Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Payment dates/ Draconian Collection Methods

United Utilities (water company)  took my payments, only their computer threw a YOU HAVENT PAID FOR AGES CONTACT US NOW letter.

Changed payment from a friday to a monday, couldnt be helped.

Oh yeah, they accept NOW the new thing.... But Draconian Threats and Letters That Seem Way OTT is NOT THE WAY to treat people. Especially if they ARE paying.

And TV licencing, payment will be a week late, but they TEXT me and say CALL to pay now.

So I just want people to know that for a combination of £17.56 across the two , the  ADMIN costs at both companies, me calling both, wow the add on cost.

And they dont get the money any quicker.

Can they rethink these High pressure shits they dosh out to people.

Just a thought. Some people are VALIDLY trying to pay their bills, and get shit for trying.

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