Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The blogger who blogs differently

My blog doesn't get many hits and I often neglect it.
I have many I respect on their blogness aboundingness. Many who share my views.

I'm  not one for duplication so shy from writing stuff up incase I've repeated one time too often what others may have said.

Which is why when my blog hasn't been me but has been me hijacked by various campaigns, you see one side but you will see a wildly swinging individual approach to a blog if you look beyond the passion for campaigns and concerns.

If by honesty here you see more than the gherkin then this particular entry is worthwhile.

Ok I wrote this entry as I felt a bit like a non blogger.

But this is a blog for whatever I want. 
Hope I haven't confused you.

Many Thanks.         Jules

Monday, 7 May 2012

Your stories on WCA Should you wish.

This blog entry is here for you to post your WCA stories.
Many people detest WCA many have had bad experience. Please share your good and bad in comments.

Many Thanks.         Jules

Friday, 4 May 2012

Choices choices choices.

So I heard of this thing called choices.
A strange and wondrous thing when applied to ongoing and appropriate best suitable place for medical care.

Someone I know and respect had to do multiple somersaults to book their own treatments via internet using codes and passwords and time and effort they didn't have too much of to do this herculean job.

They managed it after much stress and self questioning as to whether they'd done it correctly.

I didn't think this was fair as her choice was to ask the doctor to book it all for her. The doctor said that option was not available.

So much for choice.

I had a letter today also involving choice. Essentially it was can I phone them to confirm I'd chosen a treatment that I'd already agreed with my consultant. My cost of call to confirm something I already agreed to. And the call was supposed to be to arrange an appointment, but turns out it was only to confirm I want one.

I await another letter for an un booked date sometime in june which they told me I'd again have to phone to confirm.
If they'd just agreed the date on the call I made at their request.

Choices? I wonder.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Kitchen floor nemesis

The old floor was old and non slippy.

I had new kitchen a short while ago.

They put nice new vinyl tiles on floor.

And they are quite slippy. Enough to have hurt myself three times since installed.

This time I slipped hurting both legs meaning today I had to ask someone who lives nearby to take dog for a walk.

I didn't have enough money on me to give the bloke enough for a pint.

There were these feelings

How can I have slipped?

Guilt on not walking my own dog

And a very horrible feeling when the dog wasn't here whilst on the walk.

And embarrassment that I had to ask and couldn't even give the bloke enough for a pint .

A strange day indeed.

I'm not usually one to fall.