Thursday, 27 June 2013

Water- paying for water. Grrr

So Ages ago, was told " no space to fit a water meter " "cant fit one"

Thunk on this for months and months and months.

Calls 'em back.

They say records show we cant fit one, so I say others like mine have them fitted.

They go oh, okay.

So they come, 'av a look and explain HOW they can fit one, by moving a stop cock, hanging it on wall etc etc.  etc etc.

So contradiction identified. Previously NOT POSSIBLE. This time OOOH we can and this is how.

"Would it be okay to turn shared water off for twenty minutes"

"yeah, sure"

*Operative has a look* up and down path all round and about like, and comes back and says

"cant find shared branch cut off - it SHOULD be either *there* *there* or sometimes there. but it isnt"


" cant fit one mate, if cant turn water off"

So I have to get on to the RSL and ask them see if they know where the fuck it is, so I can then let the utilities know where the fuck it is, so i can save money. meantime still cant.

Yeah youd think it would be easy huh? Not this one.

The single persons "rate" is still higher than a meter would be, without a doubt. The building is stopping me save. Or is it utilities incompetance? Or something else? Who knows.
Still ongoing.

Also I hate PAYING for water. Just so you know.

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