Sunday, 31 October 2010

Samhain Greetings

Awesome gothic

Vampire Venom

Observed, read and laughed at:

Twilight fan: I wish Edward would bite me and turn me into a vampire.

Dracula fan: Um... that's not how you're turned into a vampire.

Twilight fan: Yes it is, vampire venom.

Dracula fan: No, they drain your blood, and then you drink some of their's. That's how it really works, in all the legends and old stories.

Twilight fan: eew, that's Disgusting!

Acrobatic Aeroplane = phenomenal

Fu Su_30 Russian fighter wow.

“From goulies and ghosties and long-leggedy beasties, And things that go bump in the night, Good Lord, deliver us!”

(news photo)

The name itself is a derivative of “All Hallows Eve,” the night before the Catholic Church honors its saints on “All Hollows Day” or “All Saints Day.”
Halloween is one of the world’s oldest holidays, with origins stemming from centuries of religious observance and superstition.
But in fifth century B.C., Celtic Ireland, Oct. 31 was the official end of the summer season. The holiday was dubbed “Samhain” (pronounced sow-en) and marked the beginning of the Celtic New Year.
Legend tells that the Celts believed the disembodied spirits of those who had died during the previous year came back searching for living bodies to possess for the next 12 months. Samhain, they thought, was the only day of the year when all laws of time and space were suspended, giving the spirit world an opening to mingle with the living. For the deceased, it was hope for an afterlife.
On Oct. 31, as the story goes, the Celts extinguished the fires in their homes, making them cold and undesirable for wandering spirits. Dressed in ghoulish costumes, the Celts paraded loudly and destructively through their villages to frighten away ghosts looking for bodies to possess. Another accounting of Samhain claims that the Celts would burn a villager at the stake, who was considered already possessed, as a warning to the spirits.
The Romans adopted the Celtic Samhain celebration in the first century A.D. Their observance, however, was a day to honor Pomona, the goddess of fruit and trees. Pomona was represented by the apple, which could explain the tradition of bobbing for apples on Halloween.
The Celts’ noisy, costumed parade through the neighborhood could be credited as a primitive form of trick-or-treating. However, that honor actually belongs to ninth-century Europeans and their practice of “souling.”
On Nov. 2, All Soul’s Day, early Christians walked from village to village begging for “soul cakes” – a square piece of bread with currants. Villagers believed the more soul cakes the beggars received, the more prayers would be said on behalf of the donors’ dead relatives. At the time, common belief was that the dead remained in limbo after death, and prayers, even from strangers, expedited the soul’s passage to heaven.
Greek mythology also finds references to Samhain, which is probably where Halloween’s association with witches came from.
Underworld goddesses Hecate and Medusa were believed to wander the perceived empty space between life and death, seeking souls of the dead. Considered serpent goddesses, dark legends surrounding Hecate and Medusa spawned myths of vampires, who fed off the living with snake-like fangs. Today, Hecate is often thought to be the goddess of witches.
Over time, as belief in spirit possession began to wane, the custom of donning costumes and going door-to-door begging for treats became more ceremonial and playful. Irish immigrants, fleeing their country’s potato famine in the 1840s, brought the ritual to America and introduced the tradition of Halloween pranks. Popular antics at the time were tipping over outhouses and unhinging fence gates.
But before landing on American soil, Irish children lit carved potatoes or turnips for their Halloween gatherings. The ritual was considered a nod to Jack, an infamous Irish villain thought to be so wicked that neither God nor the Devil wanted him. Jack, it seems, wandered the world endlessly, looking for a place to rest. His only guidance and warmth was a glittering candle in a rotten turnip.
Immigrants found turnips weren’t as plentiful in their new homeland, however, and found the American pumpkin to be a far better replacement. Today, the carved pumpkin is probably the most universal icon of Halloween.
While the holiday may have evolved to be far from a religious experience or cultural superstition, there still lingers the question: Do long-dead spirits still wander among us?
• At Multnomah Falls, the spirit of an Indian maiden is said to still roam. Legend says the maiden jumped to her death from the 542-foot upper falls after an old medicine man said her sacrifice was the only way to stop a deadly epidemic among her tribe. Following her death, it’s said, the epidemic stopped, but visitors to the falls occasionally report feeling an unearthly presence.
• Another local reputed haunted hotspot is Pittock Mansion, where Portland pioneers, Henry and Georgiana Pittock, are said to happily roam the rooms of the 1914 mansion they so loved.
• The McMennamin Brothers’ Bagdad Theater and Edgefield resort in Troutdale also are said to be loaded with spirits of those who lived and worked in the buildings at one time. At Edgefield, guests have reported a large dog shoving his wet nose in their face while they slept or called the front desk saying they’ve heard children crying.
• And at Oaks Amusement Park, a lone child, dressed in 1970s attire, has been seen on the grounds numerous times for more than 20 years.
So if the whole Halloween thing seems rather creepy, consider this prayer, recorded in the Cornish and West Country Litany in 1926, as protection against the supernatural: “From goulies and ghosties and long-leggedy beasties, And things that go bump in the night, Good Lord, deliver us!” 

NEVER complain about your job again...

Never Complain about your job AGAIN

Trial for greebobek

Mantra for Austere times.

