Tuesday, 26 January 2016

The one where i talk a bit about Slow Computers

Just had a question on ANOTHER slow machine... So the first check you do is Browser cache. If too full, really slows you down.Cache does speed you up when its got what you want in it, but overful is a nightmare., but if machine slows down, clear browser cache first.

Another issue , is if you are lazy and your machine cant speed up, it may be the way you are working on that machine. It sounds silly but too many tabs open Can slow you down. The reason is a lot of the times each tab may be demanding info from different servers. So instances of three social media platforms could be slowing you down. By instances i mean open at the same time.

Another point is the graphics load. To improve slow machines, clean the desktop, which is good practice anyway, then the machine isnt loading that graphic in the background. Plus your screen backgroun. A plain colour, that assists too.

You see speed isnt necessarily unachievable , its how you Work the machine.

I move on to MACHINE cache, And to cookie loads on browsers you use.. This mysterious area for some is avoided. But every so often it can come down to the fact you havent looked at that for months or ever. The machine if cleaned of that will require a re-bedding in to work fast, but from a clean base, you build in what you need.. That is you work/ allow stuff as you need etc so that it does achieve optimal. This means when you do this signing in across all stuff again, which is a pain. But is part of a speed fix.

If its a mac. Dont use any third party software to do this. Theres enough mac tech to look up on web where you do the job yourself. Its mainly drag and drop stuff in hidden bits, but look it up.

One other thing, I may have missed loads out here, but a clean Operating system install if machine clean seems impossible to you, remembering that Where required BACK the files you want to keep up. Thats good practice anyway.

But keep smiling cos adding and Adblock plus to the browsers you use, will also speed you up.

Then of course theres always the browser. Opera for instance has a turbo feature that works via compressing data before you get it, sort of , anyway, and works through their server which is trustworthy. This can speed things up. Remember though that that use of turbo on OPERA might not be liked by things like netflix and others, so turn turbo off if on opera and you fix THAT issue.

Now although this isnt comprehensive, or too instructional, theres lts affect the speed. So think. Also ask people. Often they are happy to help .

Saturday, 23 January 2016

A peek into many minds

Been reading up (lots) on helping others and failing at self. That can be written many ways. Essentially a misunderstood word called co-dependence sits in to the analysis of that. I shant really go deeper in this post on that, but ive looked up where its born, what causes it, i still can only find , and hardly comprehensive, How To Fix it. Some fix it from a realisation, and that can be via others gently telling in many ways what they see. The problem is , codependents often get used, And its often rooted in how they were or had been treated in formation of self and worth. But im not a psych writer. I could write experience and where im at on it, but no ones asked, i dont need approval, and im not being paid to.
The last sentence above is VERY clever in my opinion. It describes something. Will you see it though?

Thursday, 21 January 2016

A portion of my ills is this bit

A small explanation of whats up with one part of my guts.
Currently instructed on 3 fybogel a day. in a week 2 another week one (Symptomatic Diverticular Disease)
Also more to fybogel than people think , it firms too, not just assists passage. Also helps clear pockets to avoid infection/tears and resultant possibility of sepsis. The pockets form in what should be smooth. I wont do a diagram.
One of the SDD things is persistant diarhoea in my case. 
Also bloating. quite a bit of bloating. And cramping on lower left abdomen.. the cramping isnt nice at all.
Diverticulitis is whenever this inflames. And it does quite a bit with me. Not pleasant. Its mainly bad in the sigmoid area.
Sigmoid being the large bit in the lower bit. Not small bit.
It can lead to serious complications that require surgery, which ive avoided apart from couple of polyps. and once time heat sealing cauterisation of a bleed.
And for years they simply called it IBS. ive heard many with more complication having generic IBS diagnosis too. 
Any way thats ONE bit of my ills, and only part of what stops me working.

Someone messaged me (Hence This edit bit) to clarify is this dangerous? Yes. In my case. I have a weak immune system because of another ill not described above.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Sue Jones: The State Interfering Unqualified With Peoples Health?

Throughout my life, whenever I have been ill, I have sought the expert appraisal and advice from my doctor. 
I have never once considered seeking medical advice from an MP or the government. 
But increasingly the state has intruded into matters concerning my health, with a one size fits all prescription: work. 
Having worked most of my life, including during a time when I was very ill, I can say from experience that as much as I loved my job, and needed the income, work had a very detrimental impact on my already bad health, contributing to a further deterioration. . 
The one time the state decided to appraise my medical conditions, they got it badly wrong. 
I was passed as fit for work despite my doctor and consultants objections, and later, a tribunal. I was sent for a second assessment three months after winning the tribunal.
Iain Duncan Smith didn't expect his wife to work when she had cancer, in fact he took time off work himself to be with her.
 I've yet to see a legitimate doctor prescribe work as a cure all for illness, yet that is precisely what the state is doing. 
That's the state meddling in people's health care, micromanaging people's experience of their illness. What could possibly go right?

Trust thing, am i right ?

If you wanna print this it works very well at A1  A2 A3 A4. probably any size .

