Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Answer Hit me....

I was thinking of a thought but the thought wasn't there, the sense didnt have form, but the unease existed. I knew a thought was developing. So I asked the question:  What is the thought?

The answer hit a high velocity bullet.

  • I dont OWE enough to be invisible.
  • I dont OWE enough to be offered alternate financial arrangements.
  • I dont OWE enough to be pardoned and excused.

On the other hand I try and pay bills, and get SLAMMED if arrangements slip by a day or a week.

Because I dont OWE enough - I'm treated as a mental punch-bag, valid target for harassment, and someone who gets mandatory decisions made on their behalf of when where and how I should pay stuff - even if a minor adjustment is needed through no fault of mine, and that change is in good faith, with explanation.

If I owed MORE, I'd be given more freedom.

How TWISTED is that?

I knew that thought lived inside, I just had to germinate it.

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