Thursday, 27 June 2013

Water- paying for water. Grrr

So Ages ago, was told " no space to fit a water meter " "cant fit one"

Thunk on this for months and months and months.

Calls 'em back.

They say records show we cant fit one, so I say others like mine have them fitted.

They go oh, okay.

So they come, 'av a look and explain HOW they can fit one, by moving a stop cock, hanging it on wall etc etc.  etc etc.

So contradiction identified. Previously NOT POSSIBLE. This time OOOH we can and this is how.

"Would it be okay to turn shared water off for twenty minutes"

"yeah, sure"

*Operative has a look* up and down path all round and about like, and comes back and says

"cant find shared branch cut off - it SHOULD be either *there* *there* or sometimes there. but it isnt"


" cant fit one mate, if cant turn water off"

So I have to get on to the RSL and ask them see if they know where the fuck it is, so I can then let the utilities know where the fuck it is, so i can save money. meantime still cant.

Yeah youd think it would be easy huh? Not this one.

The single persons "rate" is still higher than a meter would be, without a doubt. The building is stopping me save. Or is it utilities incompetance? Or something else? Who knows.
Still ongoing.

Also I hate PAYING for water. Just so you know.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Musings This windy Sunday.

Was thinking where nearest cycle shop thing is. Theres not one anywhere near. and yet we're 3.7 miles from town hall here about an hour or so's walk from it. Youd think someone would have a cycle shop eh?

Theres an empty shop on chapman street if anyone was thinking of a cycle shop? just a thought.

This is about Cycles. Cos I have one , needs some repairs.

And would be less tiring for me if i could use it.

Plus buses cost money, cycle doesnt.

Not used it for a couple of years. I think it would be good if i could, you know, cos i cry off going places cos of the walking or the bus fares.

Not easy on sick money is it. Its very restricting. As is the illness too.

If you reading this and thinking "Just get on with it" errrr. stop, grow up, and understand that illness bites lifestyles in the nuts.

The cycle thing could make a difference. It probably wont get repaired. Other things must come first. Theres never enough to do stuff with. You have to choose between basic expectations, and leave voids. We have the worst benefits in europe. And for those that think otherwise I pity them and their lack of understanding just how tough it is.
No Cycling doesnt mean fit. think its less strain than walking, and quicker to get to a loo if needed.

Think its probably less fatigue casually riding to a place than walking.

The bike needs tyres inner tubes and brake pads sort of a refub thing i think.

The Prob i do have is Where is The Shop. And How much it'll cost to repair it up.

Ah well. Musings are musings.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

A Day, Not a normal day, but a day

A synopsis of Saturday, some bits missing but hell, thats what a synopsis is right? 

Happy sort of result -  helped someones mum to speak via a computer earlier, and I put all the stuff on it. 

Don't congratulate me. 

I don't want That. 

Cos I could is why. No other cunt could offer a free route, I could and was happy to do it. 

She smiled cos she sounds like an American airline steward. Hahaha. But never underestimate anyone. I beg you. Ever. 

It's not hard to help people when they aren't taking the piss. 
That my rule. 

Obey the gut. Haha  have to obey mine more than most anyway! 

I did tweet earlier about it and the stuff you need free to enable that solution. I think I sent it to an Occupational Therapist. For their reference. Yes I did. 

Been up since 8 am with less than 4 hrs sleep. Insomnia is a bastard.
 But I'm not, 
unless justified so. 
Right now I feel like lead. 

That metal. That one that's heavy.

 Still no sleep signal. 

It's probably down to a few of you that are reading this that I did that today. I'm not scared. On that helpy stuff. Once I know it. 

Of course theres things that are way too scary, that I won't do. In fact can't do. But hey, we all have some of that? 

Confidence and belief comes from what we know. I forgot that for a few years. And still do, cos illness and depression combined are bastards I've probably bored you all with this. Sorry if thats the case. After all this was through my head earlier, I played a playlist I'd done and shared two hours worth all of it on twitter 

To share this ive written this on twitter and here at up to 2am.
If its any use to you I'm glad I have, If not, i dont really care. 

The reason its shared is because its been a difficult day for me, and i still did something. 

