Thursday, 10 March 2011

The First Chairbourne Division.....

is a group set up for people who are unable to attend the march on 26th March, either because of
ill health, 
lack of funds, 
event location being too far away, 
family/work commitments 
or other reasons.

The group is to provide a way for people to show their support for the TUC march. 

The group has been set up to demonstrate a virtual attendance, by making a pledge to bombard the media (TV/
newspapers) with letters/emails of support for the march and/or personal stories about how the cuts (all cuts) are
going to affect us and others around us.

If you think this is agood idea and would like to join in, you can either compose your own letters/emails or if you
prefer you can use a draft letter, which will be posted here before the 26th March, to edit and use for your own

We are in process of composing a list of email addresses to various people in the media, which will also be posted

We would like people, where possible, to send their emails while the march is taking place. If this isn’t possible,
just send when you can. The more emails, the bigger impact.

We do hope you will support this idea to give voice to our feelings about the cuts being imposed on us.

For people who do not use Facebook, we will blog with relevant updates here.



THE Media Contacts to email, and General Info 

OR /


  • Newsnight
  • Channel 4 News
  • ITV Tonight
  • BBC
  • Politics Show

 Andrew Marr..copy and paste letter to the form on his web site:-

  •  Sky  &
  • Able Radio (Disability Radio)


  • Guardian - individual journalists - 
  • Daily Mail -
  • Daily Mail Online -
  • Kevin Maguire at the Mirror no email but he's on Twitter
  • Kevin Maguire @Kevin_Maguire

  • The Telegraph –
  • The Sunday Telegraph -  
  • Daniel Knowles is an Assistant Comment Editor at  
  • He writes about politics and economics and is @dlknowles on Twitter. 
  • Telegraph
  • The Independent -
  • & Johann on Twitter johannhari101
  • Independent Online -
  • Daily Star (spit!!)
  • Daily Star Online -
  • The Sun -
  • The Scottish Sun (didn’t know there was one!)


  1. As Blog Editor: I Share this conversation as to Why This is important. To me.
    The Conversation was slightly longer but this is here for reference:

    Jules Clarke My tablets keep me alive. They cost a lot. I am NOT ever going to be a BUDGET DECISION I SINCERELY HOPE. If I ever get there Heads will roll (not mine)

    Jane I am sure you won't have anything to fear Jules even this lot could not get away with that.

    Jules Clarke There is frontline cost me. I have payment exemption. There's hospital and doctor based budgets too. I sincerely hope they use heads to keep it as is.

    Jules Clarke Now there's travel to and fro. Another cost. But then cut my benefit and ask contribution to treatment. No way could i do it.

    Jane That is why we have joined the Armchair Army Jules we have to win


    Today(26th March) thousands of people will be marching peacefully through the streets of London and gathering at Hyde Park to protest the level of cuts (£81 Billion) of the present (mis-)government. Although the Coaition has a combined electoral mandate for it's existence it has none for the level of the cuts it IS making as its LibDem members at the election themselves argued publicly for slower and shallower cuts.
    These cuts are in fact not because of recent government spending excesses but a crisis of capitalism, its bail-out and decreased tax receipts from slowed economic activity. The 'Big Society' idea that was paraded to voters is now a 'visionary' smokescreen for the dismantling of state provision and freeing such provision to market forces. This is ironically as risky a venture as the City's gambling with money in its gambling with the Real Society of those weakest, disabled, ill and disadvantaged who are the easy target for cuts. It will impact detrimentally on these creating hardship and a dependence on a private sector that is unlikely to able to take up the slack immediately and also has the potential to lead to the growth of a private service sector bubble that is likely to burst as well in the future if it doesn't stall.

    Signed The Armchair Army

    Needs more on the Alternatives to Govt programme [new taxation (eg Land Value Taxation, cannabis taxation), policy, local means of raising revenue, tax avoidance and loopholes, more investment in HMRC]

    In Progress (Edit as wiki)


    When you see the images of thousands of ordinary people who earn ordinary wages or claim ordinary benefits marching through London, you should ask why?
    Why have we not seen marches like this, and the student protests last year, in almost all the years Labour was in power:
    was it because the ordinary people loved Tony Blair? (We accept your probable answer - NO);
    was it because Labour got everything right? (Again, we accept your probable answer - NO);
    Why are we seeing them now?
    is it because people hate Nick Clegg and David Cameron - quite possibly!
    is it because people disagree with what Clegg, Cameron and the Coalition government is doing? ABSOLUTELY.

