Thursday, 20 July 2017

I try and share , when i can , helps and advice ive done

I try and share helps and advice ive done, when i can.
Its not always appropriate to do so Some are intensely personal to the person Im helping. So you can understand why i can't share quite a lot of helps and advice i think.

Heres one i can share , after its helped me, and several ive referred

This card has helped me . Be responsible with it. It can assist you repair bad credit history . Dont use it as a Big Loan Source. Use it wisely . Remember it can damage you if you dont be responsible. Use it, as a pay a bill, and then pay it back immediately, or shopping on line , as credit card protection will exist from that on purchases, on line AND in shops. Make sure you pay it back asap. It can greatly assist you, if used correctly.
Heres application, if you want. 

Be very responsible, and it can assist you greatly. If you arent you will not benefit from it.  

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