Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Spending Review

Right Wing Draconian Ideological Implementations

Half a million jobs going public sector (redundancy payments, loss of services, benefits payments)

Additional Private Sector jobs to go associated to the above - and all the costs associated.

7 billion cuts in welfare. HOW can that not affect people.

Housing reductions

Policing Reductions

Poor people in despair

Sick people not being assessed as sick

Travel costs going up equivalent to 10% overall

Benefits not going up to cover

People trapped not able to travel even limited ways

I speak of the Poor. The well off seem barely touched. Not fair. and Regressive in the majority of sensible eyes.

Oh great I seem to see the phrase "Arbeit Macht Frei" in my head again. 

I will not flesh this out with blah de blah de blah,

I Know I didnt vote for this .............................(choose your word)... situation.

81 billion over 4 years?

I neednt say more. 

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