot of people . 

You can get the one I have now tested and know its limits and capabilities, on ebay . 

As i Say for most people this phone would be adequately functional, and is an absolute bargain.

Im NOT being paid to do ANYTHING. I hope you could MAYBE get smartfone confidence for yourself or someone you know? Why not gift an excluded person this phone? Or venture yourself to it? 

Where you can get the phone I spoke of CLICK HERE

You'll need a sim, but theres many PAY as you go providers.

For tech or enabled people reading this, Ive tried to help you promote inclusion here.

For those looking for options I hope this helps.

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  1. If anyone is after a sim card, I'd like to recommend GiffGaff. Also pimping my referral link here if you wish to use it. Ordering the sim card is free. You can order several and they do them in regular, micro and nano sims, whichever type you require for your device and it's also easy to change between types if you end upgrading your phone in the future.
    GiffGaff is the cheapest PAYG network that I'm aware of. 10p a minute and 6p a text. You can also buy goodybags. £5 will get you 300 texts, 100 minutes and 100mb data, Also, for every minute someone NOT on giffgaff calls you on that goodybag, you get a minute added. You also get free giffgaff to giffgaff calls if you know anyone else on the network, You get £5 credit for referring people who activate their sims. The only bummer is you have to top up £10 to activate but that gets you a lot more than other networks. So, I would recommend having a look in to it.
    Communication is important and for some people, the internet or phone is all they may have,