Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Is There a difference? First Class or Second?

My Invisible Disability, sometimes makes me feel displaced, uncomfortable, contagious - that bit is called disphoria. My Illness is inside me. in my bloodstream, hurting my body. I have already been damaged inside by this thing that will not go. It hurts sometimes, it makes me tired, angry, depressed. Anyway SOMETIMES I may look "Odd" in public - " Uncomfortable" , or something like that anyway. It also really does do my head in sometimes too. I have secondary and tertiary problems. They come and go as they wish. All related to the primary.

I give you this:

Don't stare or worse turn away from a person with a disability, we are all human beings who deserve love and respect. Your ignorance, Is your problem. ~A.S

(That I think also means ignore or exclude)

If you would like to repost I would be most grateful it's so wrong that disabled people are treated like second class citizens!!

But Any re-post - please credit 

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