Monday, 17 July 2017

Pasta In A Rice Cooker? Great for spoonies. tip here.

pasta doubles in volume when cooked so dont put too much in. 1 cup dry will make 2 cups cooked .

Add water to cover the pasta plus about a centimetre above the pasta (you can do al dente pasta by just covering the pasta, its a trial and error to how you like it) ((cos its PASTA))

You can add a small bit of salt if you want. I dont .

And because it foams when cooking you should add couple of teaspoons of oil of your choice. That'll stop the foaming .

Lid on. Set cooking .

Couple of stirs while cooking keeps it separated .

Also try not let it go to warm setting else itll brown on the bottom.

No big pots of water. Cheaper to cook , seriously AND doesnt make the kitchen like a sauna (great in summer, well anytime really) . And theres no draining needed either. Very handy .

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