Monday, 19 June 2017

Tragedy, by Adam Lotun

Like many other people, I watched with horror and dismay at the events of last Wednesday and since then I have been chocked every time I think of people leaping for their lives and parents throwing their children to safety in the hope that they may survive.
The stories of videos made by people saying goodbye to their families was soul destroying.
Out of this horror and destruction, a think of beauty bloomed into life.
People of every creed, colour & faith appeared, some carrying bottles of water, other carrying clothes, whatever was needed has been provided.
People have travelled the length of the Country, moved into action by this tragedy.
There was no hate, no blame, just HOPE.
The Public moved mountains and have raised money.
The Government has shown how poor it's leadership and understanding of the will and mood of the people, by doing far too little too late.
Yesterday May promised money and grants, but the amounts mentioned were surpassed by the crowdfunding and actions of everyone else.
I grew up in the 70's, and I was at Earls Court when the IRA attacked there, I was at Hyde Park when the IRA attacked there to.
Behind my home in Kingston was the Conservative Party Office and where Norman Lamont had his office, and many a night we were roused from our beds and evacuated due to bomb scares.
When my family moved into Kingston, we were told that we were the first non-white family to move into Kingston.
I have faced racism and bigotry and fought every step of the way to get where I am now and along the way I looked, and watched and learned what was right and moral.
Whenever I have heard negative comments about how London and the UK have become a Multi-Cultural Juggernaut, with claims of ghettos and communities being insular and skinheads and gay bashing and P*ki bashing and negative thoughts towards inter-racial couples.
My family are Muslim, but I have no faith, I just never understood religion I suppose, it just never happened for me, but I respect everyone's choices that they make in their lives.
Regardless of what I have seen in my 54 years, I have never been more impressed and moved by the Society that I am a member of.
I am not able to hike it over to Grenfell Tower to help out in any way, as I would probably be in the way more in my wheelchair, than be of any practical use.
My heart wants to do more, but I can only do a very little in this response to this humanitarian crisis that we have seen unfold over the past few days.
I remember a song from when I was growing up, I know a lot of people will know it immediately they hear the opening bars of the tune. Anyone who has learnt to play a guitar has probably learnt those cords and I feel that it is the most apt piece for this situation.
It goes by the title, Streets Of London, and I am moved by the line(s) - "Let me take you by the hand and lead you through...."
I keep reciting in m,y head, "let me take you by the hand and lead you through MY streets of London, and I'll show you something that will make you change your mind"
This tune was also in my mind when I heard about the Bombing in Manchester, and I thought"...MY streets of Manchester...."
The attacks and acts of violence on London Bridge and Borough Market area, again made me think of "....MY streets of London"
This one song and one evocative line is apt for any Community.
These are MY streets, YOUR streets, OUR streets, Nationwide and this has been shown by the random acts of kindness that we say spring into action on Thursday Morning.
Just as there were random acts of kindness and heroism at all of these recent attacks and disasters to befall our Communities recently, as they have done in the past.
I have seen so many things that have saddened me in my 54 years, as well as seen far more things that have swelled my heart with pride and made me feel privileged to be a member of OUR SOCIETY....
I just wanted to share these thoughts, and who knows, maybe Simon Cowell will use that song for his Charity Single, maybe people can sing this song when our gatherings and calls for explanation to help us understand what has befallen us all and we are trying to make sense of things, as they did yesterday afternoon at the Council Offices near Grenfell Tower.
I fear that an innocuous spark could lead to major unrest as we are confused and scared and grieving for what has befallen us all recently.
As I mentioned earlier, I am not able to be there, but I would proudly lead anyone to there, "....TO MY STREETS OF LONDON....", ".....TO YOUR STREETS OF MANCHESTER....", "....TO OUR STREETS OF BOROUGH....."
This is MY Country, as it is YOUR Country, as it is collectively OUR Country....we must protect what is YOURS, MINE & OURS.
We have all bee privileged to see the start of something new awakening within OUR SOCIETY.
Something awoke during the General Elections, there is a HAPPENING around US, the air is CHARGED around US, let US EMBRACE what is to come, not with fear or loathing, but with HOPE.
Remember, this is MINE, YOURS & OURS and we must make the best of what is to come.
If you've read through this monologue, thank you, if you agree with my sentiments and want to share it, please feel free to do so, if you take offence or umbrage, then I offer my apologies and that was not my intention.
HOPE belongs to ME and YOU and US ALL.....

Adam asked for the share of this, so i have . Jules. 

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