Thursday, 20 July 2017

Talking to some re twitter alternatives

This is my opinion.

Several ask me ... arrrrrgh twitter isnt right for me but i still want twitter, so ... as its a recurrent question..

For phones on browser, rather than the twitter app, or web twitter. load that in phone browser. 

Can use that on computers too . 
Nice interface. Not as mucky as the twitter. I say not as mucky as the twitter? some have said the twitter is a becoming less easy to use as interface? This one is quite easy. 

Also theres the plume app on android and tweetbot app on ios . If you dont wanna use the phone browser, all get rid of, sort of, the twitter foibles.
You can but try.

General user Interfaces ... (GUIs) . are sometimes problematic for people, so these options i state are my opinion of stuff to try instead of twitter, for twitter. 

Generally i use tweetdeck and tweetbot, dabr certainly was a go to for me many times in the past and will be in the future too. 

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