Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Sue Jones: The State Interfering Unqualified With Peoples Health?

Throughout my life, whenever I have been ill, I have sought the expert appraisal and advice from my doctor. 
I have never once considered seeking medical advice from an MP or the government. 
But increasingly the state has intruded into matters concerning my health, with a one size fits all prescription: work. 
Having worked most of my life, including during a time when I was very ill, I can say from experience that as much as I loved my job, and needed the income, work had a very detrimental impact on my already bad health, contributing to a further deterioration. . 
The one time the state decided to appraise my medical conditions, they got it badly wrong. 
I was passed as fit for work despite my doctor and consultants objections, and later, a tribunal. I was sent for a second assessment three months after winning the tribunal.
Iain Duncan Smith didn't expect his wife to work when she had cancer, in fact he took time off work himself to be with her.
 I've yet to see a legitimate doctor prescribe work as a cure all for illness, yet that is precisely what the state is doing. 
That's the state meddling in people's health care, micromanaging people's experience of their illness. What could possibly go right?

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