Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Ludicrous PIP Appeals

Okay i help people. Others do too, on lesser or more levels.
A friend of mine Rich has asked me to relay a PIP appeal situation and its ludicrousness.

So i asked Rich what he would like posted ...

His words are here , edits in brackets or indicated

These (comments and post)  to me remind me of the way the nazis behaved against "undesirables" and it sickens me and really upsets me.

Ok simply in august he was called into a dwp assessment. The woman who did it lied about a few things. Firstly she said he was (capable of) carrying boxes, he bloody well wasnt . Then she said he went out daily. Also not true as if I want to see him I either go there or we pick him up. (meaning not able to go outside)
As the (initial) judgement was based on lies he appealed. First appeal they turned him down but then decided to adjourn so he could be given the chance to provide medical evidence and social worker and mental health reports (something the DWP omit, often in the process)

(and then)

Then there was today which was a chat about his issues and how it's like to live and (how to achieve) a good out come. His medical evidence was about 2 inches thick and the judge and doctor were having none of the dwp (swear word deleted but it was quite severe)

And my thoughts, (Says Rich) this procedure is inhumane and adds un needed stress to those least capable of coping with the anxiety and stress of such grilling and disbelief to their disablement.

Me: I think this is yet another example of undue stress, taxpayer cost, and putting people under positions as if they are criminals to fight to JUSTIFY what they've already said in truth. Its as if honesty doesn't exist in the eyes of authorities for disabled vulnerable people. And this is something that has disgusted me for years.


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