Thursday, 28 April 2016

45p a min to DWP? The one where i say "SOD IT" and recommend Virgin PAYG

Im gonna recommend VIRGIN Mobile PAYG. Sod what you think of Branson et cronies.

This is cos you get starter tariff first, 
then you switch to Big Talk Tariff. 
Then top up 15quid. 
And 15 each month after if you want the benefits to continue.

Super useful. as you get 3000 texts, unlimited calls to landlines, any starting with 01, 02, 03. Useful docs/hospitals/dwp etc, see? Plus 120 minutes to UK mobiles. 

So all this 45p a minute to DWP malarkey can cease with this tariff as its free calls to landlines. 

Monday, 25 April 2016

Adventures in paying for Water

So my reply about something. The draconian collection methods of a utility company prompted this :
" I can pay the bill, not in full, the six month initial is possible
Being on ESA support Group you can understand hopefully that i have a serious illness, and extremely low disposable income.
I would propose that you write cancelling the demand for full amount, cancel any intent of legal action, & accept the offer on original bill.
Also the reminders sent? you will see that last years bill is fully paid , so soft reminders could be reinstated. "
Nasty companies. Nasty some of them .
Their reply?
"We can now only take a payment for the full balance, because we have past the due date for the first half which was due on 1 April 2016. You can still however make a payment and then arrange a payment plan for the remaining balance, this payment plan would start in May 2016.
I trust the information provided will be of assistance to you. "
That makes no sense whatsoever, as they state they can only accept full payment, but then say they can accept *a* payment of less?
I read it and actually said out loud "WTF" in full words, and the dog looked at me funny.
So I replied:
"So you state you can only accept full payment, and then state you can accept a lower payment? which is it? As this is inherently contradictory, and i'm confused. "

And then they stopped talking. with a standard "acknowledgement auto reply" 
So still unclear, as to what to do, and if they continue with this automatically theyll ADD at least £65 quid onto the bill? 

Draconia. Over Water.

It continued though with yes the six months as a conditional WAS acceptable, or even a lower amount, which begs the question as to why initial pursuit was for Years amount?

So i shed £90 in one hit, and theyll sort a fortnightly amount for the rest.
BUT THEY STARTED out wanting The full amount. amazing. Not.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

More On Sanctions - Jules Thoughts

I did a thought, about sanctions, much a continuation of existing thoughts that I, and others have.
So here it is.

I Saw a social media plea for Razors, from a foodbank. Nothing strange , you would think. They actually appended their plea with the fact theyd had a yound man attend their place, having had benefits sanctioned for being unshaven.
Here is their message :

So i started thinking, and these were my thoughts:
Where is this young mans advocate? I'd be ripping DWP to pieces over that sanction.
On basis that conditionality supposed to be within clients capabilities and reasonable, the argument would be "Non capability due to means" furthermore, an expose of financial status and that the expectation was unreasonable around clients means.

Likewise the sanctions around non attendances? If client does not have the cash to attend, and the expectation is unreasonably shanks pony?
The sanctions constructs are all based on unreasonableness IMHO, and theres "good reason" rules, that are barely applied.
Its approaching judiciary style, without a court or defence possibility, worse than fines in courts, arbitrary kangaroo court? not even that..
The sanctions leave destitution and penury as resultant, which also IMHO is against the Rights of Individuals under Human Rights act.
This may be the most ive thought on round this subject and actually shared. Ive actually clearly stated my thoughts on one aspect before though that being that to sanction a parent, causing hardship, obviously affects their offspring, and IMHO is tantamount to Child Abuse.
So you can take what i said , dismiss if you wish, or think harder on it, and advocate, help people whenever you can.

I must note here that ive been told this sanction was appealed and overturned, but the fact it happenned in the first place is inexcusable .

Saturday, 9 April 2016

The one where being a helpy and supporting is aspect

Mate was DX yesterday with lung cancer. 

doesnt know yet if treatable, theyre doing more scans, whole body, and head next week 

and specialist friday. 

dont know if small cell, the other, or spread. 

