Saturday, 16 October 2010


I dont have a problem with skunks.

They dont exist in this country, so far as i can smell.

But HUMANE destruction for a contact of mine in the High Desert area of a certain part of the States seems a problem......

1)why HUMANE when they stink everywhere they go......
2) repeat above several times

I said - play a big screen of auditions of America's Got Talent
I also said Hide in a corner with a baseball bat

I didnt say "play shit music to make the skunk think twice" although big screen auditions may be just that.

I have no idea on how to clear this skunk.

I'm frustrated over that, but shouldnt be.... as all i know about skunks was learnt via Pepe Le Pew.

Can anywone tweet @hauttotes to let her know how to get rid. I'm sure the nasal disturbances will be more than relieved by a total skunk war and destruction (on a HUMANE way) of this pain in the derrier section of the board, odd number.

We play life's roulette.
Skunk can be excluded from the game SURELY?

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