Saturday, 16 December 2017

Poem: The Tablet Takers

All Hail the tablet takers
The hard, the soft , the sugar coated
The swallow is the thing
but wait
theres also pessaries
Now think and compose
And say who knows
Better than those
do you?
For if
and then
there is a clue..
Do you
think rather them than you?
For thats not understanding
thats demanding
The well do not
Have a clue
(Jules 2017)

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Broken Pip Assessment Process Example By Paula Peters

PIP - Personal Independence Payments.
On Tuesday, 12th December 2017, Winvisible, DPAC and MHRN are holding a vigil outside the Royal Courts of Justice from 1 pm to support the PIP court case for claimants in mental distress.
I want to share a little bit about my friend L story with PIP, she went through the transition from DLA to PIP in September last year. She never said anything to me at the time, but once her award was sorted out, she told me that she worried all year about how she would afford to heat her home and if she would be able to keep her cat Mog, who, have to say, is her lifeline and a lot of the time company for her. Cuddling Mog is what helps her ground herself.
Just at the beginning of her transition process I was staying at her flat when I had a dreadful headache, and asked if she had paracetamol. She told me top drawer in the kitchen.
I went there and found 26 boxes of paracetamol. I was shocked by it, but, also worried and knew why she would have done that. I got them out of the drawer and talked to her about it. She said she wanted them there with the option of taking her own life or harming herself if she did not get through the PIP Process as she could not face the prospect of all the stress of it. I love my friend dearly, but knew I could not help her with this as was going through a really tough time myself and under the home treatment team myself at the time.
I did get help for her, and we went to A and E, and she was under the home treatment for the weekend to keep her safe. She handed over the 26 boxes of paracetamol and had a phone chat with her psychiatrist on the Monday, who once told what was the factor for this incident, said, she is in a fragile state, and chronically pyschotic, that if anything happened to her, he would hold the DWP and Atos personally responsible and complaints would be lodged with the highest level. He wrote her a letter to state that, and we got her care plans, photos of the hoarding situations, a letter from the GP, which had to be re written, one from me, and a lot of help and support from Gail, Maggie and myself filling in the form, getting it photocopied, and sent off recorded signed for.
L has paranoid schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, and is clozapine for this and needs constant monitoring as clozapine can cause heart failure. she attends clozapine clinic once a month under the cmht. She will never be discharged from them and is crisis most of the time and barely able to function. She cannot travel anywhere without support, simple journeys terrify her. She does not feel safe outside gets messages in car number plates and has audio and visual hallucinations. She cant plan a journey anywhere and needs constant support to do so.
We got a doctor letter to say she could not travel to the assessment and needed a home visit and needed an afternoon appointment because of the heavy sedation of her meds mornings L could not function and was often asleep. We asked for her access needs to be met under the equalities act of 2010. We stipulated that quite clearly.
Atos sent an appointment to go to Vauxhall for 9 am in the morning. ATOS ignored that. So we phoned them up and pointed out the equalities act of 2010 and that due to her mental distress and heavy sedation of her meds that this appointment was not appropriate. That she never had appointments in the morning and we could prove that with her GP if required to do so.
The receptionist we spoke to said she had never heard of the equalities act of 2010 and did not know what it was, or what disability discrimination was!
I said, you will do when i go to the MP and the media with the story and get them involved and how you discriminated against her and did not take her access needs into account when planning an appointment, even when requested to do so and quite happy to get a barrister involved for additional publicity.
There was heavy silence at the end of the phone to this, which said to us, we knew we had ATOS and they knew we were not joking. They said they would send another appointment through.
Within a few days, they said no assessment was required as L had plenty of medical evidence to support her claim and would do a paper assessment. She sent enough paperwork that was two inches thick.
When in December last year she did get her award, I read her medical report. Carried out by a physio therapist. There was no record of her attending clozapine clinic as part of managing her condition. It simply did not exist. L got one point for using a dosset box to put her meds in. I could not believe it. Nor was there any mention of the intent to harm herself with 26 boxes of meds, the trip to A and E or home treatment within the past several weeks. I was angry.
March this year and the government bought in £4.5bn cuts to PIP and mental health claimants going through the assessments did not qualify for points if you did not have 16 hours of therapy a week to manage your condition. Who on earth gets 16 hours of therapy treatment. It does not happen, and with severe mental health cuts and discharging back to primary care many do not have a CMHT to go along to to get medical evidence for claims.
Then claimants do not get points for mobility for needing support for planning a journey or having problems travelling due to psychological distress.
That will impact on L when she is next assessed when her award is due to come to an end.
I told her about the court case on Tuesday and asked if she was going to come with me. She said she felt distressed at the mere thought of it, and did not want to go as it was too close to home and it would cause additional distress.
So to R the claimant bringing the case, L is with you in spirit as are many thousands upon thousands of others.
Solidarity to you. x

