Saturday, 16 October 2010

One bedroom flat - Unannounced Attendance

Where do I start, at the begginning would be good - except some of the best films I've seen start in various midpoints, and jump around like fleas and you dont know what direction they go in.

People I hadnt seen for ages, brought other people i'd never seen, and they Crashed into my usually quiet flat.

This was fine as the alcohol was relatively controlled, and as yet i see no damage, or missing items.

However it felt incredibly claustrophobic, and I was playing the music, from a PC library.

Totally random stuff, and maintaining tweets as I went, now however annoying that was for twitterland, it was more annoying for ME, as I dont enjoy intimate gatherings of strangers. (can there BE intimate gatherings such as this)

Out of all of the people, there were a core of 3 that stayed the latest. It turned out only two slept over.

When I awoke myself there was my keys on the floor in the hall, from last person to leave, locking the front door and posting keys through letterbox, and only one person still here - doing some washing up and making some toast.

It was a wierd FLASH MEET at Jules' place for a few beers. ITS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE.

These people are transient passers through my life. Core of three I knew - They were trying to make me Feel better. But I felt Intruded upon, displaced and out of control.


Madness such as this is definitely something that I shall avoid in future.

I wasnt much happy about it.
(amazingly, letting it happen was educational to the point of it wont happen again)

Detail, and yet no detail. An enigma.

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