This is rare, not daily. But it matters. 

I've omitted my health issues , apart from a hint at some of the head stuff.

many Thanks for reading. 

Friday, 14 June 2013

Wanna speed up your lappy?

Theres a few people asked me about this and so I share it, its no secret! 
Sometimes older windows gets a bit clumsy, or the upgrades are slowing you down a lot, and you feel the lappy is getting a bit useless. 

Solution is go OFF windows to a faster, stable and secure operating system called Ubuntu. 

The ubuntu install is pretty easy 

Burn the iso to disc (the iso is the file that downloads) 

then Put the Ubuntu CD into the CD/DVD-drive.
Restart your computer. You should see a welcome screen prompting you to choose your language and giving you the option to install Ubuntu or try it from the CD.
If the PC/ lappy thats DIED , can still boot but is virtually crapollad cos the windows is too much for it or borked, then you choose replace all, so the windows is gone. Ubuntu 12.04 lts is the one I recommend. 

Ive done this to a few peoples lappys and it makes a huge difference. 
And Its free. 

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Release the Kraken : Another DWP fail

I got a Phone call when i was out:

The Guy was having a panic attack at jobcentre after he'd seen his advisor and the changes they made hit him and he said tell his mum go get him.

He called me not her, which is strange, i didnt ask why- you dont, do you.

Theyd changed his work search rules to having to look for work full time, when agreed earlier he could look for p/t ... nowt too strange, but he should be on ESA for his mental health issues, and freaks on any public transport. 

So them Seeing the panic attack wonders if they'll change his rules........ Ive told him I'll help with an esa50 if he wants.

This is madness.


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Is it the Death of build for Social Rent Housing by Housing Associations?

That is an important question.

The disappearance of grant funding for social rent homes, and indeed virtual disappearance of and grant funding for builds of any nature (or at least released/ deliverable grants) raises whether the death of building social rent modelled homes has arrived?

The model that is workable just, is Market rent homes, a new model for a lot of social landlords , involving new tenancy agreements, different letting criteria , and different allocations methods (the last two ARENT the same item)

The Market Rent model CAN fill a hole in available homes , if builds occur.

Filling a need for homes.... but wait ...

But does this mean that the financial ability of building social rent homes has virtually vanished if indeed not vanished entirely?

No , not necessarily.

Within development possibilities that shouldnt be ignored , are risky, but buy to sell at profit.

That is where the niche for building more social rent modelled homes will arise.

Build/ sell at profit, then reinvest in build of social rent modelled homes.

This will bridge some of the funding restrictions, especially if the Association has development allowance/ funds in the first place, which most if not all do. The investment model for build to sell is vastly different than social modelled builds, and this could be a very valid funding generator.

This will allow initial non grant assisted funds to multiply, and then put back more into the pot for the social modelled builds.

I wonder if people will see this as a very valid route to compensate , in part for this dirth/ vanishing of grant assisted funding?

We shall see eh?

Saturday, 8 June 2013

WCA call for evidence via Dr Wood .

By Dr Greg Wood, an ex Atos doctor and whistleblower

Maybe readers can help me?

I would like to build up a list/database of people who have done all of these things:
  • Received Employment and Support Allowance or Incapacity Benefit
  • Been called for a face-to-face Atos assessment since 2010
  • Been put in the Support Group after the face-to-face Atos assessment OR been put in the Support Group after reconsideration by the DWP OR been put in the Support Group by a Tribunal
  • Climbed Mount Kilimanjaro*
I would like to know:
  • Your first name and email address
  • Whether the above procedure was a good, bad or neutral experience for you.
The results might well be useful in further action involving regulatory bodies.
Please reply to with the title 'Call For Cases 1'


*just kidding.


Shared here , can you help the Doctor? 


Friday, 7 June 2013

Sick Spam

You know I do stuff for people right?

Today, I had a PAYPAL imitation spam. Using assimilated images to appear as if it was Pay Pal .

It said , not word for word, cos its reported and deleted and i cant cut and paste anything....

"We need you to confirm password details as theres a payment from

Callums List 

Waiting to pay you money."

Why this is sick?