Repeat after me:
I shall never complain about my job again!

I shall never complain about my job again!

I shall never complain about my job again!

I shall never complain about my job again!

I shall never complain about my job again!

I shall never complain about my job again!

I shall never complain about my job again!

I shall never complain about my job again!

I shall never complain about my job again!

I shall never complain about my job again!

I shall never complain about my job again!

I shall never complain about my job again!

Vanity Smurf

Originally posted by someone called GwenStefaniGrrl, pics added. 

A misundersmurfed Smurf. Vanity is what society today would consider gay, but he's *clearly* a metrosexual. Aside from his sexual preferences, Vanity was extremely vain *duh*. He was nowhere without his mirror, and wore a pink flower in his hat. He thought he was some hot, sexy, bastard, but in real life he looked pretty much the same as the rest of the Smurfs. He had the hots for Smurfette, like all the other guys in the village. He adored himself very much and kept asking Painter Smurf to paint his portrait. Quite a flamer...
Screw Tinky-Winky! Vanity was the original girly-guy! LONG LIVE VANITY!!!!!!!!!


Courtesy of NASA @astro_wheels
What a phenomenal Pic: Sunrise on the Andes  
I just wish I could get to places to take pics like that. WOW. Doesnt that put things a little into perspective?

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Star wars main jest....

National Housing Dilema

LOOK for Dodgy phrase in Terms of Reference, Aims:

Ministerial working group on preventing and tackling homelessness

Terms of Reference


The aim of the Ministerial Working Group is to prevent and reduce homelessness, and improve the lives of those people who do become homeless. By bringing the relevant Government departments together to share information, resolve issues and avoid unintended policy consequences, we will be able to help enable communities to tackle the multi-faceted issues that contribute to homelessness.

Well, the Housing Benefit cap, and the Cessation of Permanent Tenure, amongst other things are INTENDED policies with consequences.

Unintended policy consequences - Urban Cleansing, Homelessness, Major Disenfranchisation - Should be dealt with by this Working Group. 

Unless the unintended policy consequences above are actually Intended. So then what will the working party actually do?

I leave these innocent thoughts with you all.

moving like berney (Berney dance)


The Drums - Forever & Ever Amen

I Felt Stupid - The Drums



Check these guys out

No a pc isnt same as typewriter

I saw this so Blogged it, well its saturday morning, and yesterday I did three 
Mini illiad, Fireworks, and nil-by-mouth

So today starts with

Tip: Never treat Pc like a typewriter - video:

Friday, 29 October 2010

Mini illiad - was 'e ill?

Recounting from three pm. 
An encounter with Public Transport, Hospital, And Rain

Waiting for the bus:

Just seen someone i know whilst I'm waiting for bus and gave them some good news about outside their house. All is cool. I can barely understand the nice lady sitting here waiting. Very chatty but very hard to understand.

The pidgeons were annoying me. Good that bus showed up. Was 5minutes late.

Just passed England flag flying from a lamp post. Looked wierd.

Just passing Man City stadium

Bus quite full. Kids chanting times tables to parent. Chinese chattering. Banter from a toddler babble. Lad on his blue tooth on phone.

Bus sat still for what seems absolute age. 
Metro headline. We're the fattest nation in Europe. I'm not fat. I must be in third that aren't.

This is shit. First one i wanted never showed. This one was late and half hour to get to my appointment. Might just make it?

Kid just started screaming. Nightmare. How come kids of about 2 or three can seem to shout louder than Brian Blessed?

Rochdale road 4pm on a Friday. Sheesh. If i get to hospital may have to run. Aha we seem to be moving better now. Down through Blackley village.
I got to run when this stops. 

We are pulling in now.

Interlude for (((((((TEST)))))))

Right so that test was "no change". All as expected .

Sore from the prod and poke.

@Jules_Clarke cheeeky cheeky

It's getting dramatically colder as the light fades and the bus is still not here. It's raining too.
Never got to go to chip shop i dare not cos bus is overdue.

Different test in about 2 weeks. Thats the one that was rearranged from Monday.

The weather is not favourable at the moment to shorts. I shall put it that way.
And no I'm not wearing shorts.

Plenty of buses going places I'm not. Big hospital this. Loads of bus but not mine yet.

This is cold. And indeed the brass monkeys would cry.
You'd hear 6 clunks on the floor if those three monkeys were here.

Ooh nice warm bus. Can't wait get home walk dog. And EAT SOMETHING. and grab a beer.

@Jules_Clarke How was the appointment?
@Minabeans Was good

Irony we just went slowly past a funeral director place. NOT FOR ME YET THANKS.

@Hodgiroo i was going to say Fucking OUCH I'm sore but thought that inappropriate.
@Jules_Clarke I wouldve lol'd
@Hodgiroo i was restrained by my sense of these people actually doing sterling job of managing my health.

The boyfriend bought a blender. Now he wants to blend everything. Tell me does this end? What else can be blended?
@ wait till he buys a steamer. Lol.

Bloke sitting behind me. Just caught reflection of him trying to see what i was doing. Naughty.


And so i just bought some food and am now taking dog out before i eat anything.

Dog done - very windy was a fast walk over distance. shaved about 5 mins off a half hour route!
Now the Hospital thing is OVER, for this time.