Monday, 27 November 2017

That one where i talk about a wedding, and fawning , and feudalism

With the "News" be careful not to Fawn . I wont be fawning . Nope. Its a verb >
(already i see "doffing of cap stylee fawning" . )
It can also be described as Deference To Feudal Monarchical structures in my opinion. And everytime i see it , its really like "wake up! What are *ARE* you actually doing?"
If you don't know that the Monarchy is a rooted in what i can only describe as fallacy, the current motto is still "Dieu et mon droit" (God and my right) look deeper. Look up Divine Right Of Kings. The political structure still defers to allow continuation of families that had no "right" in the first place. Albeit remove the Legal stuff where overruling parliament Is now only Theoretical, the continuation of positioning nods to feudalism , and then that overshadows what parliament does to protect the Establishment.
No I shall not be fawning , I wish them no harm. I do wish though the removal of this archaic structure. And yet i have no solution. Maybe state ownership of Every Single asset (I MEAN EVERYTHING) . and employ them as Tour Guides? Not that far fetched a thought .

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Perils of Pain and Ptsd

Just some notes really. Nothing Supremely Enlightening.

Adds 1.2km to diary . one dog walk. Also records during and after pain or throb or feeling .

Thats so i CAN tell hospital exacts. Not easy but have had to "Walk through" even since "it "happened and went post crutches. HAD to.
helps having dog . Had 5 months after Biggs without which was a bit yuk, to tell ya the truth. Also Biggs and Kaz both quite assistant, (RIP The Biggles) in the actually going out with the soc.anx/ ptsd post "that assault". If with dog, - hard to explain, its a different feeling "Out there" without .

Had soc.anx before it. But it got a bit magnified. I do get "windows" of "this is sort of okay", without dog, but then a BOOM... really hard to explain that one. That bit? DWP ignored, as they did with foot etc, as they did with all the stuff i mentioned/ listed.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Paramount Wishes

A thing of thought here:
I see a lot of on-line Missing Person pleas. I only really share the ones by the police, and theres reasons. The person may not wish to be found. Example.
I shall call her Hanna, it isnt her name though. Her B/f died, so she left the area she was in without a word to anyone, because she needed time , in her own way, to deal with it. Many calls to find her were put out, by people she didnt want to speak to. `So it , i think , CAN be wrong , to assume someone MUST BE FOUND, whoever asks.
Ive simplified, and sanitised this example. "Hanna" was safe, she was being in the company of people she trusted, quite a way away from home, with people she'd met through the b/f's extended contacts, which He'd nurtured and included her with.
I think the most sensible thing is do respond to Police "Shouts" . Even parents shouts (i say this very carefully , too) could *Could* be problematic sometimes. A very difficult area to address.
Of course with ANY thought, theres other thoughts people have, and this is my thought on that. This is a touch upon "Paramount Wishes" as a concept

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Dog Training... and the interruptions

I just did a "Respect my authoritaaay" thing on the dog walk ...
They said Awww hello baby at the dog, moving towards us and then said can i say hello..and continued to move towards as im trying to keep her walking , as the say hello to Everyone cant continue, IMHO... so i said No Shes tryin te walk.. I was keeping moving.. and they said some profanity or other calling me for the no.. so i said Shes trying to walk, respect my decision. Surely thats a given isnt it? whats with some people, eh?
Shes 18 weeks old, and needs to not be interrupted constantly whilst walking else the walks wont be walks.
I know shes cute, i appreciate people saying so. But theres a thing , ive just described bugs the shit out of me. I'll let her say hello , WHEN APPROPRIATE of course i do. But the Assumption from people ... thats the thing.
I dont think im wrong on this .
Its not a RAGE... more of an annoyed frown, and an astonishment people think they can "just do" .. especially when its interfering with the dog's training , repetition breeds bad habits and i dont want the say hello to everyone thing automatically to remain, develop and become a painful behavioural trait. Is that fair?

