Tuesday, 26 January 2016

The one where i talk a bit about Slow Computers

Just had a question on ANOTHER slow machine... So the first check you do is Browser cache. If too full, really slows you down.Cache does speed you up when its got what you want in it, but overful is a nightmare., but if machine slows down, clear browser cache first.

Another issue , is if you are lazy and your machine cant speed up, it may be the way you are working on that machine. It sounds silly but too many tabs open Can slow you down. The reason is a lot of the times each tab may be demanding info from different servers. So instances of three social media platforms could be slowing you down. By instances i mean open at the same time.

Another point is the graphics load. To improve slow machines, clean the desktop, which is good practice anyway, then the machine isnt loading that graphic in the background. Plus your screen backgroun. A plain colour, that assists too.

You see speed isnt necessarily unachievable , its how you Work the machine.

I move on to MACHINE cache, And to cookie loads on browsers you use.. This mysterious area for some is avoided. But every so often it can come down to the fact you havent looked at that for months or ever. The machine if cleaned of that will require a re-bedding in to work fast, but from a clean base, you build in what you need.. That is you work/ allow stuff as you need etc so that it does achieve optimal. This means when you do this signing in across all stuff again, which is a pain. But is part of a speed fix.

If its a mac. Dont use any third party software to do this. Theres enough mac tech to look up on web where you do the job yourself. Its mainly drag and drop stuff in hidden bits, but look it up.

One other thing, I may have missed loads out here, but a clean Operating system install if machine clean seems impossible to you, remembering that Where required BACK the files you want to keep up. Thats good practice anyway.

But keep smiling cos adding and Adblock plus to the browsers you use, will also speed you up.

Then of course theres always the browser. Opera for instance has a turbo feature that works via compressing data before you get it, sort of , anyway, and works through their server which is trustworthy. This can speed things up. Remember though that that use of turbo on OPERA might not be liked by things like netflix and others, so turn turbo off if on opera and you fix THAT issue.

Now although this isnt comprehensive, or too instructional, theres lts affect the speed. So think. Also ask people. Often they are happy to help .

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  1. If windows get ccleaner and let it do its thing with files and registry defragment all drives/partitions monthly. Always do windows updates. Update drivers but not through windows updates.