Friday, 22 October 2010

Random Tweets From a crowded timeline

    yokoono @Playingforchange band going on tour now! Check out this incredible live performance of "One Love"

NASA [News] NASA Airborne Science Campaign Begins Antarctic Sequel: Scientists returned this week to the Southern Hemis...

gmpolice Greater Manchester Police is urging residents to avoid the nightmare of being burgled this Halloween by rememberin...

NASA Follow astronauts who are living and working in space right now, orbiting Earth every 90min: @Astro_Wheels and @StationCDRKelly

carolvorders I shall bake one immediately...x RT @IvyManilow @carolvorders Have a Wayne Macarooney with that cuppa petal x

Joan_Rivers Plane delayed. Trying to get to Iowa. One question: Why? Isn't everyone trying to get out of Iowa.

Hodgiroo Windmill farm :-) they're actually enormous

Jason_Manford Haha I hope that's real & not photoshop. RT @chrishemingway_ But not as awkward as this....

DJChristianOC At a farm with kids, look at these snobby birds....oh look at you and your new home in 'the country'!

RobSprance When I brush my teeth, my peepee swings back and forth in the opposite direction.

JulianClary On our way to Aberystwyth for tonights excitement. Some of the sheep look mighty attractive. May have to pull over.

 WILLIE747HUNT @DuncanBannatyne A man walks into a bar with a roll of tarmac under his arm and says: "Pint please, and one for the road." #Bannatyne

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