Friday, 22 November 2013

A Housing Benefit Item on Channel 4 News. AND Where Paul Rutherfords case is mentioned.

 The news slot where Paul Rutherford's Bedroom Tax case is spoken about Thanks Channel 4 ! >>>> Will you support Paul and sign #wowpetition ? SIGN WOWPETITION HERE

Thursday, 21 November 2013

WOW Dont just email your mates try these too...

Some other emails to think about to send reason why you signed #wowpetition.
If enough send there may be inclusions/ more publicity. 

Please do 

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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Heres A reason to sign #Wowpetition NOW - 2015 is too late.

#Wowpetition I think this response to a petition calling for a general election should be a very good reason to sign #wowpetition. 2015 is too late for many.

Here it is:

Your Government writes :

The Government will not seek to dissolve Parliament before 2015. We came together at a time of crisis to fix the country and ensure our long term prosperity. We intend to secure a country in a better state than when we came into office. Although we know that not everything we do is popular, we know it is necessary for Britain to rebuild and compete in the world. We are making progress and keeping our promises by cutting the deficit, cutting crime and immigration, reforming our welfare and education systems to help people work hard and get on. We have cut corporation tax and are slashing red tape to make Britain a good place to do business, and have increased the personal allowance to cut taxes for millions of low and middle income earners, frozen council tax and cut fuel duty to help families with the cost of living.

Practically, the Fixed- term Parliament Act 2011 abolished the Prime Minister's prerogative power to dissolve Parliament. The Act provides that Parliament can only be dissolved early if a Government is unable to secure the confidence of the House of Commons within 14 days of a no-confidence vote, or where at least two thirds of all MPs vote for an early general election. The legislation established five year fixed terms for the UK Parliament. The next General Election is therefore planned in law for 7 May 2015, and polling day will ordinarily be the first Thursday in May every five years. A debate in Parliament on an e-petition is unlikely to result in legislation to undo this legal lock.

So I ask you after consideration of the above... PLEASE SIGN #wowpetition

Click and Sign #Wowpetition  

Wow petition asks this : 

We call for a Cumulative Impact Assessment of Welfare Reform, and a New Deal for sick & disabled people based on their needs, abilities and ambitions

Responsible department: Department for Work and Pensions
We call for:
A Cumulative Impact Assessment of all cuts and changes affecting sick & disabled people, their families and carers, and a free vote on repeal of the Welfare Reform Act.
An immediate end to the Work Capability Assessment, as voted for by the British Medical Association.
Consultation between the Depts of Health & Education to improve support into work for sick & disabled people, and an end to forced work under threat of sanctions for people on disability benefits.
An Independent, Committee-Based Inquiry into Welfare Reform, covering but not limited to: (1) Care home admission rises, daycare centres, access to education for people with learning difficulties, universal mental health treatments, Remploy closures; (2) DWP media links, the ATOS contract, IT implementation of Universal Credit; (3) Human rights abuses against disabled people, excess claimant deaths & the disregard of medical evidence in decision making by ATOS, DWP & the Tribunal Service.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

That Fear of too sick for JSA too well for ESA ?


The fear is of that for some, should an error occur.

But then the Mandatory Reconsideration on appeal they fear NO INCOME. 

There is this though via an FOI 

>> DOWNLOAD LINK <<    <possible income support in interim?

Read and apply it where you need to. 

Its a download pdf link. hope the resource is useful to people. 

(Link courtesy of Jenny Clarke I believe [no relation ] ) 

Monday, 11 November 2013

The Forgotten Aspects of Same Sex Couples - The Children

When Peter Ferguson said he was going to write something on this subject , I asked him about it... What I heard back was quite insightful and so I waited for his article on this.

I do like these crowdsourced sorts of analysis, and so I share the start of it and a link to read more should you wish to.

Children of same-sex couples send equal marriage opponents a message.

There is an argument prevailing among equal marriage opponents that equal marriage will somehow violate a child’s natural right to a mother and a father. For instance .... CLICK TO READ ARTICLE

Friday, 8 November 2013

Appeal and get no money? Disgusting.