Now as a trusting person, pay what you like, via my paypal. you see that on that donate button on this blog .

Dont steal, you will probably not feel guilty, but i will be impacted.

If you print this id appreciate a fiver at least .

This is a trust exercise.

Monday, 18 January 2016

The one where It Matters Again..

So morning thingy dog walk 1.0 and another thing, done and im back.

First i did was throw some junk mail away. isnt junk mail annoying?
Then coffee and tablets. The Blue tablet. three white ones a yellow one and a brown one. oof and a tiny blue one. Thats main stuff done. Now only 2 codydras in 4 hours which i will be needing. Knee in the cold is painful. now more coffee, three small emails, 1 is a helpy 2 personal. lighter load now that i decided if im out of pocket on a help, unless i willing gift say a jar of coffee, or the like, or im going there anyway, ...the bus fare, postage, phonecalls, even stuff like cost of meeting where I have to BUY stuff to be there - Drinks/sandwich whatever.. i want that cost back as i wouldnt have spent it otherwise. .
Those costs can rapidly add up if busy, which i WAS, quite a bit,  and cause personal issues. Low income isnt fun to juggle at all.

IF i am to do more, it will be because im able to? not saying i WONT spend out voluntarily, The obligation, i think was the issue, self driven obligation.

Some understand, others are not so understanding, especially if im helping someone who has more money than me, they assume, wrongly, im able to do that outlay.
Enough of that.

Im also post injury 2014, june, finally in a mindframe to clear old paperworks, and un needed stuffs, which will take time, Its tiring to do, but it went a bit south from injury time to recent... PTSD? (it was an assault. That seriously hit my self esteem. Added to the lies depression tells me, and result was random chaotic flat. This cant continue. Its a thing that i really never allowed before.

The stopping of cost helpys , however small each individual cost was enabled me to think and award myself a gift for myself, the computer im typing this on, albeit on credit, calculated carefully and manageable. Not via Loan shark, brighthouse or those real rip off lines of stupid credit either, a very sensible way.

Some readers wouldve visited me previously prior to that injury, and seen a tidy ordered place. I want that back.

Its not like those disastrous hoarder programmes you see, no where like that. No where close. But annoying enough .

Its nice to have the feeling back again that It Matters Again.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Off The Cuff if poor ...

Off the cuff in safe world
 is laughed at agreed with
Off the cuff is lauded in arts presentations

Off the cuff ISNT lauded
When a claimant swears at attitude in a JCP
A PIP assessment

UNLESS careful
If you are poor.

They tell you poor isnt worth it. So you cant be off the cuff. SO why not BE OFF THE CUFF?

Huge question

Here or there.

John said once:  im here
Bill said: no youre there
I said i was elsewhere
John said: but where
And i said: here and there
Bill said dont be a clever basatrd
I said only if i can add mustard

John smiled.
Bill was reviled

Thought I but why?
Even if you open one eye
You can see
why people disagree

Level or Bevel ?

People expect a certain level
All in one boat nice and level

a bevel
A bevel is a bevel not a level
I think a bevel is where we're at
putting on my thinky hat.

Things can slide off a bevel.
But never from a level

unless pushed. but shhh.

Saturday, 9 January 2016

YES You can afford a MAC , but you may need help...

A mate of mine really smiling in difficult circumstances because she got a Mac she thought she could never have, i sourced and facilitated a very affordable working mac thats supported. AND have advised on how it can be upgraded to really out fly some of the laptops you buy new. They are very happy. So Helpy job there done. Im thinking on more of that, not got full workability of any model yet, but if its possible, it may be done again and again. The concept is there, its just even the macs i can source are probably more than windows machines. And used. But if people want entry to using a mac... Im wondering who DOES want that, and whether its worth spending time on. This isnt market research, and is probably a rhetorical post. But Macs are WIRED differently than PC, and it liberates some people that are fed up with windows, tainted by experience of puters, never used a mac, and want a difference. I dont know if that makes ANY sense at all. But if its worth it? i might be able to sort out how that can happen.
So let me know if you want to explore that. I am happy to say recently TWO working macbook pro's were obtained for £500 quid. not to be sniffed at , i can do this. If people want me to.

Friday, 8 January 2016

Aggregation of ability or disintegration

You live
You try
things die
Send in scooby doo

No cooker,
but a halogen counter top,
which will do
A dying microwave,
ooh a bit wooh
A dead fridge
Oh Nooooo
A Sandwich toasty machine,
a toaster.
And an electric wok.
This is what things breaking when you
are on ESA does to you, tick tock.
Tick tock tick tock and then what have you got?
Fill the gap... or snap.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Thoughts on Intensity, perhaps

So I uncovered in part what well informed intrusiveness can come from Hyper, Born of Depression. isnt that strange.

Also its BRAIN, where sponge like and knows stuff and bursts to share.

Sometimes theres a handle or button i can use that says DONT DO THAT. There are other times though where i cant.

Very much similar to what people do anyway, but a bit, a fraction, more intense.

And I think thats NO explanation at all, but i did it anyway. See?

So even this BLOG piece.... could be "intrusive"