Friday, 29 October 2010

Mini illiad - was 'e ill?

Recounting from three pm. 
An encounter with Public Transport, Hospital, And Rain

Waiting for the bus:

Just seen someone i know whilst I'm waiting for bus and gave them some good news about outside their house. All is cool. I can barely understand the nice lady sitting here waiting. Very chatty but very hard to understand.

The pidgeons were annoying me. Good that bus showed up. Was 5minutes late.

Just passed England flag flying from a lamp post. Looked wierd.

Just passing Man City stadium

Bus quite full. Kids chanting times tables to parent. Chinese chattering. Banter from a toddler babble. Lad on his blue tooth on phone.

Bus sat still for what seems absolute age. 
Metro headline. We're the fattest nation in Europe. I'm not fat. I must be in third that aren't.

This is shit. First one i wanted never showed. This one was late and half hour to get to my appointment. Might just make it?

Kid just started screaming. Nightmare. How come kids of about 2 or three can seem to shout louder than Brian Blessed?

Rochdale road 4pm on a Friday. Sheesh. If i get to hospital may have to run. Aha we seem to be moving better now. Down through Blackley village.
I got to run when this stops. 

We are pulling in now.

Interlude for (((((((TEST)))))))

Right so that test was "no change". All as expected .

Sore from the prod and poke.

@Jules_Clarke cheeeky cheeky

It's getting dramatically colder as the light fades and the bus is still not here. It's raining too.
Never got to go to chip shop i dare not cos bus is overdue.

Different test in about 2 weeks. Thats the one that was rearranged from Monday.

The weather is not favourable at the moment to shorts. I shall put it that way.
And no I'm not wearing shorts.

Plenty of buses going places I'm not. Big hospital this. Loads of bus but not mine yet.

This is cold. And indeed the brass monkeys would cry.
You'd hear 6 clunks on the floor if those three monkeys were here.

Ooh nice warm bus. Can't wait get home walk dog. And EAT SOMETHING. and grab a beer.

@Jules_Clarke How was the appointment?
@Minabeans Was good

Irony we just went slowly past a funeral director place. NOT FOR ME YET THANKS.

@Hodgiroo i was going to say Fucking OUCH I'm sore but thought that inappropriate.
@Jules_Clarke I wouldve lol'd
@Hodgiroo i was restrained by my sense of these people actually doing sterling job of managing my health.

The boyfriend bought a blender. Now he wants to blend everything. Tell me does this end? What else can be blended?
@ wait till he buys a steamer. Lol.

Bloke sitting behind me. Just caught reflection of him trying to see what i was doing. Naughty.


And so i just bought some food and am now taking dog out before i eat anything.

Dog done - very windy was a fast walk over distance. shaved about 5 mins off a half hour route!
Now the Hospital thing is OVER, for this time.

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