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Dogs Live in The Now? But with expectations, and set patterns of the past. ...

Had interesting thoughts on the dogs living in the now theory and that inside that there are the "repetitive now" and "expectations of now" set as patterns that then become norms.

So thats essentially a three way, the living in now can be utilised with changed patterns and expectations. which is why you can fix dogs at any age, mostly, and the teach old dogs new tricks is mythical.

Its why ive previously "fixed" dogs, sort of a replaced norms? Bad / errant for good. And Missing ones placed. Missing norms? oh yes. There can be. The controlled walk, determined is one example.

So a bad behaviour? You cant just ....See the thing there? You cant just REMOVE a thing, it has to be replaced with ANOTHER thing , whatever that thing is. THEN it works best.

Like oh "Dont do that" ... leads to Then what do i do then?
Which essentially is layered into a thing i call jobs. Complicated? No.
"drop it, leave it" may break this rule, although it can be a job IN ITSELF to drop it/ leave it and be told "Good" , or to Move away on instruction of drop/leave... that too, A Job.
Difficult? sometimes. Possible? most times. However , theres a thing here to state...
THE MAIN JOB , with all its sub jobs is to LISTEN/do.

The pay-off for these jobs? The Wage? - That brings its rewards of affection in the right proportions. After the jobs are done.

Its OUR job too, to give the dog Jobs. As the live in the now thing means any void will be filled with invention, which is often the unwanted behaviours, like excessive barking, destructiveness, extreme attention seeking , even resentment/ and bites.

A laying down and behaving for a couple of hours IS a job .  For example.

See? or is it clear as mud?

"Dont lay at my feet" replacement Job could be .... "lay over there" as long as its a Pattern, that then becomes expectation, which becomes a norm of the now. See?

The key is singing the same song over and over. They love that.


Saturday, 29 July 2017

The one where I talk about getting puppy or dog and stuff...

Puppies are hard work. Don’t get pup if you don’t want that work.
ALL dogs are a responsibility, Last 3 i had were rescued, not pups..have had pups before. Thats why when this pup i have now came up it WASN'T an AWWW puppy, cosmetic decision, it was a deliberate consideration of the work they entail. And so i decided yes, puppy this time.

All decisions are more than just AWWW thatd be nice, cute, want one. When people make that "Awwww" the basis of getting dog/pup, thats why so many puppies are in rescue places or euthanised before 2 years old. Theres too many. 

There should never be the just "want one" decision. IMHO too many dont consider Whats Involved. 

I love dogs. I dont understand that process of get one and dispose of it when its difficult. FIX the difficult. OR DONT GET ONE. 

So yes, IF you are aware of the work involved and the responsibility- rescue/ adopt. I have before. 

THIS time, this pup isnt rescue because a friend had 6 pups and asked if i wanted one. They were of same opinion, that Good Home required, and they definitely as far as i can tell made sure each pup was carefully considered by the person asking after one.

So to surmise , its not Get a pup, get rid when difficult. Its not HAVE pups either just for the money..yts not just get a puppy for "The Cute" its consider all aspects to avoid the atrocious numbers that end up in shelters. 

NOTWITHSTANDING there are sometimes unavoidable circs that mean the dog may need rehoming. That i understand. But the aspect of abandonment is the thrust of this.

I wrote this from seeing a plea from a shelter showing Cute Dog pic, (meaning well) and also from reading a piece that was suggestion Older People should get dogs "on prescription" to help them exercise... which whilst stating exercise/activity was a by product of having a dog, was a uniformly Ludicrous as a proposition.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

I try and share , when i can , helps and advice ive done

I try and share helps and advice ive done, when i can.
Its not always appropriate to do so Some are intensely personal to the person Im helping. So you can understand why i can't share quite a lot of helps and advice i think.

