Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Briefing To My MP over "DWP LIES"

Hi Gerald. 

It might be youve seen this information, im not sure.

The DWP made fake claimant stories up supporting sanctions, and the photos were stock model images. 

How close to we have to be to dystopia for that to occur?

The story was broken by Welfare Weekly and hit some of the Main Stream papers. The Independent was a notable case in point as that was , and is at time of writing getting the most amount of hits on the story.

This is the original story from Welfare Weekly

This most despicable of Governmental Actions , in the past no doubt wouldve called for a Minister's resignation... in this instance Iain Duncan Smith .

Will you along with all you can muster, call for this Ministerial Resignation. 
That would be true opposition, and on behalf of the people. 

Many Thanks


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