Friday, 28 August 2015

My view on Briefing MP of any rosette colour..

Born of "Im not gonna write to my MP, Not worth it......." FROM MANY PEOPLE...

Everybody could attempt via email to brief their MP, and try to garner support of their MP for resignation of That Minister, the stats , lies, and everything are stacked and available to construct your briefings. This by alerting what you know of That Minister may educate Your MP, as they may not Know what you do. See what I mean? Be factual, be insistent. see what you can do. The more that do this, the more aware the MPs will be. IMHO.

This, amongst other matters is important that you DO communicate .

"My MP is a Tory and..."

Let me say they like you to think that way. they foster that you cant talk to them. If enough people removed the "no point in writing" thought that actively pervades effectively giving unwritten remit to non written to MPs.... then , as I have seen Tory MPs on casework, and also quoting communications in the HoC... do not think its pointless.

You can also publically blog your communication to MP and if not responded to you can go to parliamentary standards committee for misconduct of representation. And some of you have press access.

"& receive nothing but plattudes & standard copy/pasted paragraphs? Please! Visit your MP & personally deliver your concerns, watch the blank face, the false smile & the automaton responses. Observe the absolute lack of concern face to face. Then tell me to keep emailing, writing & phoning these damned puppets."

In response to that sort of arguement I will always say:

 I know people where theyve got MPs like you describe, they write still, and also look for MPs who are championing the issue concerned with and write to them explaining the retiscence of their own MP.

In my belief you should combat the "it not worth it" because ONE communication in the right place at right time can make a huge impact.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

The One where my very new glasses broke ...

Heres a thing of what i can only call fucked up bullshit ..

I took my glasses monday to be repaired as the arm sheared off when putting them on. I got them in July these ones.
So I asked the fella look, theyre broken what can you do.
He asked me how it happened but Id already told him, so he asked do you take them off and put them on one handed again?, he already had been told that?
I told him all glasses i have had that is indeed the default way.

HE then said These ones weaken if taken off and on one handed.

In my own way i called his bullshit out. Yes it wasnt pleasant.

And i then smiled and said so you ARE going to repair them free of charge then?

Embarrassed he said yes.

Also that it would take a couple of days new frames, existing lenses swap. And that he'd ring me when done.

That being monday.

So Friday not having had said call i went in and asked where my glasses were...
The woman said oh Ive just done those.

I waved phone and said so when were you going to ring me then.

She said MONDAY.
So I said I'll have them now please, as the old ones arent suitable and an extra two/3 days wont be needed will it if they are ready done now...
And so i got them.

How much bullshit can you take? would you have been as calm at collection as me?
Who knows.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Briefing To My MP over "DWP LIES"

Hi Gerald. 

It might be youve seen this information, im not sure.

The DWP made fake claimant stories up supporting sanctions, and the photos were stock model images. 

How close to we have to be to dystopia for that to occur?

The story was broken by Welfare Weekly and hit some of the Main Stream papers. The Independent was a notable case in point as that was , and is at time of writing getting the most amount of hits on the story.

This is the original story from Welfare Weekly

This most despicable of Governmental Actions , in the past no doubt wouldve called for a Minister's resignation... in this instance Iain Duncan Smith .

Will you along with all you can muster, call for this Ministerial Resignation. 
That would be true opposition, and on behalf of the people. 

Many Thanks