Heres one i can share , after its helped me, and several ive referred

This card has helped me . Be responsible with it. It can assist you repair bad credit history . Dont use it as a Big Loan Source. Use it wisely . Remember it can damage you if you dont be responsible. Use it, as a pay a bill, and then pay it back immediately, or shopping on line , as credit card protection will exist from that on purchases, on line AND in shops. Make sure you pay it back asap. It can greatly assist you, if used correctly.
Heres application, if you want. 

Be very responsible, and it can assist you greatly. If you arent you will not benefit from it.  

Talking to some re twitter alternatives

This is my opinion.

Several ask me ... arrrrrgh twitter isnt right for me but i still want twitter, so ... as its a recurrent question..

For phones on browser, rather than the twitter app, or web twitter. load that in phone browser. 

Can use that on computers too . 
Nice interface. Not as mucky as the twitter. I say not as mucky as the twitter? some have said the twitter is a becoming less easy to use as interface? This one is quite easy. 

Also theres the plume app on android and tweetbot app on ios . If you dont wanna use the phone browser, all get rid of, sort of, the twitter foibles.
You can but try.

General user Interfaces ... (GUIs) . are sometimes problematic for people, so these options i state are my opinion of stuff to try instead of twitter, for twitter. 

Generally i use tweetdeck and tweetbot, dabr certainly was a go to for me many times in the past and will be in the future too. 

Monday, 17 July 2017

Pasta In A Rice Cooker? Great for spoonies. tip here.

pasta doubles in volume when cooked so dont put too much in. 1 cup dry will make 2 cups cooked .

Add water to cover the pasta plus about a centimetre above the pasta (you can do al dente pasta by just covering the pasta, its a trial and error to how you like it) ((cos its PASTA))

You can add a small bit of salt if you want. I dont .

And because it foams when cooking you should add couple of teaspoons of oil of your choice. That'll stop the foaming .

Lid on. Set cooking .

Couple of stirs while cooking keeps it separated .

Also try not let it go to warm setting else itll brown on the bottom.

No big pots of water. Cheaper to cook , seriously AND doesnt make the kitchen like a sauna (great in summer, well anytime really) . And theres no draining needed either. Very handy .

Monday, 19 June 2017

Tragedy, by Adam Lotun

Like many other people, I watched with horror and dismay at the events of last Wednesday and since then I have been chocked every time I think of people leaping for their lives and parents throwing their children to safety in the hope that they may survive.
The stories of videos made by people saying goodbye to their families was soul destroying.
Out of this horror and destruction, a think of beauty bloomed into life.
People of every creed, colour & faith appeared, some carrying bottles of water, other carrying clothes, whatever was needed has been provided.
People have travelled the length of the Country, moved into action by this tragedy.
There was no hate, no blame, just HOPE.
The Public moved mountains and have raised money.
The Government has shown how poor it's leadership and understanding of the will and mood of the people, by doing far too little too late.
Yesterday May promised money and grants, but the amounts mentioned were surpassed by the crowdfunding and actions of everyone else.
I grew up in the 70's, and I was at Earls Court when the IRA attacked there, I was at Hyde Park when the IRA attacked there to.
Behind my home in Kingston was the Conservative Party Office and where Norman Lamont had his office, and many a night we were roused from our beds and evacuated due to bomb scares.
When my family moved into Kingston, we were told that we were the first non-white family to move into Kingston.
I have faced racism and bigotry and fought every step of the way to get where I am now and along the way I looked, and watched and learned what was right and moral.
Whenever I have heard negative comments about how London and the UK have become a Multi-Cultural Juggernaut, with claims of ghettos and communities being insular and skinheads and gay bashing and P*ki bashing and negative thoughts towards inter-racial couples.
My family are Muslim, but I have no faith, I just never understood religion I suppose, it just never happened for me, but I respect everyone's choices that they make in their lives.
Regardless of what I have seen in my 54 years, I have never been more impressed and moved by the Society that I am a member of.
I am not able to hike it over to Grenfell Tower to help out in any way, as I would probably be in the way more in my wheelchair, than be of any practical use.
My heart wants to do more, but I can only do a very little in this response to this humanitarian crisis that we have seen unfold over the past few days.
I remember a song from when I was growing up, I know a lot of people will know it immediately they hear the opening bars of the tune. Anyone who has learnt to play a guitar has probably learnt those cords and I feel that it is the most apt piece for this situation.
It goes by the title, Streets Of London, and I am moved by the line(s) - "Let me take you by the hand and lead you through...."
I keep reciting in m,y head, "let me take you by the hand and lead you through MY streets of London, and I'll show you something that will make you change your mind"
This tune was also in my mind when I heard about the Bombing in Manchester, and I thought"...MY streets of Manchester...."
The attacks and acts of violence on London Bridge and Borough Market area, again made me think of "....MY streets of London"
This one song and one evocative line is apt for any Community.
These are MY streets, YOUR streets, OUR streets, Nationwide and this has been shown by the random acts of kindness that we say spring into action on Thursday Morning.
Just as there were random acts of kindness and heroism at all of these recent attacks and disasters to befall our Communities recently, as they have done in the past.
I have seen so many things that have saddened me in my 54 years, as well as seen far more things that have swelled my heart with pride and made me feel privileged to be a member of OUR SOCIETY....
I just wanted to share these thoughts, and who knows, maybe Simon Cowell will use that song for his Charity Single, maybe people can sing this song when our gatherings and calls for explanation to help us understand what has befallen us all and we are trying to make sense of things, as they did yesterday afternoon at the Council Offices near Grenfell Tower.
I fear that an innocuous spark could lead to major unrest as we are confused and scared and grieving for what has befallen us all recently.
As I mentioned earlier, I am not able to be there, but I would proudly lead anyone to there, "....TO MY STREETS OF LONDON....", ".....TO YOUR STREETS OF MANCHESTER....", "....TO OUR STREETS OF BOROUGH....."
This is MY Country, as it is YOUR Country, as it is collectively OUR Country....we must protect what is YOURS, MINE & OURS.
We have all bee privileged to see the start of something new awakening within OUR SOCIETY.
Something awoke during the General Elections, there is a HAPPENING around US, the air is CHARGED around US, let US EMBRACE what is to come, not with fear or loathing, but with HOPE.
Remember, this is MINE, YOURS & OURS and we must make the best of what is to come.
If you've read through this monologue, thank you, if you agree with my sentiments and want to share it, please feel free to do so, if you take offence or umbrage, then I offer my apologies and that was not my intention.
HOPE belongs to ME and YOU and US ALL.....

