Friday, 7 June 2013

Sick Spam

You know I do stuff for people right?

Today, I had a PAYPAL imitation spam. Using assimilated images to appear as if it was Pay Pal .

It said , not word for word, cos its reported and deleted and i cant cut and paste anything....

"We need you to confirm password details as theres a payment from

Callums List 

Waiting to pay you money."

Why this is sick?

Callums List Closed their site due to extreme bullying and overwhelming onslaught from deniers of austerity and draconia, and if you dont know, Callums list highlighted deaths attributed to welfare support removal attributable to a french company or this government, or where either the coronor indicated poss cause, or suicide notes showed, or circumstantial implication of cause of death from relatives or trusted sources indicated case.

I wont hide my opposition to this government's treatment of the poor, vunerable, sick and disabled in any way.

Im blogging this because if you have a fear, theres no need for it.

Paypal and others have said its a disgusting use of positioning from the spammer(s)

This happens.
So be aware, not scared, and more resolute.

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