Callums List Closed their site due to extreme bullying and overwhelming onslaught from deniers of austerity and draconia, and if you dont know, Callums list highlighted deaths attributed to welfare support removal attributable to a french company or this government, or where either the coronor indicated poss cause, or suicide notes showed, or circumstantial implication of cause of death from relatives or trusted sources indicated case.

I wont hide my opposition to this government's treatment of the poor, vunerable, sick and disabled in any way.

Im blogging this because if you have a fear, theres no need for it.

Paypal and others have said its a disgusting use of positioning from the spammer(s)

This happens.
So be aware, not scared, and more resolute.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Justified Irritability. (Includes swearing)

What is it with people? 

Just out with dog and he Shat. 

Dogs do that. 

Woman walked right by, I had a pick up bag IN MY HAND and dogs not quite finished...

she looks me straight in face, and talks to woman next to her "I bet he dont pick that up cunt" 
(Please notice her action and her swearing in my face) 

So I says " "Hold on lady, he aint fucking finished yet, oh and whats this fucking bag in my hand for"

 Really was no need for her to do that was there. 

And yes Politeness went out the window in my reply. 

She was grey haired looked about early sixties. And no, i wasnt wrong to swear at old lady that did *that*

After my *reply* there was *no* apology as she walked rather arrogantly away.

No "sorry, i didnt see the pick up bag in your hand". no nothing.

Really annoyed me that did. Seriously.

NAZI SALUTES at War Memorials - Disgusting.


When there is something written like this I had to read, and had to share this. Thanks Rebecca. 

An affront to memory. Shame on you.

My Uncle George: He was an ex-POW relative I spoke of on Twitter tonight while decrying the actions of the EDL, thinking of how that would seem to him were he still alive. It's a subject I've been reluctant to bring up amid recent events because it's incredibly emotional. He had a massive effect on my life, my thinking, he was such an influence, and I still spend a lot of time fighting for recognition of what he went through.

He was part of the Navy, an Enfield regiment. He was my great, great uncle on my mother's side. He was captured by the Japanese in '42.

He was reluctant to share his experiences, they stuck with him until the end of his life, and knowing what they were to him I won't share them. I will say that upon his rescue from the camp, he witnessed the devastation of the bombs. That is something that he has never spoken of, to my understanding, beyond the fact he saw it.

The camp he was in didn't find out until months after the end of the war that it was over. A plane flew over the camp and, upon discovering it, dropped an issue of 'Reader's digest' which told the prisoners the news. They came back later to drop supplies (during the supply drop the plane crashed nearby). The captives within the camp overpowered the guards upon the news, taking control of the camp and then waiting for rescue.

They weren't taken back to the UK immediately, they were transported by Canadian troops back to Canada, as I mentioned previously, the route included much of the devastation within Japan. When they got to Canada they were given a meal - rather unfortunately the main part of which was rice. He collapsed upon before even taking a mouthful due to malnourishment and ill health as a result of his treatment in the camp. It turned out to be a good thing in a way. He was in such bad shape that he was told by doctors there that, had he eaten it, there was a good chance he would have died.

They brought him back to health at no cost and cared for him during the time it took to get him well enough to come home. The Canadian government gave each of the POWs from the rescue $5000 (or £5000, I can't remember) as compensation for what they went through. 

They never received an apology from the Japanese government. In his lifetime there was barely even an acknowledgement of the atrocities that occurred.

In the years after his death I continued to fight for that acknowledgement and apology on his behalf from the Japanese administration.

A number of years ago I moved from London to the West Country. My Mother bought a poppy from a RBL man selling them near to where we lived in the street and they began to talk. They were in the same regiment, on the same ship. Small world, eh?

He fought fascists. He fought for freedom. For memorials of the fallen to be thrown salutes akin to those they fought against, and suffered for as a result of their fighting that fascism, is a disgrace. 

Those whose names are on those memorials, who those memorials were erected for, who were in receipt of those salutes fought against fascism, they fought for democracy, for freedom. For it to be on our streets now, for those salutes to be used to the those such as my Uncle George and his fellow men, is vile beyond words. To any and all of you who took part in such an affront to freedom and dignity, an affront to history and the suffering within it, shame on you. Shame on all you stand for.

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