Sunday, 23 June 2013

Musings This windy Sunday.

Was thinking where nearest cycle shop thing is. Theres not one anywhere near. and yet we're 3.7 miles from town hall here about an hour or so's walk from it. Youd think someone would have a cycle shop eh?

Theres an empty shop on chapman street if anyone was thinking of a cycle shop? just a thought.

This is about Cycles. Cos I have one , needs some repairs.

And would be less tiring for me if i could use it.

Plus buses cost money, cycle doesnt.

Not used it for a couple of years. I think it would be good if i could, you know, cos i cry off going places cos of the walking or the bus fares.

Not easy on sick money is it. Its very restricting. As is the illness too.

If you reading this and thinking "Just get on with it" errrr. stop, grow up, and understand that illness bites lifestyles in the nuts.

The cycle thing could make a difference. It probably wont get repaired. Other things must come first. Theres never enough to do stuff with. You have to choose between basic expectations, and leave voids. We have the worst benefits in europe. And for those that think otherwise I pity them and their lack of understanding just how tough it is.
No Cycling doesnt mean fit. think its less strain than walking, and quicker to get to a loo if needed.

Think its probably less fatigue casually riding to a place than walking.

The bike needs tyres inner tubes and brake pads sort of a refub thing i think.

The Prob i do have is Where is The Shop. And How much it'll cost to repair it up.

Ah well. Musings are musings.

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