Friday, 28 February 2014

Rights of Speech? Opposable thoughts

Rights of Speech?

Im just thinking, on the prevalence of UKIP in the media. And social commentary twitter/ facebook and other forums all seems highly to be fixated on them when they have no MPs.
And i'm wondering if thats because ignoring them might be dangerous. On the other hand it helps their campaigning positively or negatively by bringing them to wider audience WITHOUT them having to spend funds they may or may not have.

I abhor the party above discussed.

But thinking on two levels , which is disconserting.

!) are you "feeding the trolls their required number of goats"
2) are you "enabling a voice so that it can be discounted, discussed, or accepted as it stands".

Probably theres a mix of both.

But I do feel theres rather too little focus on the failings of current encumbents , or even the official opposition in SOME QUARTERS, anyway.

Monday, 24 February 2014

I blog about stuff lightly even with what i know.....

I do.
I blog lightly. You might think i dont. Sometimes people ask me "whats that all about" but hey ..

I read LOTS of stuff and know quite a lot myself, which , i maybe should share more of, but I personally dont.

Why ? cos others do that and are far more read and credible, and regular with their thoughts than I am.

But due to a conversation, i thought I might share this blog with you ....

From an ex banker, brilliant thinker, and all round reasonable person.

Thank you Frankie .

A Massive Outbreak of Callousness...

And you mayve thought callous was what you get on finger from pen? Nope.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

The One where i Read the Telegraph and say OMG.

And so this being a sort of blog of musings, sometimes, I thought my musings would make a blog. 

So In the Telegraph , the darling minister, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, is summarised, in a paper that generally takes the Govt stand on most things. 

The link I read was this one
 Economic-recovery-is-not-yet-secure-says-George-Osborne (Telegraph) 

And so the musing started: 

So Osborne says Reliant on Consumer spending too much. I stopped laughing.

Because when high MPTC (marginal propensity to consume) demographic has money things FLOW. That my friends is Consumer spending. Osborne is not supporting high MPTC demographic.

For instance high MPTC is usually poorest sector. We know what he thinks of poor and vunerable. CUT THEIR MONEY. (examples in Welfare Reform, Work Programmes etc ) so is he truly mad?

The simplest way to explain MPTC is , and I'll explain. Give me a grand? Id probably spend most of it. Give a Highly Paid CEO a grand, hardly any of it spent.

Consumption drives production, in theory at least, which drives jobs, wages, and a thing called Circular Flow - which is ALL GOOD.

Consumer spending either domestically or in international trade (goods bought by other countries for THEIR consumers) is a key driver. So How can there be doubt that saying reliance on it is wrong - is actually wrong?

So in summary *How* can you EVER be "too reliant" on a key economic driver?

I hope you enjoyed my little foray into thought there.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

If we were french it would have possibly been called a "happening"

A mate of mine goes hospital monday, he was a bit anxious yesterday, and wanted company, so i went to see him.

AND Last night with anxious mate re his hospital on monday, we may have consumed eight beers and a bottle of isla negra sauvignon *may have*

WE also may have chatted lots of bollocks

Good bollocks though, not the bollocks thats like sandpaper or turd.
But that would bore lots of people... hes a good mate.
We also spoke of need and not solving. Knowing sources of help but not asking. It was quite a deep chat.
Where neither of us draw on our friendship enough and sit as islands, all that sort of bollocks.

All in all was amenable , with a few disputed mooted points. I like convos like that.
We touched on some japanese philosophy too.
And we still are mates... which is phenomenal control and understanding.

If we were french it would have possibly been called a "happening"

Sunday, 9 February 2014

When #earworm s get you and you research and discover more

I had the Vincent Price monologue from Thriller in my head earlier,

so being a bit <whatever the word is> i was then told of a bint he did in an Alice Cooper song , all credit to Jane.

On further action, i found an episode of something FULL of horror and hilariously appealling to my funny bone, or whatever piece of you it takes to coerce a smile or laugh from. I was indirectly told that was neuroscience as well,

So without further ado, this really "jollied me" is that a phrase, who knows, in this complex world of moods.

And therefore i wend my way from this blog , and think of "stuff" , as you do. But remember fondly my escape through releasing my mind from Vincent Price Earworms.

You are more than welcome. I thank you.

*swoops off with cape flaring and teeth all ashow*