Sunday, 16 June 2013

A Day, Not a normal day, but a day

A synopsis of Saturday, some bits missing but hell, thats what a synopsis is right? 

Happy sort of result -  helped someones mum to speak via a computer earlier, and I put all the stuff on it. 

Don't congratulate me. 

I don't want That. 

Cos I could is why. No other cunt could offer a free route, I could and was happy to do it. 

She smiled cos she sounds like an American airline steward. Hahaha. But never underestimate anyone. I beg you. Ever. 

It's not hard to help people when they aren't taking the piss. 
That my rule. 

Obey the gut. Haha  have to obey mine more than most anyway! 

I did tweet earlier about it and the stuff you need free to enable that solution. I think I sent it to an Occupational Therapist. For their reference. Yes I did. 

Been up since 8 am with less than 4 hrs sleep. Insomnia is a bastard.
 But I'm not, 
unless justified so. 
Right now I feel like lead. 

That metal. That one that's heavy.

 Still no sleep signal. 

It's probably down to a few of you that are reading this that I did that today. I'm not scared. On that helpy stuff. Once I know it. 

Of course theres things that are way too scary, that I won't do. In fact can't do. But hey, we all have some of that? 

Confidence and belief comes from what we know. I forgot that for a few years. And still do, cos illness and depression combined are bastards I've probably bored you all with this. Sorry if thats the case. After all this was through my head earlier, I played a playlist I'd done and shared two hours worth all of it on twitter 

To share this ive written this on twitter and here at up to 2am.
If its any use to you I'm glad I have, If not, i dont really care. 

The reason its shared is because its been a difficult day for me, and i still did something. 

This is rare, not daily. But it matters. 

I've omitted my health issues , apart from a hint at some of the head stuff.

many Thanks for reading. 

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