Friday, 4 May 2012

Choices choices choices.

So I heard of this thing called choices.
A strange and wondrous thing when applied to ongoing and appropriate best suitable place for medical care.

Someone I know and respect had to do multiple somersaults to book their own treatments via internet using codes and passwords and time and effort they didn't have too much of to do this herculean job.

They managed it after much stress and self questioning as to whether they'd done it correctly.

I didn't think this was fair as her choice was to ask the doctor to book it all for her. The doctor said that option was not available.

So much for choice.

I had a letter today also involving choice. Essentially it was can I phone them to confirm I'd chosen a treatment that I'd already agreed with my consultant. My cost of call to confirm something I already agreed to. And the call was supposed to be to arrange an appointment, but turns out it was only to confirm I want one.

I await another letter for an un booked date sometime in june which they told me I'd again have to phone to confirm.
If they'd just agreed the date on the call I made at their request.

Choices? I wonder.


  1. I fear this is probably only the start. "choice" will be reduced to 'will you pay (for phone calls, travel, pills, eqpt.,) or not?' If not, you will be 'deemed' to have exercised your choice to refuse treatment. Gives a nice, cheap outcome for 'New NHS', n'est-ce pas?

  2. The NHS is diabolical for phones, it's the main reason I keep a textphone, ideally I'd use email as I tend to spend hours not knowing which human or what dept I'm speaking to and find they don't know why I've called either. They don't like that I can't take incoming calls and they rarely provide me with email :(

    Really should prepare a template "you fail on access, fix it or I'll Equality Act you".

  3. I've had two offers of cancellations both at times when I wouldn't have had the fare to get to the hospital. And they've now fixed 6th june. Which is ok. Good job they didn't say that I had to take one of the cancellation slots.