Saturday, 29 July 2017

The one where I talk about getting puppy or dog and stuff...

Puppies are hard work. Don’t get pup if you don’t want that work.
ALL dogs are a responsibility, Last 3 i had were rescued, not pups..have had pups before. Thats why when this pup i have now came up it WASN'T an AWWW puppy, cosmetic decision, it was a deliberate consideration of the work they entail. And so i decided yes, puppy this time.

All decisions are more than just AWWW thatd be nice, cute, want one. When people make that "Awwww" the basis of getting dog/pup, thats why so many puppies are in rescue places or euthanised before 2 years old. Theres too many. 

There should never be the just "want one" decision. IMHO too many dont consider Whats Involved. 

I love dogs. I dont understand that process of get one and dispose of it when its difficult. FIX the difficult. OR DONT GET ONE. 

So yes, IF you are aware of the work involved and the responsibility- rescue/ adopt. I have before. 

THIS time, this pup isnt rescue because a friend had 6 pups and asked if i wanted one. They were of same opinion, that Good Home required, and they definitely as far as i can tell made sure each pup was carefully considered by the person asking after one.

So to surmise , its not Get a pup, get rid when difficult. Its not HAVE pups either just for the money..yts not just get a puppy for "The Cute" its consider all aspects to avoid the atrocious numbers that end up in shelters. 

NOTWITHSTANDING there are sometimes unavoidable circs that mean the dog may need rehoming. That i understand. But the aspect of abandonment is the thrust of this.

I wrote this from seeing a plea from a shelter showing Cute Dog pic, (meaning well) and also from reading a piece that was suggestion Older People should get dogs "on prescription" to help them exercise... which whilst stating exercise/activity was a by product of having a dog, was a uniformly Ludicrous as a proposition.

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