Meantime i got a fucking lurgy, and he wants me to go pub with him a bit later 

as not wanting to be on own. 

I told him this and bug thing , 

he said dont worry about that come... 

My thoughts went 

1) if im up to it 

2) ive got a bug he might catch 

3) im and was  thinking respect wishes and go anyway. 
or dont go cos bugs. and it was  doing my nut in. 

i will probably go. Im waiting a fucking appt re an abcess myself around the renal department. 

All a bit fucking jumbled myself, 

So After all that. yes, i'll probably go. 

Mates only 66 . 

known for 10 yrs

BUT WHAT DO WE TALK ABOUT? or do we just say Yup, yup, Y U P. nod and drink? 

(if only you could see the thoughts in my head, i try to write them above. I hope you see) 

Monday, 4 April 2016

Fatigue. The beast that hits people with many ills.

The word Asthenia is also used... where something else may sit. 

For what is it when it hits, whats behind it?
I can Identify at least contributors to why i get *whacked out* 7 or 8 at a push. 
Others dont get the DX's that tell them what is causing this loss of energy. 
Mine comes from bowel disease, two things to do with my blood , at least, one of my tablets, and a thing also thats #mh based, and some organ damage. Theres other suspects too. 
But core to that is a chronic infection. 
Where my system, and the main tablet both SLOW ME DOWN, is that the right description? 
Many contributions to it. Add the Seventh of Low appetite leading to low energy too, which is a spin off from three aspects described above. Very complex. But if you look Holistically, theres no way i can bounce around like some can. Now its not been Called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome from any practitioner ive seen, but Im tired almost constan, and exhausted at other times.Far more than someone without these conditions described. 
Some say CFS doesnt exist for these reasons. 
And that it describes the complex interaction of various ills and conditions. But yes the link to infection is a given, and is it the be all and end all that it is from infection? No i dont think it is. I believe CFS is a broad church term, when docs are either too lazy to find root of it or its unknown land for reason.
This doesnt touch at all on muscle wasting or genetic diseases,of a degenertive nature.. thats not in these thoughts, but they too get the CFS label in a lot on instances.

Friday, 1 April 2016

By Me: What would you do?

What would you do
if you lost a glove or a shoe
what would you do
Would you seek
Would your eyes leak
a tear
And think of the year
And why the tear
Would it be for they or
HEY for the reaction you got at home.
And then move on
And on
And if it was not a shoe, or a glove, in an older year
And it was something to you quite dear
Would you have the fear
Or more radically despair
Would you be fixed
And have the bricks
to rebuild
Or would the shoe or glove
Yes that episode
Be the shadow on the current fix
Shadow of fear
And another tear
The learned response.

Some Economics Surrounding Govt inaction on Steel Industry

Dig deeper. The reason Tory govt veto'd higher premium on Chinese Steel... is the key word PROTECTIONISM. and monetarists Hate Protectionism. Higher duty on Chinese steel wouldve part way protected british steel industry. America for instance have over a 100%+ (over 100%) tarriff on it. Ours is 6%. Anyway moving on...
For protectionism is seen by them as state interference, and commonly referred to as state intervention. Not part of their core beliefs. Not in UK Monetarism, anyway. .... protectionism is seen as a tool of stagnation... it isnt, its a tool of anti decay ( a preventative tool) from market interactions.
See where that heads? "The Market rules" . It shouldnt always.
Yet tory voters dont all see this TORY view, yet still vote tory? "why arent we protecting British Stuff" ad infinituum.. but see the key concept here with the steel thing is Protectionism is seen BAD by monetarist core theory of UK Conservative Party> Q.E.D "We'll help those affected" rather than ..*we will protect this industry from unfair competition by taxation route and take a long term view of the benefit of this industry" See? (Tax is Fiscal, not Monetary)
Now you see the difficulty. Tory immutability on Monetarism. To swing them they must be under serious OMG threats to gain minor concessions to their driven belief in the Markets.
This is my view on this. Hope it helps.