Adam asked for the share of this, so i have . Jules. 

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Ludicrous PIP Appeals

Okay i help people. Others do too, on lesser or more levels.
A friend of mine Rich has asked me to relay a PIP appeal situation and its ludicrousness.

So i asked Rich what he would like posted ...

His words are here , edits in brackets or indicated

These (comments and post)  to me remind me of the way the nazis behaved against "undesirables" and it sickens me and really upsets me.

Ok simply in august he was called into a dwp assessment. The woman who did it lied about a few things. Firstly she said he was (capable of) carrying boxes, he bloody well wasnt . Then she said he went out daily. Also not true as if I want to see him I either go there or we pick him up. (meaning not able to go outside)
As the (initial) judgement was based on lies he appealed. First appeal they turned him down but then decided to adjourn so he could be given the chance to provide medical evidence and social worker and mental health reports (something the DWP omit, often in the process)

(and then)

Then there was today which was a chat about his issues and how it's like to live and (how to achieve) a good out come. His medical evidence was about 2 inches thick and the judge and doctor were having none of the dwp (swear word deleted but it was quite severe)

And my thoughts, (Says Rich) this procedure is inhumane and adds un needed stress to those least capable of coping with the anxiety and stress of such grilling and disbelief to their disablement.

Me: I think this is yet another example of undue stress, taxpayer cost, and putting people under positions as if they are criminals to fight to JUSTIFY what they've already said in truth. Its as if honesty doesn't exist in the eyes of authorities for disabled vulnerable people. And this is something that has disgusted me for years.


Thursday, 6 April 2017

Playing your music library hint .

Reminder, little help hints i give ever so often .
If you play your tunes from itunes, you get better *much better* quality output playing whats on your itunes through VLC , clarity, tone, and levels.
Same goes with Windows. Windows media players are worse than you can imagine when compared to VLC
VLC is available for mac AND windows.
Keep adding your music to the library you use. Play through VLC

Now onto music on the iPhone... if you hate the constant do you wanna subscribe to apple music and find playing from phone library cumbersome, theres a player, called Ecoute. i use that and find it ok.