Cross posted... 

New rule will leave ESA appellants without ANY income indefinitely

I've been away for a long time - basically being very ill. I'll update you all on my personal travails another time but my first post in over a year will be dedicated to the extraordinary logical brain of Ian Duncan Smith.

He has been lambasted today for the horrendous mess that is Universal Credit - which is over budget, under target, poorly managed, and with no solution in sight on how to get it back on track. But while this central plank of IDS's welfare reform receives all the attention, other smaller, but arguably more costly changes are being introduced with little attention.

On October 28th his department of Work and Pensions introduced.....

Read more ... From nhsbuff.blogspot. 

So please join people who are asking for complete review of these damaging and messy Welfare Reforms and Sign #WOWpetition here... 

Friday, 1 November 2013

Disability doesn't discriminate

This a guest blog from Jane. ... 

How often have I said "Disability doesn't discriminate"?

Some of you know I have been terribly upset and worried this week because my sister has been unwell and in hospital. Thank you for your support through this, frankly it's been awful and without my family, friends and "virtual" friends I don't know how I'd have coped. We've been waiting for the diagnosis, it's come.

Let me start at the beginning.
My sister is healthy, has decided to take early retirement from the #DWP (yes, stop booing) because of the tremendous stress she is under. So with just one year to go she decided to bring to an end nearly 30 years of work for the DWP. My sister was really looking forward to finishing because she has a new grandson,her first, just 8 weeks old. My sister already has a swimming session booked in with him, has changed her car to accommodate all the paraphernalia that goes with having a baby these days. My sister was looking forward to the retirement she and her husband have worked hard for. The round Europe in a camper van type holiday. The round the world trip etc etc.

So. My sister was getting ready to board a plane for Vietnam on Wedsnesday. She "fell" - she cracked her head open and has four staples in it. She started to "fit" - she had eight "episodes" in an hour and continued to have episodes every hour or so, she still is. I knew immediately from what she said that it was Epilepsy, however the hospital have done many, many tests - a lumber puncture, taken bloods, monitored her for 24 hours, a CT scan etc etc (thank god for our #nhs), all this time she has been losing consciousness, at one time the crash team were called and my brother in law stood by thinking he was about to lose his wife. Finally today at 6pm, the consultant came, finally today the diagnosis came...."you have epilepsy". Let me tell you being at the receiving end of that statement is horrendous. The clock stops. Time stops. Then it hits you. The enormity of that diagnosis.
The enormity for my sister. She won't be able to drive her new car to pick up her new grandson. She won't be able to go swimming with him (on her own), she won't be able to ride her scooter round Europe..... the ramifications are enormous.

So. My oft spoken & written words "disability doesn't discriminate" are proven true again. It didn't discriminate against me, it didn't discriminate against my sister.

What if it doesn't discriminate against you? What if your comfortable lifestyle is all of a sudden hit by disability? Maybe you'll realise then that you should have signed ......

I'm not writing this to make mileage from my sister, or to make a dramatic difference to the signatures, I'm writing this to show you it happens, it really does happen. There are for of us, four siblings. Two have diabetes, two have epilepsy. What are the odds of that happening?

Please protect your future and the futures of those you love, sh*t happens - believe me, it does, and when the sh*t hits the fan wouldn't you like to think the state will be there to provide for you? Think again!!

Please sign & share NOW, TODAY!

There are just 40 days till the petition closes. 40 days for us to make a fairer, better, safer future for all of us.

My sister is aware I am writing this and fully supports me with all I and all the WOWteam, followers and supporters are doing to make #WOWpetition a success. In fact just 2 weeks ago, to help me in my "traipsing" around the country for WOW, trying to raise awareness and signatures, my sister drove me to Bangor so I could help @TenPercent. Most of my family have met Rick. All my family support#WOWpetition. All of my family know the urgency to succeed and the need/importance to sign ......because all of my family know DISABILITY DOESN'T DISCRIMINATE .......