Saturday, 9 April 2016

The one where being a helpy and supporting is aspect

Mate was DX yesterday with lung cancer. 

doesnt know yet if treatable, theyre doing more scans, whole body, and head next week 

and specialist friday. 

dont know if small cell, the other, or spread. 

Meantime i got a fucking lurgy, and he wants me to go pub with him a bit later 

as not wanting to be on own. 

I told him this and bug thing , 

he said dont worry about that come... 

My thoughts went 

1) if im up to it 

2) ive got a bug he might catch 

3) im and was  thinking respect wishes and go anyway. 
or dont go cos bugs. and it was  doing my nut in. 

i will probably go. Im waiting a fucking appt re an abcess myself around the renal department. 

All a bit fucking jumbled myself, 

So After all that. yes, i'll probably go. 

Mates only 66 . 

known for 10 yrs

BUT WHAT DO WE TALK ABOUT? or do we just say Yup, yup, Y U P. nod and drink? 

(if only you could see the thoughts in my head, i try to write them above. I hope you see) 

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  1. If it was me just got a dx like that, I'd ask someone I trusted to come for several pints and a chat. Ask him straight about how he feels. No point in beating around the bush.
    I'd want to talk.