    Labour got much wrong in 13 years. The Conservative led government have got almost NOTHING right in just nine months.
    The people have joined this march because they think it is wrong to make disabled people, children in Surestart centres,pensioners and the poor pay pay proportionally MORE to clear the deficit than the rich personified by the majority of the Cabinet.
    Many ordinary people think the banks should have their profits sequestered and used to help pay off the deficit.
    Many wonder about new forms of taxation and a proper use of Corporation tax which MUST be paid regardless of offshore offices;
    Many wonder whether England should have it's own Parliament with tax raising powers and whether local authorities should have more tax raising powers.

    So, today, we march. We know it will not stop this government in its self-serving aims. But when, at the next general election, the Lib-Dems are consigned to political history; when the Conservatives are condemned to a further 13 years (or more) in opposition; when the PEOPLE have had their say, you may look back on March 26, 2011 and wonder whether you should have listened to the people.

    From those who couldn't get to the March.

    You Should all sign your Names too.

  3. Many people have viewed this. PLEASE. Bookmark this, take part on the 26th in the Virtual awareness assault on the media.

  4. My own version of a letter to the media:-
    Dear sir/madam I write in support of the marches being held this 27th march 2011 in the hope I may persuade you to be honest in your reporting of this event.
    Many social and political commentators will pronounce this as being a Union march against the government.
    It is in fact far more than just a union march indeed the unions may be helping with the organisation but the majority of marchers are just ordinary people incensed by the arrogance of this condemnation coalition of liars tax cheats and fraudsters.
    The CUTS CUTS CUTS are nothing to do with deficit reduction but are about privatising every aspect of government social and educational care.
    The NHS is to be sold via re-distribution of over 80 billion pounds of tax payers money towards the private sector.
    Likewise the Education bill will see many tax funds transferred without question to unaccountable private institutions while the university fiasco will lead to many students unable to obtain a mortgage in the future because of the amount of debt incurred trying to improve themselves.
    Every aspect of this condemnation coalition is against the normal ordinary citizen who voted for these Brussels friendly con artists.
    My own personal fear is the handing over of the British sovereignty to unelected morons in Brussels by the arrogance of the man/boy Dave who insists that he knows better than the 90% of the population who wish have a referendum to leave the EU.
    This march is not in my opinion just about the CUTS CUTS CUTS happening now but the future of our once great nation.

  5. FOR THOSE THAT WANT A SHORTER MORE CONDENSED EMAIL LIST: Here you go: Its not MUCH different. But some are saying this will be more concentrated approach.


    1 BBC

    2 Have your say

    3 ITV Tonight mailto:

    4 Channel 4 News

    5 Five

    6 Sky &

    7 Newsnight

    8 Politics Show

    9 Andrew Marr show (Leave comment)

    10 form for This week with Andrew Neal


    11 The Sunday mirror (Sell your story)

    12 The Sunday Times Editor in Chiefonline.

    13 The Sunday Mail

    14 The Independent

    15 The Guardian

    16 The Morning Star

    17 The Evening Standard

    18 The New Statesman

    19 The Telegraph

    20 The Mirror

    21 The Times

    22 The Sun

    23 The Daily Mail

  6. I have emailed media sources, including local news sources, and my MP. Was watching the BBC coverage of the March, but it is so heavily biased towards the authorities I turned it off.

  7. Thankyou Felidista! You are amongst thousands!

  8. The public are largely unaware of what public sector service staff know, and that is, that that the NHS is being guillotined by this Conservative Government and will cease to exist in its current form. Access to health services in the future will be reduced and restricted. Private enterprise will rule and greed for profitable sections of healthcare whilst other sections will wither and patients will suffer unless they have the means to pay for their care. NHS staff know that their jobs will go. It has already started. When a staff member leaves they are no longer replaced and the remaining staff have no choice but to take on the workload of that individual. NHS staff no longer believe they will have a job or if they do it will be at a lower grade and much lower rate of pay. The pensions to which they pay into will be worth less and for which they will have to wait longer. What happens when they have no job but cannot claim their pension until 65, 66 or 68 yrs of age? Are their skills to thrown onto the dung heap and be forced to try to claim from the state? Is this economical? Is this productive? No it is not. It is folly. This country will lament the day it lost its health service to the worst Government this country has ever known.